48Akita, Japan
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My self-summary
I am something of a typical Brit, in that I have little to say about myself, tough probably a great deal that needs saying. I'm a big, bouncy Otaku who worships Monkey Punch as a living saint and feels that Lupin III should be made required reading at chugakou level.

I tend not to drink all that much, though I do love a drop of nama beer at the end of lectures. Neither do I smoke - at all - though I'm not an anti-tobacco crusader. I've tried chemical assistance in my youth, but it did nothing for me - my imagination seems to be too far gone over the edge for weed to have any further affect. Meh...

However, I do love all sorts of anime - partly as I teach cultural anthropology here at Akita, in Japan, but also because I was raised on things such as Robotech, Capt. Harlock and Gundam.

I am Spherical, Bright, and Bouncy
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently working at Akita International University, trying to juggle research projects with turning out bright little spoddlings to terrify the world with.

I am exactly where I wish to be in the world and, after far too long, have found a place, and life focus which makes me feel at home - which is odd for a boy from Sheffield, considering I now live halfway up a snow covered mountain in Northern Japan.

I cannot see myself upping sticks any time soon for any reason to be honest. There is just too much to do here and far too much fun to be had locally.
I’m really good at
Skiing (especially on ski bikes). I love Telemark skiing as well. It can look a little odd to have Totoro go by you at speed, but people seem to have adjusted to it now.

Writing, but then again, as a researcher I have to be. I do write outside of academia as well, but as I am a Ghost Writer none of my work belongs to me, neither can I tell anyone about it - which is frustrating, though profitable enough.

Flying model aircraft, because everyone needs to be able to do something mad like this.

Making models, because you have to be when your model planes land upside down.
The first things people usually notice about me
The gravitational well. Dress me in blue and green and you can use me as an atlas.

Then it is usually the insane grin and the wide eyes - worn not because I double for the Joker, but simply because I am on the good side of happy these days.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Bleak House, In Out and In Again, Kandehon Chushingura.

B: Tampopo, Lord of the Rings, Crumb, The Wizard of Speed and Time, A Matter of Life and Death.

C: Miles Davis, Tatsu Yano Project, Vaughn Williams, You and the Explosion Band, Adam and the Ants.

D: Vegeteraian Ramen (I know, I know..... This is special, m'kay?), Apples, Ice-cream, Fried Noodles, American Black Bread, Farmhouse Veg soup.
Six things I could never do without
1: Hendersons Relish 2: Abarenbou Shogun 3: A DVD player (and a telly of course) 4: 'Book Off' 5: My Kotatsu 6: My computer
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What will happen to my students when they leave Akita. After four years, they become like my own children and some of them really do worry me. It is difficult to know what to do with them sometimes, but.....

That and where my next anime fix is coming from. Must... buy... DVDs.
On a typical Friday night I am
NOT up to my neck in marking (this night is sacred).

Either I am at Club Seven in town, soaking up Jazz, or at the local flea-pit soaking up a good film.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a reformed thief - before I went to Uni in my younger days and learned some self respect, I had a short run as a CD bandit (Japanese CDs in the early nineties were 3 times their value in Sheffield, so I had it away on my heels with some once, got rumbled, got shamed and got reformed).
You should message me if
Well, that is not for me to say...
The two of us