46Indianola, United States
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My self-summary
Attractively Fixable!

Friends first is generally best but I am open to a faster romance if we are both feeling it you know. I generally like to be careful but I also believe in the ideal of passion and love at first sight and great chemistry.
I like nice people, kinda pretentious about not being pretentious, down to earth, easy going, i am very confident about some things while i am too meek for my own good with other things, laid back, some times curmudgonny, sometimes cynical but I try not to be.
Recently, someone told me that I am playful...

I have many varied interests including but not limited to: literature, Baseball, Nostalgia, waltzes, classical Ballet, playing basketball, cosmos, time, finding reasons not to do things, intuition, poetry, food, Beer, big picture things and small picture things,

I have no kids and never married...
I am Looking For the Right Girl, not necessarilly the perfect girl as she may or may not exist. Also just want to meet some people and date; I'm not hung up about finding perfect girl but I keep my eye open.

I am very respectful, polite, understanding, and tolerant.

I am not "passionate" about this or that; though I have many interests. However, I do get teary eyed or worked up over some things like love, beauty, various arts, or things that bother or impress me. I'm more of a patient studier of the world.
I ain't boring or too serious though, I can be real fun and uplifting to have around

I recently gettin into Astrology and an findin I match many, not all, Gemini traits, interesting stuff

I'm not looking for sex, I'm looking for real stuff.
I want to connect
Now, sex is certainly on my my mind Though i am not looking for sex but certainly looking for someone that I want to have sex with!

Ideal dream first date:
Thee, me, the moon, and sea,
You and I and all the stars in the sky,
Stealing glances and taking chances
in each others eyes as the time flies
What I’m doing with my life
Straitening Curves and Flattening Hills
But, mostly I am a high school science teacher
I’m really good at
Understanding things and people and appreciating multiple points of view
Revising my views based upon new info and experience
Leaving the toilet seat down
Holding a grudge
Hearing new words or phrases and then forcing them into my working vocabulary for a variable period of time.
Today's new word is: vital
old words: front load, destitute
always a vital word: motherfucker
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall, Lean, Lythe, Lissome, and Sinuous...

Maybe "Nordic" Looking
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to chose but we say grapes of wrath, the narnia books, hemingway, vonnegut, orwell, Paul Newman, Sophia loren, john wayne, bruce lee, roberto clemente, tony soprano, muhammad ali, Walter Payton, porgy and bess, animal house, caddyshack etc. cowboy movies, old movies, Charlie Parker, ambiguity, Kennewick Man, mh kingston, Art Tatum, Jimii Hendrix, hank williams, Reno 911, George jones, duke Ellington, Chopin, Stride Piano, classical ballet, Bach and all those Cats, Marcus Garvey, sex, George mother fukin Washington #1 and#2, dizzy, bud Powell, All The Heroes That History Forgot, sam cooke,johnnycash, josh white, woody Guthrie, Bo Agee and Family, Everything Beautiful Under the Sun, much more, burgers, salmon, beans and rice, and of course beer, lots of beer
Six things I could never do without
Most political campaigns, arrogance, ignorance,narrow mindedness, pop culture, wars, hate, fear, stuffy prudes

I thought this said 6 things I COULD do without so I leave it as such

I could never do withou love and dogs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Neanderthals and other things from the past.
How insignificant and significant humans are aka our place in the world
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately I have been pumping iron Friday evenings
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think communism could work as well as true anarchy as well as a good monarchy

Maybe all 50 states should have there own special govt; I mean Canada and Mexico ain't gonna invade!

I am lonely
I don't have a career

I won't hesitate to help an old lady cross the
I wont hesitate to smell my underwear to see if I
can wear it again
You should message me if
If u curious and/or think we might be attracted to each other and or have fun
or want to talk!
The two of us