27 Yucaipa, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an artist but at the same time I don't take it so seriously as in - my whole philosophy on life is that it is not meant to be taken too seriously. I do art for myself as a healing process first and foremost.
Painting, sculpting, drawing, sewing, taxidermy(ethically sourced/already found dead critters - I LOVE animals and would never ever dream of harming one), dance, etc.. I'm interested in pretty much learning and working in all forms of art. It's an obsession really at this point.
I am interested in studying also metaphysics, spirituality, shamanism, magick and things of that's been quite a huge influence in my art these days.

I'm extremely passionate about animals and caring for this planet too, which I feel there is plenty of room for art to express that in various means.

Cross between an INFJ and an INFP.

I like the simple life. I'm not very competitive, unless it is with myself. Why anyone feels the need to compete or compare themselves to others is beyond me!

I want to live sustainably one day and grow my own organic food.

Basically I'm just another dirty tree huggin' hippie (jk those are just labels) :p
But I couldn't be happier and more content with who I am these days.

I guess I'm just on here for fun..and maybe just that sliver of hope of finding someone to enjoy mutual company with. Not really a type that is into casual dating - looking for something a bit more meaningful... a stable and mutually respectful type of long term relationship would be ideal at this point in my life but not mandatory. I go with the flow ~ whatever happens happens.
Respect and trust are probably two of the top sexiest things to me in a person. I don't like petty arguing and can't handle people who can't handle their shit or act in a mature calm manner. There is no need for stress in this short life. If you posess self love and respect and are willing to learn all that you can in life - let us get going on an adventure!

Also yes - excitement and adventurous are what I need.
I'm an airy Gemini and fidgety if I get bored too easily..

Stimulating and philosophical discussions get me giddy.

I have spent 2 full years not dating anyone and getting more in touch with my own needs which has helped tremendously. So with that said - I think I'm ready for some mutual tlc and a nice cuddle buddy now.

What I’m doing with my life
Life is a mystery. Sure I have some sort of idea of what I want..but more importantly it's just experiencing it as it comes.

I live in a space which affords me to do art. I consider my home my studio. In my spare free time I'm usually doing yoga, martial arts, working out, gardening or doing art. I love to dance too! I've been taking dance classes for a couple years now and fell absolutely in love.

Those are the kind of things I wish I could do all the time ... Eat. Train. Sleep. Anything else that I don't feel helps my spirit grow feels like a lie.

However - unfortunatly you gotta pay for food and bills (until i can grow my own) .. :p So i work at a dog grooming/boarding place for now.

What my real dream / goal is - to have a animal rescue/mini farm and a healing/ art studio/gallery center for people to do art therapy, yoga, dance, meditation, learn about nutrition, collab and do art and also be able to present their art work at the space.

I also go to college - finishing up my AA in Art/studio art and Kinesiology. At the moment I am taking a semi break until fall. Life is not just about school and work and anyone who thinks it is sadly sounds extremely programmed to what culture/society has jammed into us at an early age.

Maybe I'll transfer - maybe I won't. Just going with the flow and if I need to I will. However in the grand scheme of things I don't really care about pieces of paper that say what I have "accomplished." What school tells me is that you are good at making attendance - it does not necessarily mean one who has gone to school has learned anything. Think for yourselves, do research(in this age of information there are no excuses to be ignorant) and delve inwards and you'll find a lot of inner wisdom that schools can't teach you.

Other random things I do with my life - hiking, pilates, cooking delicious vegan food, collecting nature(bones, specimens etc), collecting rocks, crystals etc (I love natural history and absolutely everything to do with nature..)

I try to stay active as much as I can and eat a raw/and vegan food based diet as much as possible.
I'm also really interested in Holistic medicine and learning as much as can about it..there's so much out there!
All and any forms of healing are my greatest interests.

As I've gone through my journey.. I realize just trying to be in this moment is the fullest way to experience reality, and while I might not exactly know everything that I am doing, or what life will throw at me - I know the goals I want to work towards and the main one is definitely just experiencing life to the fullest.
I’m really good at
Being persistent in regards to my goals.

I really value these things so I try my hardest to value and uphold these virtues within my self.

