62Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I have met someone local, a wonderful lady, so I'm putting my quest for a life partner at OKC on hold.

A new year, a new update to this profile. I am a likable, easy going kind of guy. I've been single for several years now and I am ready to get involved in more than just a"friends with benifits" relationship. I am a stay at home type although I do enjoy eating out. Buford Highway offers so many choices and flavers to experience. I love sports car racing and road rallies and am planning a trip to Newfoundland for a 2400km rally. I am looking for a partner that would enjoy sharing this adventure, and others with me. What am I looking for in a mate? First and foremost a best friend, a confidante, someone who is not afraid to tell me when I am wrong, but also always has my back. Someone who wants to share those moments with that happen everyday, and listen as I share mine. She must be comfortabe with who she is, honest, easy to look at (I don't mean a raving beauty but not 4'10" and 500lbs!), have reasonable social skills (but not a compulsive entertainer), smart with money ( I suck at that!), and be comfortable with a blue collar man.
What I’m doing with my life
I seem to be living the ancient Chinese curse "May you have an interesting life". I have, however, learned that I am a survivor. I have seen my share of adversity ( boy I could tell some stories ) and high times ( more stories ) and I still look forward to each new day. Currently my finances are horrible ( aren't everybodys?) so I spend my free time at home ( it's cheaper! ) I am working on a car for that rally I mentioned. It will be a big adventure, drive up the eastern seaboard, ferry to Newfoundland, then seven days of racing from the ocean to the mountains and back, followed be the return trip. I haven't had any adventures in quite some time and I am really looking forward to this one.
I’m really good at
Almost anything mechanical, or requiring talented hands.
I am calm and methodical so I'm a good problem solver.
I'm a great listener, people seem comfortable talking to me.
This just in: According to recent test results I am a SLUT (64%).
Something else I am apparently good at!
The first things people usually notice about me
After my long hair, that I am very easy going. Most people are surprised to learn that underneath the wild boy look I'm really pretty normal. At least " I'm feeling MUCH better NOW!". Sorry 'Night Court' was one of my favorite tv shows. I hope that they also notice my openess, especially in conversation, and my indiduality. I like hearing other's opinions, and even debating them. We can always agree to disagree. I believe the only way for mankind to progress is to find,and build upon, commonality. The best way to find that is through peaceful (although sometimes heated) discourse.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm really a movie buff!! From the greats like 'The Big Sleep' and 'Vertigo' not to mention '12Oclock High' to the newer, more surreal 'The Brothers Bloom' and 'Ghost Dog'. I really like Tarrantino, Jim Jarmoush, Clint Eastwood, Orson Wells, Stanely Kubric, and Frank Capra to name a few directors.
Musically, I am NOT a heavy rock & roller. I go more for the symphony. But I really enjoy a wide range from folk and bluegrass to blues, jazz, and r&b. I am kind of old school though, among my favorites:
Glen Miller, Leon Redbone, Leo Kottkey, Beethovan, Mozart, Paul Simon, Allison Krous, Jewel, Yes, Liszt, Bill Munroe, The Dead, The Beatles, Francine Reed, Gustof Holtz, Pure Prarie League, The Rossington Collens Band. I could go on but you get the picture.
Six things I could never do without
First and formost, a sense of purpose, a reason for being. Without this life is worthless, empty, and usually very short. With them, the only other thing I beleive I'd want to make life complete is a companion to share the small moments, and the big ones with. I have become at ease with being alone but, life is better shared.
All right how about something a little less sappy.
I gotta have COFFEE, and I love/hate television so there's another one that's pretty much a must. I was born into a military family and thus moved every couple of years so I learned that stuff was just that, stuff. The less you had, the less you had to pack for the next move. That has always stuck with me. As a result, I don't need much to survive. I tend to rely more on inner peace, confidence, and engenuity to keep me going.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My place in the universe. Wondering how many times I've been here, and how many more before I've attained the required knowledge. The morality of the human race. The fact that history really does repeat itself. If there might be something to all the 2012 talk. How I can make my grandchildren's lives better. The right way to get into motorsports, I really want to drive at Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, Road America, and Miller Motorsports. I love going fast!! What to write to get folks like you to ponder dropping me a line. If those tests are accurate, one I took said I'd be dead in 33 days! Write soon, you never know...
On a typical Friday night I am
At home. My work is physical so at the end of the week a good meal, a movie, and some r & r are the norm. Saturdays are a different story. I'm not big on the clubs but there are enough resturants in Atlanta to never eat at the same place twice. I am a food freak and love exploring new tastes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hey some things are better left for later, in private!
You should message me if
You think ecclectic, eccentric, hippies are your type.
No extreme right wing Republicans please. All others are invited to say 'Hello'.
I have recently taken two of OKCupid's presonality tests. Scored THE BOY NEXT DOOR on one (the story of my life!) and on the BIG 5 PERSONALITY TEST my result was OPENESS. If either of those things piqué your interest
The two of us