34Roanoke, United States
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My self-summary
*This profile will be told from a Third Person perspective, as someone who loves to write I decided to try it this way and see what the response would be.*

Nathan is a native Virginian, born in the same town he currently resides in. Though he did spend the first few years of his adolescence in a sleepy little coal mining town called Richlands, for as long as he has ever really known Roanoke has been home. He's always had trouble describing himself as he never falls into a specific category, he's not entirely one thing, but enjoys several. Enjoying a taste of sophistication while still embracing his more humble, country roots. He can be found relaxing in the midst of a crowd of elite businessmen, or sitting around a campfire in the depths of the forest. He enjoys nature but is usually transfixed by his pc monitor. He has never been the bar hopper type of guy, preferring a book or conversation over the loud, crowded confines of a bar. He likes to consider himself to be a genuinely friendly and easy-going type of person while maintaining a more serious, stoic like appearance. For him relationships are about trust, communication, open-mindedness and loyalty. He is very affectionate and a very sexually charged type of person but does not seek only companionship but someone who compliments him in ways he may not even be aware of himself. In his own words, he is the very reason you should 'never judge a book by it's cover'.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently Nathan works full time in the car rental industry, it is less a career and more of a job that helps to meet his ends. He looks at work and life in that he works in order to live, not to live for work. In the past he could be said to do otherwise, pulling extremely long hours, missing out on birthdays, holidays and general life. Though he is also a nocturnal person, preferring the evening to very late hours to work and play. It's for that reason he does best with those who function in those time periods as well. He is not currently enrolled in higher education, but has been considering options to further elevate himself as well.

During his free time Nathan enjoys reading, writing, playing an online game, spending time with his family or friends, if they're available. He enjoys driving, admiring nature in it's simplicity and grandeur. He has never traveled much but wishes to do so, notably he has destinations in mind but would prefer to go to these places with someone. However, Nathan has always been the 'loner' type of guy, even in his youngest years. He is as comfortable alone as he is around others, possibly even more so. He has dated online in the past to some meager level of success, but ultimately (as obvious here), has yet to find someone who matches him with his physical as well as mental and emotional needs and wants.
I’m really good at
Nathan considers himself to be very analyaltical, sometimes too much so. He's a thinker, he pictures things as a person with a grand imagination will. He doesn't stay in the clouds much though, he's very well grounded in reality. It's for that reason he often talks to others about their own fantasies and how they might realize those in reality, as the two don't often mesh well.

He's very creative, he loves to give gifts that people don't expect from him. Christmas is his favorite holiday for that reason, sometimes he'll come up with something truly sentimental and heart warming. Other times he'll get something really off-the-wall (presently he's looking at Butt Lamps you smack to turn on/off for a gag gift this year).

Though he doesn't feel like it's an attribute of his own making, through observation and feedback he believes he's also very good at making others feel safe and secure when they talk to him, or spend time around him. He does not judge, he may not always agree with someone's opinions or beliefs, but he appreciates people for being unique. Mostly. He does get annoyed with some personality types, that's normal. But he's also a non-confrontational person as well, he does not enjoy arguing, though debating is fine. People often find it easy to open up to him, to share things with him they may struggle with sharing with others because he will be honest with them, offer advice if he has it, or simply let them get things off their chest.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Nathan doesn't really hold to favorites, this is a simlar thing he faces with creating friendships. In many ways he's friendly with many people and would say he has a great number of friendly aquaintences, but lacks a notable number of 'true friends'. This returns to what he desires in someone he wants to spend his life with, that he does not want them to be a friend, even a best friend, but wants them to be far more than that.

For literature Nathan prefers fiction over anything else, he enjoys imagining another world as he's reading, being transported to somewhere faraway from where he's reading. But in this he will also improvise with his own thoughts to think of where a passage could have gone a different direction and at times this will inspire him with his own writing. His favorite authors being Ed Greenwood(Forgotten Realms, Elminster series), R.A. Salvatore(Drizzt series), George R.R. Martin(Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones), Terry Goodkind(Sword of Truth series) and Brandon Anderson(Mistborn) are among his current favorite authors but he has also enjoyed the Hunger Games, The Divinci Code and the Harry Potter series.

Movies he prefers comedy and action, with the occasional dramatic or suspenseful flick. He has never had much of a taste for horror movies as they're usually very cliche in his mind. He will watch a horror movie if someone he's with wants to watch one however.

He does not watch a great deal of TV itself and instead prefers to catch up on episodes of things online afterwards, though notable mentions that he likes to stay current on would be Game of Thrones, Supernatural, BBT, Once Upon a Time. He also enjoys Netflix series, any of the Marvel/DC, as well as some animated shows, such as Family Guy, American Dad and Archer.