There's so much to improve upon but at the same time - I know the importance in taking care of yourself and not to be so hard on yourself either. We all want to be loved! 9-5 job...
I believe that all life should be cherished (as life is far too short.. yet consciousness eternal) --- What I'm trying to get better at is - knowing it's totally fine to acknowledge your strengths and embrace and work on your weaknesses

.. And the fact that the first step in being awake is knowing I know nothing at all for certain - just that the mystery of life and the gift of imagination and free will are just a few of the most exciting and mesmorizing things that life has to offer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Kybalion, anything written by Terence McKenna, Catcher in the Rye, The Metamorphosis, Of Mice and Men to name a few books.. I love a ton..
Movies and tv shows - meh. I rarely watch them these days.. Seems like just destractions more than anything else to me.. I have some faves but honestly I rarely go out of my way to watch anything unless it's something really interesting to me. Some of the documentaries on Netflix are good for example.. But don't think of me as some boring type who can only watch documentaries all the time. I love to laugh and anything that legitimately has either a powerful message or could make me smile will catch my attention. As for music ~ music.. Ohmygawd. Don't even get me started! I listen to a bit of everything from classical to rap. Just ask me if you seriously want to know or share music. Music is absolutely one of my favorite drugs.
To list a "few" - Genesis, Dead Can Dance, Please Inform the Captain this is a Hijack, Aesop Rock, Sun Kil Moon, Antony and the Johnstons, Bjork, Shpongle, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Erik Satie, Oingo Boingo, Kraftwerk, The Residents, Grateful Dead, Yes, Queen, Sparks, Simon and Garfunkel, etc - a loot

And food.. I'll eat just about anything healthy and vegan. I try to stay away from sugar like the plague.
Sushi/Japanese or Indian food though are some of my favvies.
The six things I could never do without
My family, friends + pets
Nature - plants, animals, etc
Art (in all of it's forms)
H2O/Oxygen...good vegan food?
oh wait..that's more than 6.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How precious life is. I think if people acknowledged more how fragile and beautiful life is they'd be a lot more loving and kind to one another.

The Hermetic Principles/Universal Law
The Occult
Plant based diets/Nutrition
Space Travel
Ancient Egypt
Alternative/Holistic Medicine
Science (as an investigational tool - NOT a belief system) I'm way too spiritual for all the bullshit some scientists proclaim/ only being orientated and off balance when delving strictly within the physical world. If you're ALL mathematical/logical and science brained I'm afraid we won't mesh too well.

I also love to think about dance/choreography favorite times are just dancing in in my home like no ones watching.

Shamanism, plant teachers, oneness and this planet/how can I help? Not betterment just for myself but also for others.. are also really constant topics spinning around in my head often..
On a typical Friday night I am
Cuddling my dog, listening to music, drawing, experimenting in art, just chillin'.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You are me and I am you.

(That is an increasingly not so secret truth and if you understand this then you should message me asap so we can be kindred spirits)

Also yes - I am trans/FtM.
I kind of loathe that term FtM, it sounds like a radio station or something to me. I am a self made man who has grown to love the skin he's in and if you can't get down with that that's cool - I'm ready for someone who will love me for who I am completely. Not everything is about the physical or what's in your pants to me. Love goes far beyond that!
We are -all- human and eternal divine beings fully capable of expressing and recieving/giving love regardless of gender and sex.
You should message me if
If you reached this far past my long winding rambles - (and have "liked" me as far as favoriting me or whatever goes) for the love of god just message me!! I can't see at all who favorites me because I refuse to pay for something like that on this site! I want to know who you are.
Also totally message me if -

- Your ego is not your amig@
- You dance, draw, some form of art..let's collaborate! :D
- You're an animal person
- You love all of nature
- If you are open minded and opening your mind more
- Respectful of POC, Trans*, queer/LGBTQ+ community and are against all forms of oppression.
- If feminism means equality for all to you.

I'm a person that invests time, care and thoughtfulness into my friendships as well of coarse as any form of possible future relationship. I would really appreciate a mutual gained respect and trust. I prefer deeper level connections with people and appreciate others who feel that as well.

I also love learning about people and sharing ideas and interests/getting to know new folks - so please feel free to message me if any of this applies to you!