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My self-summary
I was born and raised in New York City, lived in San Francisco for a long time and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. I'm friendly, dapper, and interested in a lot of things. My parents were tolerant and overall very kind, which probably explains a bit about my unusual confidence, jovial disposition, and emotional openness. I'm tactful but outspoken and somewhat opinionated, though I usually consider other people's viewpoints of equal interest to my own. My hyperactive metabolism enables me to grasp many things that baffle others, yet I often come up short in practical matters. I love to dance, make beautiful things, and gaze slack-jawed into nature. My faith is solid and hard earned, not inherited or dogmatic.

Like many people, I am largely motivated by sex and attractive people, but I cultivate ideals to temper my folly. Although extremely bossy in the bedroom (yes, my name is a command), I'm generous to a fault, sentimental, and very easy going. I'm down to earth despite my mystically inclined nature, and I aspire to an egalitarian, Anarcho-Alchemical perspective. As a disciple of Pippi Longstocking, I'm looking to start a cult dedicated to toppling the insipid elite technopoly with humor, art and magic.

I try to enjoy everyone's uniqueness, but I'm weary of dull, jaded hipster-clones. I occasionally fret and fuss over futile minutiae, but ultimately rest in the knowledge that Destiny gives each of us what we need, if we have the presence of mind to receive it. (I should point out, this doesn't mean I consider the laws, social norms, or status quo of the world to be just, good, or fair; I hate seeing others suffer and my only true solace comes from knowing that the less privileged have opportunities to develop an inner strength usually denied those born into privilege.)

I find this sublime:

I like to greet every day with serenity and enthusiasm. In general, I strive to be harder on myself than on others, because I believe this to be the basis of good character. Although a bit of a dandy fop myself, I am not snobbish toward drably attired people unless they have a matching attitude. On those rare occasions when I become angry or upset, I usually find a way to be alone until my nerves are steady. To maintain my flexibility, I regularly take long, solitary walks through unfamiliar neighborhoods.

I can't honestly say I'm a loner as I have many good friends, and I always want more, but I recently asked my Dad why, for all my intense sociability, I also enjoy being entirely alone for long periods of time, and he told me I was "a product of judicious neglect." Made me laugh...

I prefer the fast lane, but I'm cautious and indicate before making a turn. I have a keen eye for nuance and innuendo, but often miss what's in plain view. I squint hard at the last purple before X-rays. Poised on the last rung of confidence before it becomes cocky, I'm secretly a bit shy. Reverent yet perverted. (Perverent?)

I'm convinced that everything modern and technologically advanced is draining us of a certain vitality, though I'm willing to risk it for the sake of excitement and (sigh) convenience. I felt zero pressure to get a cell phone until I moved to LA, but my holding off wasn't just to be different, they just seemed like a real pain. (Now, I must admit, I love having one!) I guess I'm somewhat proud of resisting silly trends and maintaining composure when everyone around me is freaking out.

I find life to be essentially and profoundly mysterious, and I don't believe there is one right way to view any paradox. The world is too large and ancient and full of wonders to get caught up in rigid ideas and expectations.
What I’m doing with my life
I spent 14 years working with handicapped kids at a public school in SF, but I resigned a decade ago to focus on creative pursuits full time. Basically, I'm a writer, artist, and impresario whose primary medium is the social-cultural life. Over the years, this has included publishing a sporadical magazine, curating art shows, and booking/hosting/DJing live music events at various venues. I spent several years producing a music & arts festival, helped run a genuine speakeasy venue from my home (The Vortex Room), and was a founder of The Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative (all in SF). I currently reside at a large, beautiful venue in LA, write detailed liner notes for vinyl reissues of music I've been obsessed with for decades, and I'm writing and drawing a comic book. I try to inspire a lively, thoughtful, provocative atmosphere wherever I go, and I avoid fisticuffs and intoxicants, preferring lucid, civilized discussion.

