28Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm a nerd, that really needs to be said first thing. I figure that may not score me any points with most folk but hey, anyone who's eye I might catch will hopefully have a few nerdy tendencies of their own.

Secondly, I'm sort of a shy guy, I like to think I'm at least a nice guy, too... but hey, don't we all. I'm the type of guy who's happy to sit and listen to what some one has to say, even if it's just a friend ranting about how much work's sucked that day.

Ahh... what next...

Guess it's worth noting that I don't really agree with all these "No Drama" statements I see on profiles cause honestly... we all have our drama sometimes, part of life and it's unavoidable. I'm not going to lie and say I never have my own drama and I'd like to have some one I can trust to deal with sh*t with... The reward? I'll do the same for you when your life becomes a sh*t storm.

I donno... like I said, I'm shy and I'm nerdy, but once I've met some one I generally open up so if that sounds like a decent enough combo feel free to send me a message. Oh... and if I'm actually the one to send you a message? First one's probably going to be stupid and awkward, I suck at starting a conversation...
I’m really good at
Ahhh... nothing paticular? Well... unless you count stuff like video games, Magic cards and remembering the most usual trivia (random quotes FTW).
The first things people usually notice about me
How short I am? Haha, well only sort of. I donno, now a days it might be the blonde hair and sunglasses look I've been walking around with.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ah... this is tough as I'm really bad at picking favorites for anything.

Lets see, favorites movies at the moment are probably Repo: The Genetic Opera, Nightmare Before Christmas, Zombie Land and Kickass.

Books, The Night Angel Trilogy, a lot of Salvatore's stuff even if I'm not a big fan of Drizzt as a character... ahh, Death Gate Cycle and probably the two Artifact Cycles for Magic The Gathering.

As for video games... Fallout 1&2 for PC, Baldur's Gate 2 For PC (one on consoles sucked D; ), and anything involving zombies. =D

I'm also a big fan of comic books, mostly Marvel stuff from the 80's and 90's. I love Spiderman and Venom in particular, though I can't stand what's being done with the characters at the moment. Also I've been reading a few mangas at recently, Naruto (yeah I know everyone loves Naruto =p) and One Piece mostly.

Oh... and Gurren Lagann, if you haven't seen Gurren Lagann (or don't know what it is) contact me and (assuming you don't seem like a creeper) I'll do everything in my power to show it to you... It's a must see in my books.

Edit: This section is getting big... but I have to add Firefly to the list, I mean... it's Firefly? How can it NOT Be there... and Serenity too... Any Brown Coats out there let me know.

Double edit: Really gotten into Homestuck lately, if you haven't looked into it I'd suggest it.
Six things I could never do without
Spiderman =P
My friends
My siblings
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Haha... ahh... probably spend the most time thinking about various D&D characters I run, I tend to think up alot of short story material for them, especially when I listen to music.

Shut up, I said I was a nerd >.>;;
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday night? Probably inside on the interwebs unless I've made plans with my friends...

Thursday night though? That's another story. Live DJ's at Dylan's! It's about the only time you'll see me busting a move, in fishnets to boot! =P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I secretly love how short I am >.>
I whine about it when I'm with my friends but I actually love my body type, specially cause I like dating people taller then me. =P
You should message me if
You're a nerd, or if you're not but like shy guys...
Oh, and if you see the joke in my name. =P
The two of us