34 Garden Grove, United States
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My self-summary
Going from the geeky, shy kid when I was younger to the extremely extroverted type in high school and college, I feel like I've settled down into a (somewhat) respectable man in his thirties. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, like to be a bit wild when it's not going to cause me a heap of trouble, and I've even become adept at this whole thing called "work."

Finished my second bachelor's degree (1st - BA in Theatre Arts - Lighting Design & Directing; 2nd - BS in Game Art & Design) back in 2012 and am working as a QC analyst for a web development company while doing freelance game development and design on the side.

I am impetuous, consumed, and irreverent
What I’m doing with my life
When I'm not busting my hump at the 9 to 6 gig, I'm trying to make games that help make the world a better place; even the fun games can still have a positive impact on people's lives and/or make them see things from another perspective.
I’m really good at
-Wearing nearly anything: I'm comfortable in any clothing ranging from a full tuxedo to sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans.
-Learning nearly anything: a quick study and a memory that doesn't let up (except for names; I'm terrible with names).
-Making people laugh: sarcasm, self-deprecating wit, and a knack for seeing the humor in any situation make me a riot to most people.
-Running: I love running and used to sprint and run hurdles on the track team in junior high/high school. I generally run around midnight these days, since I'm a night person and it's usually cooler by then, but I do love running in the sun.
The first things people usually notice about me
I would have said how tall I am, but it seems like 6'2" is becoming more common these days...

Another thing I get is how young I look; when people guess my age they're usually off by about 10 years...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I tend to avoid what I refer to as the fluff genres, like romance novels. I also have an extreme dislike for most Victorian era literature, but I'm always open to reading something if you think it will change my mind.

Top 5 Books/Genres/Authors/Stories (no particular order):

1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
2. The Mist by Stephen King
3. Just about anything Shakespeare (I was a Theatre Arts major, after all)
4. The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
5. Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey

Movies - if you can describe a movie as a "chick flick" without adding clarification afterwards I probably won't enjoy it (clarification can be as simple as "it's a chick flick that's well written and has a great cast"). Also, movies based on Victorian era literature are pretty much right out (you'll probably notice a trend, but the strange thing is I love movies that have romantic plotlines and/or take place in the past, even the Victorian era).

Top 5 Movies (Title - Director):

1. 8 1/2 - Frederico Fellini
2. Brazil - Terry Gilliam
3. Evil Dead 2 - Sam Raimi
4. Fight Club - David Fincher
5. The Thing - John Carpenter

Top 5 Currently Airing TV Shows (no particular order):

1. Game of Thrones
2. Outcast
3. Orphan Black
4. Ash vs Evil Dead
5. Bob's Burgers

**Honorable Mentions: The Flash, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Penny Dreadful.**

Music - I don't really like country other than Johnny Cash and artists with a similar style. Rap/hip-hop is also a problem for me, but that's more because there's a lot of really bad groups/performers in that genre that seem to get more air time than the good stuff.

Top 5 Artists/Genres:

1. Johnny Cash
2. PJ Harvey
3. Beats Antique
4. Kim Boekbinder
5. Trent Reznor (including Nine Inch Nails, How to Destory Angels, etc.)

Food - I'm a carnivore, so I eat meat and lots of it. I'll eat some bread and dairy as well, although I've recently discovered I'm slightly lactose intolerant so I've been cutting back on that. Give me an extremely rare steak and I'm set.

Top 5 Foods/Styles:

1. Steak, extremely rare
2. Lobster
3. Chocolate
4. Pizza
5. Sushi
The six things I could never do without
6 things I love and don't want to do without...

1. Internet
2. Cell phone
3. My 2007 VW Rabbit (or another decent vehicle that's a manual transmission)
4. Something that allows me to type so I can work on my game designs (I have terrible handwriting that even I struggle to read sometimes)
5. Movies
6. Video Games & Board Games (as a game designer it's more research than anything these days)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where I want to be in 1/2/5/10/20 years?

Why I should care where I'll be in 1/2/5/10/20 years?

Who let that guy doing 50 into the left lane?

***Dirty, dirty things***

When/If I'll ever find LEGOs boring?

What I would look like with blonde/red/blue hair? (Note: I have never actually dyed my hair)
On a typical Friday night I am
Attempting to do something that doesn't have to do with work, such as hitting a bar with friends, seeing a movie, or something else that gets me out of the house.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book in my social life, but I recognize that even in the entertainment industry appearance is important to maintaining a career; since the internet blends the borders between social and professional life too much, I do my best to filter the public appearance I present (damn you Google for making it so easy to find every piece of public dirt on a person).

I will admit that I ran through the hallways of my high school in just my boxer shorts and on a number of occasions during my first foray into college streaked both in and out of buildings; in other words, I'm not afraid to get nearly/completely naked.

If you want to know more, you're going to have to ask.
You should message me if
I'm on here to make friends as well as potentially date. It can be difficult for atheists/agnostics to find each other or people accepting of those views, so I'm hoping sites like this can help on that front, especially given the rather conservative nature of Orange County. I don't see a problem with anyone having beliefs, but I will give a warning that I have strong opinions on religion and it's impact on society and the world.

On a simpler note, if you're fun, like movies, think we'd get along, and can handle the occasional late night philosophical discussion you should definitely send me a message.

***I do use the star system on here, so feel free to rate me and see if we connect that way as well.***