I really love authentic American culture like old motels, movie theaters, coffee shops, railway stations, penny arcades, and such. Despite their dreamlike qualities, I don't think of them as symbols but as living realities that remind us of what we've lost. Although I strive not to dwell solely in the past, I really miss the days when cities were packed with used record stores, book stores, comic stores, and poster shops. (Young people may be surprised to know that once upon a time you couldn't walk a few blocks in any major city without finding a little shop full of cool stuff both old and new.) I'm grateful these things still exist and eager for another road trip to explore what's left of our country, and I hope one day to find the right travel partner.

I prefer conspiracy and muckraker books to true crime, but I'd like to learn more about successful criminals, since I have always held a certain distaste for the law. That said, I realize my mostly vicarious antisocial tendencies are a product of contemporary radical individualism, and not traits to pursue or flaunt.
I’m really good at
making friends
organizing shows
Also: Sex is a high art which I take very seriously.
The first things people usually notice about me
I sometimes wonder about this, but rarely get a satisfactory answer. I would guess it's my clothes, my eyes, or my smile which I'm told is a winner though rarely captured in photographs. People are often surprised to find out my age, and incredulously demand to see my ID.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't know how important this is for finding a match, but seeing as I spend a fair amount of time reading, watching movies, and listening to music, ...

A few writers I've enjoyed: Céline, Lewis Carroll, Philip K Dick, Charles Willeford, Jean Genet, Astrid Lindgren, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Juan Goytisolo, Opal Whiteley, Borges, Mary Shelley, Gilbert Sorrentino, Jane Bowles, Ursula LeGuin, Lord Byron, Djuna Barnes, Gaston Bachelard, Mark Twain, Rob Hardin, G K Chesterton, John Hawkes, Flann O'Brien, Julio Cortazar, The Marquis de Sade, Rilke, Novalis, Goethe, Schiller, Thoreau, Emerson, Dostoevsky, Gogol, Rudolf Steiner. I am a comics fanatic, and I also read a lot about parapsychology, esoteric spirituality, conspiracy theories, antigravity/ufo type stuff, sexual politics, and I'm fairly knowledgeable on these subjects.

Some of my favorite movies: Mr. Arkadin, The Brood, eXistenZ, Videodrome, Eyes Without a Face, The Witch, The Tenant, Pippi Goes on Board, Eraserhead, Female Trouble, Teorema, The Saragossa Manuscript, Don't Look Now, Hump of the Sado Queen, Galaxy Quest, Mudhoney, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, L'Age d'Or, Los Olvidados, Belle de Jour, Exterminating Angel, Score, Bedazzled, Billy Liar, The Curse of Her Flesh, Shampoo, Duck Soup, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Carnival of Souls, The Decameron, Autobiography of a Flea, Dead of Night, The Fallen Idol, Shampoo, Welcome Home Brother Charles, Spider Baby, Behind The Green Door, Spirited Away, Marketa Lazarova, A History of Violence, Let the Right One In, I Know Where I'm Going!, Salo, Curse of the Demon, The Holy Mountain, Phantom of the Paradise, Curse of the Cat People, Point Blank, Dead of Night, The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, anything with Edward G. Robinson, Lon Chaney, Sr., Buster Keaton, Charles Laughton, Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet, Veronica Lake, Julie Christie. (I made up one of these movie titles. If you can guess which one, I'll pay for coffee.)