Nathan's taste in music is something he's always described as a reflection of his own mood, being very 'mercurial'. In general he'll listen to anything if it has a good sound, but if it sounds like garbled nonsense he wont bother. He doesn't truly dislike any genre in particular, though he's most often found listening to instrumental, classical or electronic/synth types of music ranging from New Age to Classic Rock.

Food is fairly generic as well in that he's open to new tastes, but tends to avoid spicy things in general. He is a meat eater, but enjoys salads as well. He has made it a life choice to avoid soda entirely, preferring water or sweet tea. He despises beer, but enjoys mojitos and long island ice teas. Unless he just wants to get trashed, then Jager bombs.
Six things I could never do without
The Six things Nathan couldn't live without is not quite that simple, there are a great number of things beyond basic necessities he could live without, but would rather not have to. Some of those being his family, the internet, good music and food, a new story to read, any of his senses, but touch especially. While it's far from perfect, he loves his country and the freedom's available in it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Nathan spends his time thinking about ways to improve himself, of new ideas to write down either as fresh thoughts or ways to expand upon those he's already set down. Lately his mind has been on travel destinations, career opportunities, how to afford certain luxuries he desires in his life. But mainly he likes to stay out of his own head if possible, wishing instead to interact with people, explore the world around him, staying up to date on new tech being released, or games. He enjoys spending time online, chatting with people with similar ideas and lifestyles as his own, exploring the web for humor or insightful things going on in the world, staying up to date on local or global news.
On a typical Friday night I am
A typical Friday evening involves Nathan working and due to the following day work requirements does not afford him much time to go out into the world, so he prefers to remain at home. On Saturday evenings (as he calls it 'His Friday' due to having the following days off, typically) he enjoys going out with his brother for a drink, playing cards if the opportunity presents itself, on rare occasions visiting family though he tends to reserve those visits to mid day pursuits on his days off. Other times he'll simply remain at home, catch up on shows, movies, resume a story he's in the middle of, playing a game or online chatting. Whatever he's doing, he does because he wants to. Which returns to the reason he's here at all, wanting to find someone who wants to go out together, but is also comfortable and happy staying inside as well.
You should message me if
For this section Nathan would say: If you enjoyed reading his profile and actually read it, not simply skimmed through, in the format he chose then feel free to send him a message. But there are a few more points he wishes to be made known about what he's looking for.

Nathan hates "the game" when it comes to dating, he hates the chase mentality, the 'wait xx amount of days before texting/calling' back crap. He's straight forward and at times blunt, but more than that, he's honest. He's honest about what he wants, his intentions and desires. He wants that in return. He does enjoy women who tend to be more shy than others, those who may be considered more reserved than their peers, because in many ways he's similar. He's found those women to be the most affectionate, passionate, loyal and obedient. Those women who crave to be with a strong man, not one who will kiss their ass, or is afraid to take control. Whatever the situation may be. He's not a mysoginst, but he's not a feminist either, he does love women who also love being women. He enjoys the way they look, the way they smell, the way they feel. He's mostly attracted towards slender to average built women, those who embrace their feminity but aren't terrified of getting dirty either. He's attracted to those who are open minded, playful and those who can hold their own side of a conversation. He wants to know what you're passionate about, to know the things that you wouldn't dare tell your own friends or family, or possibly even those things you would only tell them. He want's transparency, because in order for his relationships to work there has to be open ended communication. It goes both ways, he may not always be able to help in every given situation, but he hates to be left in the dark as well. He is not the jealous type, but he is protective, he is possessive but he will make you feel treasured as well. He believes it's every Man's job, as a boyfriend or husband, to make his girlfriend or wife feel like the most beautiful and sexy woman at any given time, even if they're surrounded by other gorgeous women. But she should do the same thing for him, appreciation is important. He believes that men and women have roles in relationships that run successfully, it's how he was raised, it's how he envisions his future.

Nathan responds best to conversations that ask questions, tell him if you have a common interest, don't just say "we have a lot in common", if you noticed something in the way it was written and could think of a better way to phrase it, he is open to that as well. He honestly has no idea what he's doing when it comes to self editing. You can also try to make him laugh, he may appear very serious and opinionated, but deep down he loves laughter and will chuckle at very stupid things, ironic and sarcastic humor tend to be his favorite kinds.

But no matter what, be real, be genuine. Every word said is the truth, it's how he feels, it's what he believes, it's the kind of person he is. And always remember, never judge a book by it's cover.
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