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My self-summary
Hisao Nakai
The poor, unfortunate soul the player utilizes to interact with the rest of the cast. His heart is too much of a pussy to function properly due to having Arrhythmia, so it falls over itself at the tiniest exhursion, so he must take pills in order to keep himself from dying but occasionally forgets to, leading to one of his trademark heart attacks.
His heart condition is bad enough to attend a special school for physically crippled people, but not quite bad enough to prevent him from doing the horizontal hula with any of the 5 main girls, as well as Misha.
Emi Ibarazaki
A legless shortarse whose confidence, self reliance, hyperactive, and sporty personality is enough to give anyone who plays this game a massive headache. Or at the very least, diabetes. She is the athletic girl of the 6, and is a fast runner even though she doesn't have legs. She has run more miles than all of 4chan combined, which is an impressive feat considering that she’s not even real.
When going down her route, she instantly becomes the girl with the most fucked up personality; after running with her every morning somehow managing to strengthen his heart after nearly dying 60 times, she occasionally has sex with Hisao a few thousand times and even trying out anal in a storage shed, Hisao then suddenly becomes a needy little faggot, getting paranoid that she's "distant" from him and wanting her to open up to him. Then spends the entire story continually pressing her to do so. Some shit happens, they have a fight, and they either break up if you went down the bad route, or they make up if you go down the good route, and she takes him to her dad's grave where she then suddenly has verbal diarrhea and tells him everything about her, including when her dad died and when she lost her legs. The end.
Oh and her mother is a MILF.
Hanako Ikezawa
The quiet, purple-haired, timid, book-reading, chess-playing and billiards-playing girl whom thousands of lonely weebs masturbate over because she's so kawaii. She has horrific burns on the right hand side of her body and has social anxiety because of it, running away from the slightest bit of interaction anyone has with her. She has no friends apart from Lilly, and the two are often seen scissoring each other in the tea room they use during lunch. She also enjoys playing chess, but sucks because according to Shizune & Misha, she doesn't take it seriously enough. While doing Lilly's route, she grows some balls and joins some newspaper club, makes some friends and even goes travelling with one of them.
When going down her route, Hisao spends the entire story treating her like a Downs patient, "tiptoeing" around her to make conversation and overthinking every little action she makes. On the event of her birthday, she becomes a hermit. Hisao worries his little faggot arse off about her and, depending on the choices you make, you find yourself at the either Bad Ending, where she eventually blows up in his face when he tries to pry her out of her room, the Neutral Ending, where he still visits her room like a Downs patient, but they just end up playing chess, or the Good Ending where he backs off and give her some space and she eventually comes out of hiding. He then shows her his scar and she shows him hers. Hisao, being the fucktard that he is, sees it as a greenlight for sex, seemingly against her will. Day after, things get awkward, they sort shit out and after she tells him that she locked herself in her room because she doesn't want people fussing over her on her birthday, and not because she blames herself for her parents' deaths, they live happily ever after.
Oh and Gimme the Chocolate, Hisao!
Lilly Satou
A tall, blind, blonde-haired blue-eyed girl who is a quiet and refined young woman and is almost always seen sipping tea. She's the class representative of her class, or some shit, and is distantly related to Shizune and the two hate each other just because their dads do. She relies on Hisao, Hanako or her sister Akira to take her anywhere because she can't see. She apparently looks foreign by Japanese standards, and she reveals she has some Scottish heritage and can even speak English and Japanese. You can't really tell the difference though, because she's an animu chick.
When going down her route, she goes to Scotland for a week. In that time Hisao becomes a needy little faggot. When she comes back and they go to a Summer house, and the entire "good girl" facade is thrown entirely out the window, because she fucks Hisao almost as many times as Emi does in her route, only he creampies her and she doesn't fall pregnant, apparently being on the pill. At one point she even shlicks in front of him while he's blindfolded, with which the proceeding sex almost causes him to have a heart attack, so that shit must've been good. Hisao later finds out that she's going back to Scotland soon, this time permanently, leaving Hisao on his own and he chooses to go after her, or not, depending on the choices you make. If he does, when he gets to the airport, CUE THE CONVENIANTLY PLACED PLOT DEVICE! He has a heart attack. He wakes up in hospital and she's there. They live happily ever after. The end.
Rin Tezuka
A red-haired armless girl. She uses her feet to accomplish every day tasks such as eating and painting as well as performing footjobs. She wears a boy’s uniform because she doesn’t want dudes peeking up her skirt when she uses her feet to do menial tasks and while painting, because you know how sick the Japanese are. I mean come on, you're playing an eroge game with physically handicapped girls; you've most likely seen enough animu porn to realise it by now. She has the emotional threshold of a cucumber, and is always spouting random shit, which the other characters find annoying.
When going down her route, Hisao spends the entire time trying to understand what the fuck is going through her mind, but all he ever gets is a footjob, access to her vajayjay so he can finger her, and finally, sex. Apparently even she doesn't know what she wants to do or who she is, which makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Go down the bad route, Hisao shouts at her for being as intelligent as a brick and storms away. Go down the Neutral route, Hisao gets so pissed off with her to the point where he "doesn't know how he feels about her", they "hug" and they go their seperate ways. If you go down the good route, Hisao shouts at her, this time in his room, for being as intelligent as a brick. They later have makeup sex after she turns up at his door, soaked.
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The Hagada of Pesach.
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conning senior citizens into giving me their credit card numbers.
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You should message me if
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