35Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
* I am currently in a very happy relationship. I am not looking for anyone else. I do not log onto to here and if that is IF I respond to any messages there may and will be delays in responses. Good luck to u all in what u r looking for here. I found my love here and he has turned out to be quite the surprise in the love and attention he shares not only with me but my son and entire family. So friends only need respond thanks!**

there seems to be issues with my profile detering some of you in future here's simple list. You'll have to message and get to know me for me instead of some long drawn out profile where I am stating what I "hope" to find. But for now here's a few things to go by.
1. Must be okay with that I am a smoker.
2. I am a single mother.
3. I sometimes work 6 days a week and I'm usually pretty tired when I get off work.
4. My son is getting into sports so unless you are willing to potentially spend time with me sitting on the sidelines at his games or practices eventually and consider that as time spent together then probably need to keep looking due to any spare energy right now is essentially being given to that.
5. I'm big on some form of physical contact, sitting close together or holding hands. Cuddling on the sofa at times just to veg out with the tv.
6. I read for enjoyment rarely for any other reason at this time.
7. If you are overweight please consider this... nothing against you teddy bears out there. Yall are great for the people you are but I'm not interested. I'm a very short and small female. I'm not a twig though and never will be again. That was in my teen years.
8. I appreciate a good smile, and good eye contact. Please no discolored, gapped or seriously crooked teeth.
9. I have a wide range of interests and that changes at a whim...I like discovering new things so just because we may not have any current interests shared who's to say I wouldn't like something you are in to? I have found many new interests that way.
10. If you are contacting me with the sole intention of a one night stand or hook up or just someone to have a short term fling with..please keep going.
11. Guys if you are looking for a relationship, please make sure that you truely are, before starting something only to back out over a simple or small thing. we are not perfect, I sure as hell don't claim to be. And I don't expect that you will be perfect either but I expect us to find out those little things about each other..
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working on some things in my life to eventually make things better for my son and myself. Babysteps are sometimes needed before the leaps and bounds can be attempted.
I’m really good at
being me :P lol, I'm a very affectionate person, with that being said that goes into being a care giver, a worrier, "mom", and significant other...funny to say that since I'm here right? well guess they dont know what they had, huh? :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm short! lol, 4'11". Second would probably be my Big brown eyes. I'm often told I can be read like a book. My emotions/thoughts/feelings can easily be read I'm told through my face/eyes/body language. *shrugs*
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: hmm, well let me be the typical girl for a moment, Twilight series was a good read, The Beauty Series by Anne Rice's alias, The Kushiel's series (cant remember author atm), and yes I just started the Fifty Shades of Grey series.. *sighs and shakes head* Guys I suggest you read least the 1st book take a couple pointers even if it means you have to hide it from the other "guys" to do so. *shrugs* just a suggestion...
Movies: girlie girl...faves. Of course, Dirty Dancing (lol) Notebook, The American Pie Movies, 13 Ghosts, anything by Disney Pixar, Avengers, and Transformers!
Shows: CSI, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, True Blood, Law & Order, Dirty Jobs, HGTV, pretty much anything on TNT and USA, tend to end up watching History channel and Discovery channel, interesting stuff there and my son loves it so it's a must.
Music: I enjoy almost anything depending on the mood I'm in. Not much into Rap, R&B, or Heavy Metal, though I do listen to or enjoy specific artists/songs.
Food: Mexican, Chinese, a good steak or grilled Salmon, and at this point in time I can NOT do with out Spicoli's Teriyaki Wings!
Six things I could never do without
take in account this is if we were stranded on an island no electricity and no other to speak so basics are a must of course like water and food but aside from that, the 6 below i couldn't do without.
1. my son
2. my family/friends
3. books
4. hair tie
5. love and all that entails...
6. a furry cuddle buddy i.e. dog/cat etc
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a Lot of time thinking about...what's next in life...what's in store for me as well as my son. (I worry enough and all the time if I'm the best mom I can be for him and if he's happy).
On a typical Friday night I am
recently, on a typical Friday night, I can be found home, probably reading or watching one of my shows till I fall asleep around 10-11pm due to having to work the next morning. But on a typical Saturday night?! That's my leave all cares behind night, get together with the friends, have a few drinks, shoot some pool, go to a movie..etc.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not sure I'm willing to admit to any of my "most" private things...thats something to be shared with the right person I'm thinking. *winks*
You should message me if
You should message me if you are serious about getting to know me, with the potential of a long term relationship, prepared to be a role model and example for my son, open to the idea of kids in the future, loving, caring, and open minded person. You must also like to lead 85% of the time and share in your experiences that I may not have experienced yet in my life. Also if you are looking for strictly platonic friendship of the opposite sex, I'm always looking for big brother types to hang out with and have someone to speak to that isn't of the same gender. (too many females in life which is one reason I prefer male friends outside my daily dose of female estrogen *rolls eyes*) Message if you are stable and seriously ready to be settling down with the Saturday Nights being the "out" nights. I would get more specific on a few other things, but I dont want to knock any actual good guys from attempting or potentially being the right one. So dont be scared...make the first move. I like to see what kind of "moves" a guy actually has, grab my me what ya got. :)
The two of us