32Emeryville, United States
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My self-summary
Raised in central Texas, I joined the military shortly after graduation and have been on my own adventure ever since. Most of that time has been spent here in Northern California and I have fallen in love with the area. Some of that time was spent in North Carolina and Afghanistan as well. Didn’t care for them as much.

I’m a bit of a southern gentleman, but not in the Rhett Butler/Scarlett O’Hara sort of way. Put simply, I was raised on the idea of respect and chivalry, and that coupled with lots of reading has gifted me with the heart of a romantic.

I’m an avid reader and writer, but I can just as easily get out of the house and see the world around me, given the proper motivation and lack of homework. I’m not exceptionally outdoorsy, as I had a bit too much of that back home in redneck country, but I am not adverse to nature either. In essence, I love adventures, no matter the form they take.
What I’m doing with my life
After a decade in the military I've decided to pursue my degree. I’m currently enrolled at a community college, and I will hear back from Berkeley, and other universities, in May. I want to be a writer, and so I am majoring in English and Creative Writing. I've started a novel and multiple short stories. I’d like to be published before graduation, but in the meantime, coming up with characters and plot lines and twists (not the M. Night Shyamalan kind I promise) is very enjoyable.
I’m really good at
I’m a story teller and a writer, and I hope that I am good at it. I seem to keep others entertained, and that is the point of a good story after all. I’m not trying to start a religion, so I don’t necessarily need to write The Greatest Story Ever Told…then again L. Ron Hubbard started a religion without writing that either.

Anyway, beyond telling tales, I’m a fantastic listener, I just listen away. Pretty good at responding too, but I do my best to wait for a pause. I have been known to dabble in the arts. Martial and Fine, not black, I don’t look good in hats, so I’d make a terrible witch.
The first things people usually notice about me
It would be difficult not to notice my glasses, you could probably roast ants with them is you were so maniacally inclined.

I have been told on multiple occasions that I have broad shoulders, but I’m not sure I truly know the meaning of the phrase. Seems like something people just say, and we all go with it so we don’t feel stupid. It’s like we’re in on some inside joke with everyone else, I mean you get it right?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: My favorite book thus far in my reading career is A Storm of Swords, which had the most satisfying semi-ending I’ve yet read. That being said, I loved The Lies of Locke Lamora, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Frankenstein very much as well.

Movies: I’m a sucker for historical fiction, so Braveheart is high on my list, but Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction give it a run for its money. Comedies are so very different from other movies, and for me Eddie Murphy and Seth Rogen seldom do wrong, and there is always The Big Lebowski.

Shows: TV with a pulse. Sherlock, Game of Thrones and White Collar top my list right now, but Son’s of Anarchy and, as cliché as it may be, The Walking dead are back on my list of things to watch. I love Archer for the laughs.

Music: Strangely enough, not very important in my life, but I’m from Texas so I am partial to Southern Rap. I also like various forms of rock and even a little classical. Love Chopin’s composing.

Food: Turkish, Mexican and Asian cuisines are my favorites, but I’m not picky. Most cultures make something delicious.
Six things I could never do without
Family – I recently went back home for the holidays and reconnected with my brothers and parents. I’ve been out of the house for ten years and it is easy to forget just how valuable close relatives can be.

Friends – While most of the people in our lives are simply passersby, close and lifelong friends can be just as valuable as family. In a way, they are simply an extension of the former.

Fingertips – I love to tell stories, and have a tendency to forget to write them down. Fingertips come in handy to solve this issue. Typing up some notes or a bit of prose is their forte.

Distraction – Life can be overwhelming at times, and the very essence of beauty at others. When the beauty fades, having a good book, a fantastic show or a small project to work on can be beautiful in and of itself.

Laptop – The natural distraction for fingertips.

Books – Perhaps the most engaging form of storytelling known to humanity, books are not a want, but a need. Whether it’s the characters of George R. R. Martin, or the wit of Mark Twain, or even the adventure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I cannot live without books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
…what needs to be done next. I’m a planner, and even though those plans are often altered as time goes by, having a foundation upon which to deviate comes in handy. I’m a nerd though, so I also contemplate everything from technological advancement versus technological dependency to what is going to happen next in the British television show Sherlock.
On a typical Friday night I am
Studying, or more appropriately, telling myself I should be studying while I procrastinate until Sunday. I write quite a bit though, I’m sure that often occurs on a Friday. If I’m not especially tied up with said procrastination, I have been known to frequent cafes with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a crazy fish phobia. Not sure why; also, not sure why I am admitting it. I suppose avoiding awkward shrieks of writhing terror in front of potential dates is a good reason. Nothing says confident like hiding under the table when the waiter sets a steamed fish in front of my lady-friend.
You should message me if
You fancy yourself a monogamist. I'm open to many things, polyamory is not one of them I am afraid. Call me old fashioned.
The two of us