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Tests they’ve taken (23)

Test Their result Your result
The You think you've got a high IQ Test Gifted Take it!
The Are you an Oregonian? Test Native Oregonian! Take it!
The Which Greek God(dess) Should You Pray To Test Athena (Wisdom) Take it!
Guess The Language Test The Language Master Take it!
The Psychopath Test Criminal (non-felon) Take it!
The Are You an Psychopath Test Just a Little Off Take it!
Monty Python Test Not Too Shabby. Take it!
The What Famous Fighting Ship Are You Test USS Johnston Take it!
The Rule a Country Test Social Democracy Take it!
The Worst Case Scenarios Test Trooper Take it!
The xkcd test xkcd-spert! Take it!
The Secret World Faction Test 2 Dragon Take it!
Which "I'm on a boat" character are you? T-Pain! Take it!
Are YOU a Sociopath? The Average Joe Take it!
The Are you good at cunnilingus Test The Cunning Linguist Take it!
The Knowledge of Faerun Test 69 Knowledge Take it!
The What Stripper Song Are You Test 35 nakedness Take it!
The can you be with Sara Test 93 - The Koolest Take it!
The Will You Annoy me Test 19 - YOU WIN Take it!
The State Locator Challenge Test 100% Accuracy - Geography Master Take it!
The Dune Knowledge Test 80% knowledge Take it!
The Are you on MY level Test 10 Awesomness, 10 Sexiness Take it!
The Genghis Khan Genetic Fitness Test 811,320 descendants Take it!