33Roanoke, United States
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My self-summary
I would say I'm confidant, easy going, reliable, friendly, romantic, a bit of a geek.. and I'm just stopping there cause if I keep going I'm going to feel narcissistic. I don't like talking about myself, but I have no problem describing the things I like or dislike, things I enjoy and find pleasure in.
What I’m doing with my life
Working full time, sometimes more than normal full time. But I don't live to work, I work to live. I enjoy my down time with FFXIV (an mmo), spending time with family, or just going out and walking through the mall, seeing a movie, trying a restaurant I've never been to before, or an old favorite.

I've never been the bar hopper type, I prefer a good book or game, comfortable chair and soft music to unwind.

I've yet to truly settle down into a career level position, my mind is open to possibilities and with that comes where I'll eventually end up in life. I've got roots in this city, it's where I've lived a majority of my life, so detaching is a difficult prospect.

I have no children, never been married, so don't have any of those attachments here. It's mainly that I'm close to my family and the idea of distancing myself from them too much doesn't sit well, but it's not an impossibility. This is similar to the kids thing, I have no desire for children, but I also believe (and have been told) that I'd be a great dad (plus I LOVE dad jokes lol). So for the right person, anything's possible.
I’m really good at
Pretty much anything I set my mind to. While this might come across pretty cocky, I don't know how else to really say it. If I have determination to learn or do something I'll get it done.

This also comes along with a sense of reliability, I believe that everyone is accountable for themselves, the way they behave, the words they say, how they present themselves to the world. While you can't always help how a person perceives you, you can do your own part on how you project yourself.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't ask people what they think when they see me, I generally assume everything's fine unless something is said to the contrary. But still, tell me what you notice.

I will say however..

My beautiful full beard. I actually want to grow it out further, but I don't think my employer would allow it to go that far. (Loving beards is a must ladies, I don't intend to ever go back to clean shaven unless I have to.)

Also.. I hate my pictures on here. I'm not a very photogenic kind of person, as the saying goes, we are our biggest critics. And it's true.

I listed myself as around an average build and for a guy my age and height, that's true. I was heavier a couple years ago, that's also true, but alot of that trimming has come from just losing soda entirely and going on a strict water/tea diet of sorts. But I hate the gym. I should walk more and I'm ok with the idea of it, if I'm walking with someone. This is a gorgeous place and the trails are beautiful to hike through.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I enjoy fictional reads, fantasy settings, sometimes high fantasy (elves, wizards, dragons) sometimes a little more realistic (hunger games). I don't read nearly as much these days as I used to. I blame the internet on that one.
Shows - BBT, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural (Netflix), Daredevil (Netflix), Bar Rescue, Dating Naked. These are the only ones I've been kind of current on.
Music - Ah, a fun one. I love classical music, as in old classical, string, brass, piano. I generally can get into a lot of different kinds of music as long as the beat is good. Not a huge fan of rap or country though.
Food - Like the diet listing says, mostly anything. Only things I'm really not a fan of are spicy foods and seafood, though I do like shrimp.
Six things I could never do without
Things I *can't* do without, or don't *want* to do without?

I would never want to lose:

Freedom of religion. I'm no poster child Christian, but my faith is important to me.
My family
The internet (I'm not fully dependent, I do enjoy going outside, enjoying nature. But c'mon, the internet's fantastic)
My mind/the ability to read, write, understand the world around me.
My friends, be them people I know from work, school, life in general or online buddies I've made along the way.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Kind of a stupid question, really. But to humor the idea of it.. less of what I spend my time thinking about, more of what I tend to invest time into doing, goes along the lines of staying up to date with current news in things I'm interested and involved in, be it the social network stuff on fb, gaming stuff off reddit, new technologies that catch my eye, potential road trip destinations, etc. I just don't sit around and ponder the Universe and myself within it all that much.

Adding to this: "Things I think about that I want to do."

Travel to Japan/Ireland at least once, I'm a big Final Fantasy fan (yep, total geek) so visiting Japan would be great, even if I can't speak a damn word of the language. Ireland would be great because it's just such a beautiful country, plus it's my heritage.

I want to visit a nudist resort at least once, I know of a couple sort of nearby, I just can't find the time to ever get out and do it.

One day I'll write/publish something, I love to write, just never seem to have the full inspiration to flesh my ideas out fully.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical Friday evening, I'll be at work. I don't get off until late in the evening and with the current schedule I go in at an earlier time on Saturday, so I'm not going to go get drinks or something.

Now, to change the question to what do I do on a Saturday night.. I'll go downtown with my brother, go see a late movie, I used to go play poker with friends until that ended, or I've even used that time of night to have a late dinner date in the past as well.
You should message me if
I would like someone who enjoys gaming/reading, understands the value in communication, appreciates closeness as well as separation, open minded (this is actually a big one)..

Those are just some of the most common things that come to mind, but I've never really developed a 'perfect match' in my head.

Also, I'm not subscribed to the site so I can't see who's "liking" me, just shoot me a message instead. Well, hit like and shoot a message, I'll take both :D
The two of us