Owning 4000 LPs makes it hard to choose, but I really love The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Byrds, The Hollies, Big Star, The Kinks, The Zombies, The Move, The Pretty Things, Queen, Os Mutantes, The Free Design, Scott Walker, Colin Blunstone, Duncan Browne, Nick Drake, John Cale, Pink Floyd, The Monkees, Jethro Tull, The Beach Boys, Hawkwind, Steve Hillage, Bo Hansson, Magma, Gong, Faust, Agitation Free, Amon Duul II, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Fairport Convention, Donovan, The Shaggs, Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament-Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, Ann Peebles, Family, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Peter Hammill, Caravan, Hatfield and the North, National Health, Camel, Heldon, Le Orme, PFM, Area, Arti E Mestieri, Ange, Slapp Happy, Durutti Column, Wire, Public Image Ltd., John Foxx, Joy Division, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Echo and the Bunnymen, Blondie, Chrome, DOME, Devo, The Go-Betweens, Cocteau Twins, Felt, Dungen, The Cardigans, Belle & Sebastian, Astor Piazzola, Charles Mingus, Slim Gaillard, Alice Coltrane, Marcos Valle, Astrid Gilberto, Gal Costa, Lonnie Liston Smith, Fleetwood Mac, Popol Vuh, Captain Beefheart, Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, The Cure, Ultravox!, Tuxedomoon, Au Revoir Simone, Miranda Lee Richards, Tele Novella, Bart Davenport, The Four Seasons, Iggy Pop, Syd Barrett, Buzzcocks, Small Faces, The Monks, The Young Marble Giants, and so on... Really, I could go for pages. Music is very important to me, and I appreciate popular and esoteric music equally.
Six things I could never do without
More than 6, and not in any particular order, but it's hard to imagine life without:
Good friends
Magnificent music
Beautiful clothes
Great books, comics and movies
Delicious food
Clean air and water
Love and sex
Creative freedom
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I must say, I'm really tired of people whose only interests are 'all things dark and morbid.' Romanticizing serial killers, black magic, fascism, human ugliness, medical atrocities, gloom and doom and crap is not cool or smart. If this is you, I'm sorry, but you're a drag. Don't get me wrong, I lived through the 70s & 80s, avidly studied all forms of bullshit, and I love weird, screwy things most people don't understand or care about ... But who builds their identity around sheer negativity? The 'dark side of human nature' is not cool or romantic; it's stupid, ignorant, greedy, slothful, cowardly, etc.

Same goes double for bigots. Go out into the world and get some experience already! I appreciate and respect all kinds of people, and will address you by whatever pronoun you prefer, and I will always try to understand you before assuming anything. I know pretty well what I'm about, and always seeking to learn more about the wide world…

So, now that I have you thinking my way, let's elaborate our shared outlook a bit further :) To effectively subvert the prevalent world-view — which is reductive, reactionary, morbid, dogmatic, materialistic, technophiliac, and otherwise wrongheaded in countless ways — we must replace it with something better. Human beings are social creatures and we cannot survive separate from the truth. If our lives be theater, we should perform with dignity, stagecraft and a respectful wink to the almighty. Yea, so be it.

Ah, but enough about me! ... Well, on second thought, here is some more about me:
On a typical Friday night I am
having a good time, and making sure everyone around me is too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Take note: I am Headmaster of an Obedience School for Disobedient Girls. Strong, smart, independent women only need apply. Orientation usually begins soon after we meet, and matriculation commences upon our mutual consent. The ideal student: You are not afraid of life, you are eager to experience all that your femininity has to offer, and you are ready to hand over the reins to the right person in the appropriate setting. You enjoy dressing up and feeling attractive, and you pursue your deepest desires undeterred by the judgments of others. You expect men to be considerate, polite, respectful, stylish, and open-minded, but—most importantly—you are tired of making all the decisions in bed and wish more guys knew what they wanted and did it without apology or anxiety. You enjoy lively discussion and can stand your ground in any conversation, but you are flexible and not argumentative. You are aware of sexism, but enjoy being objectified in the right context, and your fondest desire is to be manhandled by a dominant gentleman (gentlemanhandled). You are guided by your heart and mind, and you recognize that your body is a gift to enjoy. You strive to improve yourself, but do not fret over things you cannot change. In short, you are a Woman of the Future.

Additional note: As Headmaster, my primary concern is to find out what turns you on and what gets you off, and to do it as much as possible. In return, I expect you to support the illusion that I'm completely in charge.
You should message me if
You don't end every sentence as though it were a question. (I believe it's called upspeak.)

You don't use the word 'random' when you mean arbitrary, surprising, unexpected, or unknown.

You don't mind standing and walking on my right side most of the time.

You occasionally drool, or think you might enjoy drooling on occasion.

You've read my entire profile and think, "I need to know this guy!"

You don't describe yourself as an "alcohol ninja", "zombie expert", "bacon guru", "music advocate", "writing junkie" or other idiotic terms used on all the fake profiles that clutter up this site.
The two of us