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My self-summary
Alright, going to start this. Just a little bit at a time, so it won't be the whole story for a while - well, it'll never be, but at some point I'll say most of what I want to say here.

Probably the most important thing to know about me right now is that I suffer from depression, and have periodically for most of my life. I mention this first not because it defines me, but because at present I'm continuing to work my way out of the longest, most withdrawn and detached period of my life. It's something anyone beyond a casual acquaintance will know about me fairly soon, so it would seem deceptive to not include it unambiguously here.

Also, it complicates the process of describing myself and what I'm looking for because I'm not yet the person I'd really like to be or doing things I'd really like to be doing; the characteristics and interests I mention may not be fully manifest (or at all). And while I have a sense of the things I'd want from friends & relationships when I'm in that better place, those are not necessarily the things I can expect, handle, or even want right now.

So if you're still here, I'll try to express more specifically who I am and where I'm at. I promise some of it's good :)

The education options to the right don't allow for many details, so I suppose I should mention that I was in the last semester for a Math degree at RPI when I took a medical withdrawal due to depression. I wasn't ready to jump back in right away, and within the next year I managed to take a decent job a couple states east. Time passed and among other things the thought of trying to complete that degree continued to feel more overwhelming - which brings me here. At least I had earned an Associate's degree before, so I don't feel like a complete loser.

I want to steal your dog.

My favorite way to style my hair is to drive 80 miles an hour with the windows wide open.

I just happened to view my own profile while not logged in, and noticed the 'Similar Users' section. No matter how many times I refresh, every guy is marked as 'more adventurous'. For a moment that made no sense to me. I realize in practical terms, I haven't embarked on much adventure, but often I FEEL more adventurous than Thor Heyerdahl. Apathy, fear, and self-doubt usually tend to get in the way though. I know I need to do something about that.

I made it down to NYC for this year's Maker Faire. It was pretty great. I imagine that if I didn't have to work against depression for most of my adolescent & adult life, or had a positive, involved, and capable mentor-type influence or two, I'd be a presenter at something like this.

Mini-Maker Faire coming up at Emma Willard. It's cheap and nearby and should be pretty fun.
What I’m doing with my life
Slowly trying to get into barefoot/minimalist running.
^Still doing this and still liking it. Up to 3.x mi / 30 mins, want to keep working up to an hour run.
I’m really good at

Being fascinated.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. Unless it's me looking at them like I know or am interested by them. (I don't really do that often, not enough to be creepy. I hope.)

Once someone told me I looked like Brad Pitt. I was about 20, had longish, legends-of-the-fall-esque hair in the front, and was walking down a NYC street with my sister at night. We passed a guy who looked like a stereotypical 70's pimp, at least old enough to be one, and had an eye-patch. I believe his exact words were, "My MAN! Lookin' like Brad PITT!"
True story.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Picking favorites is hard. A small sampling of some things I like:

Iain Banks (both sci-fi and regular fiction), Phillip K Dick, a lot of classic and modern sci-fi, Chuck Palahniuk, Terry Pratchett, for a while my semi-guilty pleasure has been Lee Child mystery/thriller novels. The Stieg Larsson novels were fantastic. Occasional non-fiction, but I always want to get to more - recently read "The Paradox of Choice" (recommend this to anyone who struggles with too many options at times), after that I want to get back to "Why Does the World Exist?"

*update 7/14: This past week I learned that Iain Banks died last month three months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I bought and started reading his last novel The Quarry, which he had all but finished before learning of his disease; it closely involves a character dying of cancer.

Banks is an amazing author and I'd recommend anyone checking out some of his work.

Neil Gaiman agrees with me: "If you've never read any of his books, read one of his books. Then read another. Even the bad ones were good, and the good ones were astonishing."

Solaris, Fight Club, Michael Clayton, Alien, Aliens, Young Frankenstein, Dr. Strangelove, Moon... honestly there's way too many to attempt a list. Recently I've seen and liked Mud, Star Trek, Kon-Tiki (planning on seeing that again), Stoker. I was thrilled when I saw the trailer for Ender's Game in the theatre, especially because I had known nothing about it being made. I'm a little uneasy about Harrison Ford being in it though - it recently occurred to me that he may not actually be a good actor.

Justified, Game of Thrones (books/audiobooks first), Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Firefly, House, Sherlock, Luther, The Wire, various documentaries, QI. Six Feet Under. The Killing (except the resolution of season 1 didn't really seem to fit with the series).
Breaking Bad <-- how the hell did I miss that?

Radiolab, This American Life, Wait Wait, Fresh Air (when I happen to catch it). Just started listening to Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

General taste falls mostly under the broad category of "alternative", but also more varied, especially depending on context. Generally not pop, R&B or modern country. A few specifics: Radiohead, The Black Keys, Sleater-Kinney, QotSA, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Super 400 (local band), The Tragically Hip (because I experience the live shows when I listen to their songs), was big into The Police for a time (Sting should probably go on my list below). Christian Gabel is pretty damn cool; I had to buy the Krater soundtrack; watch the video. Recently listening to Miike Snow, Daft Punk... thought there was more.

I only just learned of the existence of Atoms for Peace from TDS. They've been around four years. I'm not that hip.

Most anything that's well prepared (simple to gourmet). I like sushi, most ethnic foods I can think of (Indian, Thai, Middle-Eastern, Mexican). Cereal with yogurt. Peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches.
Six things I could never do without
People to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences with.


That's two.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Dichotomy, ambivalence, and cognitive dissonance.

Losing twenty pounds.

The nature of reality, consciousness, and identity.

What it is to know another person.

Having the ability to stop and live outside of time.

That I'm too verbose.

What the fuck I'm actually going to do with my life.

That despite living in a state of existential crisis most of my life, disillusionment with educational and career options, the moment a pretty girl smiles at me everything is magically alright.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not really private, but rarely ever comes up; I'm slightly embarrassed and proud of it at the same time:
I will freely admit to numerous man crushes. Usually artists, actors, or musicians, but also sometimes to milder degree everyday guys - similar to how I might occasionally glance at a woman because I find her attractive.

A few:
Thom Yorke
Gord Downie
George Clooney
Liev Schrieber
Karl Urban
Michael Fassbender
Stephen Colbert
My brother-in-law
You should message me if
- you occasionally like talking to strangers.

- you checked "new friends" because you actually want to meet new potential friends & acquaintances, not just because you want an out for dating purposes.
The two of us