28 Bellevue, United States
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My self-summary
Are you fun? Happy with your life? Full of energy? Drama free? Totally into living life to the fullest? If that's you, read on...

Hi. My friends call me Achilles. You're probably blown away with how ridiculously good looking I am. Get over it! I'm more than just a piece of meat and a pretty face :)

Haha. All kidding aside, I'm in search of that one girl that lights me up with her sunny personality. Corny. Yes. But who cares. I's true that there are many girls out there with beauty, which is important and great to have. The problem: most don't have a brain to match! I'm not about to saddle up with someone who is as boring as reading a poorly written textbook on 18th Century History! Ouchhy mamma!

Listen. I'm a fun dude who lives a positive and uplifting life, and if that personality connection isn't there, it just ain't gonna work girl! But if it is...oh man good times are about to be had by all! Hmmm. What other juicy info can I bestow upon you...

As you can see, I'm in a sexy wheelchair. And if you're wondering, I don't mind. I'm actually fine with it and I see it as a blessing that has allowed me to grow into a beautiful man.

Let's see, I'll just describe some other traits that I find irresistible. This is my ideal woman, so don't get your pink panties in a bundle if you don't have all of them. You have imagination, self-respect, high self-worth. You love dogs, especially my boy Caesar. You're honest and don't play head games that waste time. You're stable, sexual, and show a lot of emotional interest without being needy. Yeah, I don't like stage 10 clingers. Who does?

Umm...affectionate, fun, and vibrant are attractive as well. I tend to be a sucker for girls who sport glasses and who like to wear attention getting clothes. All those things are huge turn ons for sure! Now some turn offs that make me run for the hills...drum roll please!

Being prude. Having bad teeth. Having bad hygiene. Having kids. Sorry I'm just not a point in my life where I'm ready for that. Taking yourself way too seriously. Lighten up! Life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

I'll give you a SMALL piece about me. I'm very social. Into fashion and looking good. I consider myself well groomed and well dressed. I'm not afraid of the world and always in search of new and exciting people to spend time with. I dig smartphones, speeding down the freeway on occasions, cooking delicious meals, and my guilty pleasure...shhhhh....don't desperate housewives! Keep that on the down-low please :)

I'm also currently working at my dream job which allows me to get up every morning with passion and zest for life. Plus, it's a great paycheck.

Helping people is important to me. So you could say I'm a caring and compassionate person who has a strong purpose in life. That's it for now. Email me asap if I've sparked your interest and you would like to experience an explosive good time on our first date!

Happy Hunting,