42 Rush Springs, United States
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My self-summary
Dear Cupid,
You have given me, Mr Fake, Mr Married, Mr Cheater, Mr Liar, and all of their cousins. Is it to much to ask for a Good Ole Country Boy who's also a Christian?
Someone who knows how to hunt, who can teach me to hunt birds and other wild animals.... But also knows the power of prayer, has a strong work ethic and an undying love for family and friends
I guess all of the broken hearts and lies have made me a stronger woman. I'm a sweetheart, very loving and tender hearted. I've been told my independence is intimidating. I don't know how to be less independent but I certainly don't want to be viewed as intimidating.

I'm not going to "chase" a man. I want a man who will call/text me. If I like/love him he's often on my mind, am I on his?
To quote my friend and author Charles Orlando. (Author of The Problem With Women, Is Men)
"Woman: "Hey. I thought we had a date for Friday?"
Guy: "We did... but you never called me." My advice to the guy: You know phones work both ways, right? And... why is she doing all the work? Ever heard of the fact that women (including strong women) want a strong, confident man who will take the lead in going after what he wants? She *wants* you to WANT her... to desire her. It's primal. Now... get off your ass and go make that call!" -- she's waiting...

You start off dates by saying you don't want a relationship and you're never getting married... Well why are you on a singles site?? I'm not a booty call girl. I refuse to be a fling. I'm looking for what's real.

The only good I'm finding in the majority of men lately is to use them as examples to teach my son on how NOT to treat women.
I want a loving respectful relationship. I know it's out there.
(Funny but true, I admire how the men on Duck Dynasty treat their wives... I want that)

I'm pretty fun to be around (if I do say so myself! HA!) I love to joke and have fun. I'm a goofball but serious when the time calls for it. I try to always see the best in everyone. I have things in life I aim to achieve and work hard to get there. I'm just me. Nothing special, nothing fake. Just me. I have hundreds of friends and I make friendships easily. I answer EVERY message I get on here, because its the polite thing to do!! I may not be interested in you or attracted to you to date you, but I'll still visit with ya! Also, just because I send you a message doesn't mean I wanna date ya, I may just have stopped by and thought I'd say "Hi". Always amazes me at how many read the message, look at my profile and can't at least say Hi back! Wow! Did your momma raise ya to be too good to say Hi to someone?

I just wanna find a man who fits into my lifestyle that likes to go and do things like I do. I'm always on the go.

I know that "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning." Just waiting for the one who can give it meaning to appear.
What I’m doing with my life
Working Sexual Assaults (you know, when someone gets raped, we go in and collect DNA evidence and send it to the forensic lab to try to catch the rat bastard).
AND I work at Dept of Corrections.

I am a member of both the Oklahoma and National Patriot Guard. It is truly an honor to ride at the funeral of someone who served our country. If you have served our country, to you I say: Thank You For Your Service Sir.
I stay busy but enjoy my down time to the fullest. And, yes, I do make time for those who truly matter in my life. :)
I’m really good at
Having fun!! Im always out and about, I have a ton of friends, but they dont fill the loneliness of being single.
The first things people usually notice about me
I havent a clue!!
Let me know what you notice first...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read, cant say I have a favorite author, or even a favorite book.
I am pretty hooked on the Calamity Jayne series by Kathleen Bacus

Movies: Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Home Alabama, Hope Floats, ... chick flicks. Gone With the Wind, Black and White Classics. I dont like Sci-Fi, and not a huge fan of action or horror, but I will watch 'em.

Music: pretty much anything from Patsy Cline, to AC/DC. Im not a fan of hip hop or rap, but can tolerate it for a short period.
Food: Im a meat and veggies girl. I love milk chocolate.

(chocolate, roses, & jewelry that sparkles..after all, I am a girl) :)
The six things I could never do without
They arent all things:
1) God. (I'm the preachers grand-daughter, you know what they say about preachers kids....)

2) My Family & Friends They are amazing!!

3) My Car

4) My Phone

5) Food, Water, Un-Sweet Iced Tea, My Home.

6) Make-up!! whoosh!! cant go out in public without that! LoL
You see my pic? It killed that deer when he saw me without makeup!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Me? Think? That would be waaaay too dangerous!!
But I have come up with a rather lengthy list of what I want: a guy who is strong, but yet gentle, who can be both serious and funny at the appropriate times, someone who is comfortable leading and equally comfortable following. He must be secure enough with who he is to allow his "mate" the freedom to be who she is, yet savvy enough to know when his lady needs his undivided attention and gives it unconditionally, who loves no matter what, in spite of human short comings or failings. I want a man who is my best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, student, nursemaid when I'm sick, and therapist all rolled into one. He must adore my mom and my son and love my family as his own. As I will do the same for his.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no telling what Im doing!! It could be any number of things........maybe one Friday night I could be on a date with you....but for now I'm probably out with friends or my family.
I love to:
Snuggle on the couch watching a movie, especially in a cold night.
Kiss in the rain
Take spontaneous short road trips.
OSU Football! Go Pokes!! I Bleed Orange!
(I love picking on Sooner fans)
Just to name a few things....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me something and we'll see if I'm willing to admit the answer.... :)
You should message me if
Only if you're serious. Im very loving, and VERY HONEST. I expect the same. Step to the plate or go sit on the bench!
Dont message me if:
* If you have an ex you cant get over, then dont message me, get over her, she's probably gotten over you.
* If you're married or have a girlfriend...youre a friggin cheater and I dont want you in any way shape or form.
* If you only wanna "hook up" and "get some" you are reading the wrong profile...move on.
Im tired of taking crap from men who really didnt deserve my time in the first place, so please, if youre not sincerly looking for something real, even if its just a good friend, save me the energy of having to deal with your unnecessary drama.... Need I continue here, or do ya get my point?
I'm really a sweet woman and I bend over backward to help people I'm just tired of being hurt and my heart broken.