32Madison, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an aspiring digital artist and computer programmer.

I'm honest, loyal, forgiving, ambitious, versatile, resourceful/(I keep only what is essential). I'm not condescending, critical or judgemental, in other words, I think everyone should be entitled to their opinion. In unfortunate situations I always try to find balance, and maintain an optimistic perspective. (These are behavioral traits I'd share in common with my ideal girlfriend).

I don't go to church, I consider myself as spiritual but not religious.
I believe in energy, self healing, synchronicity, fate, karma, rebirth, nirvana, dreams, precognition, and the afterlife. In addition I always thought Petroglyphs were interesting.

I drive but have anxiety when traveling, so it'd be ideal for me to date a girl who lives within a 5 miles from where I live preferably who's also a Vegan or interested in giving it a try.

If you've thought about becoming a Vegan but just haven't found the opportunity I can help you get started.

I have 6 years experience as a Vegan and could give a lot of useful advice about supplementation and why it's important. (Omega's 3,6,&9 EFA's... Iron, B12, Calcium, D2 vitamins and which fruits and vegetables have naturally high concentrations of these nutrients.
e.g(Bell Peppers contain Iron, leafy greens have folate/folic acid, Kale has calcium, Chocolate has magnesium, the darker purple fruits are the more antioxidants they will have, like: Acai, Pomegranate). Plant sources that are complete sources of protein i.e.they have a complete amino-acid profile for repairing muscle during after workouts (some these are:Goji berries, Quinoa, Hemp, Soy [etc...]). What's wrong with GMO's, MSG, artificial sweeteners, and how to avoid them safely. There's more information that I can provide about why supplementation is important either directly from plant source or from the vitamin department at a health store when being a Vegan, but I'll save that for later discussion so we have more to talk about.

If you have food allergies or prefer homemade/less-processed meals, I have some experience with ingredient substitution when cooking & baking. I've learned some skills when I was eating Gluten-free in addition to a being a Vegan for 8 months. However, I may be out of practice for reasons that I personally choose to live in convenience with the semi-processed food path.
What I’m doing with my life
I live with my parents and my two older sisters, during the day I do errands for the family. Besides that, I do what I can with my spare time to become more independent.

Working on:
Sound Design/Synthesis
3D Modeling & Animation
Photo Editing/Doctoring
Game Development
Web Development

My portfolio:

I've also been recently thinking about taking courses to become a nutritionist/dietitian.
I’m really good at
+Being introspective.
+Using figurative language.
+Dreaming up funny hypothetical situations and laughing to/at myself (happens when I have a migraine).

+Repairing computers so they run more optimized and efficiently with both hardware and operating system tweaks/adjustments.
The first things people usually notice about me
+Down to earth (not critical).
+I smell good, I wear an organic cologne made with herbal extracts *(Not tested on animals).
+I'm tall, and that I have a lean muscular build. One of my goals is to develop more muscular mass.

I'm funny, but usually successful only when I put little effort into my jokes. I usually don't realize how funny I am until I see peoples reactions and if they emphasize/highlight or add to what I had said or done.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
OkCupid should also include favorite Activities... so I'll get that out of the way first.

My favorite outdoor activities while growing up were rollerblading, skateboarding & bmx, but stopped when I was 19 because I got tired of getting injured. However if you like rollerblading or long walks and conversations on trails at parks, I'm okay with that.

I'm usually either reading instructional reference books or articles on I also like going to book stores.

The following list aren't necessarily my "favorite" movies, but movies that I liked to give an idea.

+Comedy:Balls of Fury, Blades of Glory, (I also like parodies).
+CyberPunk:Hackers, The Matrix, Paprika (Japanese Anime movie).
+Documentaries:Alex Grey: COSM The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop, Man On A Wire, Food Matters, Vegucated.

I don't watch television often, but when I find the time to I usually like to watch any of the following (whichever is on at the time): Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Two & a Half Men (the original), Family Guy, SNL.

I like most genres of music (not country or classical). I mostly listen to electronic/dance music; (90's EuroDance -NOT the Artists that became popular in the US which made the genre look bad, Electro, Trance, GoaPsy, and sometimes [Ambient]).

I'm a Vegan, so I like to eat practically anything that's compliant (any foods that contain ingredients derived from animals I don't eat: meat/fish, dairy, eggs, or additives.)
Six things I could never do without
Sleep (I have a difficult time sometimes), Family, Internet, Productivity, Health, Human interaction.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm always thinking about productivity, how I can enhance projects I'm currently focusing on, trying to come up with new project ideas and things I can do with the skills that I have acquired.
On a typical Friday night I am
My close friends have moved however I still contact them once in awhile, so I'm usually home on Friday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a privacy advocate, but I'm willing to admit that I sometimes still like to play pretend.
You should message me if
I'm always looking for people to chat with, so if anything on here is of interest to you, you're welcome to send me a message.

However it'd be ideal for me to meet a girl who's a Vegan or may be interested in giving it a try. If you're creative-in any way, affectionate and also supportive i.e.(incentive, for me to work harder in achieving my goals), and live within a 5 mile radius (not required, but preferably), send me a message.
The two of us