29 Rome, Italy
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My self-summary
I guess it was about time I changed this a little bit. :)
Most people say they don't really like to fill out profile pages and make descriptions of themselves, I, on the other hand, actually enjoy doing it. First because I just like filling out blank spaces, I can't stand blank spaces :) And second because trying to define myself with a few words, trying to find what's most important or characteristic about me, very often leads me to finding something new about me, or something I haven't noticed before, somehow it helps me get to know myself better. And I really find this important, because understanding yourself is the only way to understand other people too, and thinking about it, what's more important than really knowing and understanding the people in your life, and, therefore, allowing them to do so with you.

So, what I do know about me...
I consider myself a good person, although I don't really know the definition of a good person, and I'm not sure whether I am one or I just wish to be one. I've done both good and bad, I've done right and wrong, so I guess I can just hope the good has been more and it can make up for the bad.

I tend to be very devoted to the people I care about, I give myself out fully and without asking anything in return, and doing so actually makes me happy. But I know I am secretly selfish too, and sometimes I do wish there would be someone ready to do the same for me, the way I do it for others. But I've learned to hide those desires, it's easier and less disappointing.

I present myself as a realistic and practical person, I pretend that I think things through before I act and people know that they can count on me, but they don't always trust me, especially if they know me well enough to know that I'm also a dreamer and I have an imagination that sometimes hides the actual world from my eyes. So although I am practical I am also impulsive and spontaneous, and I actually too often act before I think, so it makes it hard for me to trust myself sometimes, I never know what would be the next crazy/dumb thing that can pop out of my mind.

I realize it's a bit contradictory, but I actually feel like there are two totally different persons living inside of me, one is really nice, polite, sympathetic, honest, the other is more cynical, cruel, selfish and calculative. They are in a constant conflict, arguing and fighting inside my head.
The problem is, I'm never sure which one is winning.
(I know it sounds like something I might need to get help for, but well, I still don't hear strange voices in my head or see dead people... so there might be hope for me still ^_^)

I am down on earth, high up there, and right in front of u
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to make it worth living.
I’m really good at
What this said before was: I can do anything, whatever I can't I can learn.
I know it's the American way of thinking that if you put your mind to it you can do anything, but I have actually experimented it on myself... and I have proven that it's true :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Oh...I found out...they notice my boobs...that makes me feel so unappreciated though, it was better when i didn't know :D

I ACTUALLY overheard a conversation going like this:
(2 boys talking) "hey did you see Anita last night on the party, didn't she look great!" "oh, i don't remember, who was she?" "the one with the big boobs and...well...i think she had a head too.."

I know this sounds superficial and kind of bragging... but it's still fun, so until I find out something else people notice, I'm not changing it :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a)Stephen King, Dan Brown , Agatha Cristy ,Barbara Delinsky, Janet Evanovich, Silva Mike Gayle ,and others who I can't think of right now....

(b)"Back to the Future" 1st and 2nd part,"How High", "IT",Traffic, "Titanic, "10 things I hate about you";"Whole 10 yards" "Memento" , "The butterfly effect", Beautiful Mind, Die Hard etc....
I'm into TV shows lately :) So... One Tree Hill, Prison Break, House M.D., Supernatural, The X-files, Entourage etc.

(c)Dj Tiesto,Dj Tatana,Dj Aligator,Dj Quicksilver,RMB, Conjure One,Limp Bizkit,Linkin Park,The Offspring, methodman&redman, nirvana Astral Projection, Talla 2XLC Pink, Anastacia, Placebo etc ;)

(d) I'm not on a diet any more, it's useless anyways.. so I like black chocolate and meat :)
The six things I could never do without
1.My picture albums, to keep my memories alive...

2.Dreams, as a way to build the future...

3.Oxygen, (I bet you know why)...

4.Brain, to keep me balanced...

5.My family

6.Love (or at least something i believe is love)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
too many things at the same time...
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have typical Fridays... I don't have typical any day, life's too short and I'm too inconsistent to make real habits of any kind...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not long ago, I used one very sophisticated technique (something with a house key and a book) to summon the ghost of a famous dead man and ask him some questions about life, universe and everything else... and he said that my future husband's name is Ziv (that was part of the life questions...obviously ^^)... Ok,I still don't know the guy,and I have never heard a name like that... so if anyone by any chance has something like name, nickname, pet name... neighbor's name, whatever, that's at least similar... DROP ME A LINE MY DEAR FUTURE EX HUSBAND!!! ^^
You should message me if
I won't give you any reasons, take that responsibility for yourself...

But ONLY if you're not a creepy murdering stealing (with lying I can work) nut job guy... I got low standards... but I DO have them... ;)