42 Lubbock, United States
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My self-summary
The Short Version:
(For those women used to reading the typical guys profile and just want to get this one over with before you burst into tears, giving up all hope of ever finding true love.)

My name is Joe. I am a single father of a beautiful 8 year-old girl. I am also, funny in a witty and sarcastic way but know when to turn the laughs off and have deep, meaningful conversations. I am a cinematographer/producer (no, not porn...haha) love my job and am well-established and respected in my field so that would make me a creative type. I have recently learned to two step and enjoy an occasional night out on the dance floor.

The Long Version:
(This is for the woman with the burning desire to see what a man with a sharp wit, genuine passion and a firm grasp on the English language can do. For those that are tired of men who can't seem to put two sentences together and are convinced that they will one day have to compromise true love and intelligent conversation with quickies and evenings alone on opposite ends of the couch.)

Ladies, Let me be real for a second. I know there are a ton of guys on here that promise a lot and end up delivering nothing but drama and heartache. They're either alcoholics, horny or unemployed. Can I be honest with you for just a sec? I'm a freaking awesome catch. I don't mean that to sound egotistical but here are the facts:

1- I'm honest. Want me to prove it? Stop right now and send me a message. Ask me anything. I'll tell you the truth. I have nothing to hide and hate liars and cheaters just as much as anybody. Just please don't spam me. Don't write me asking all about my personal life if you don't want to at least consider becoming a part of it.

2- I'm smart. Ok, not a rocket scientist but well educated in a wide range of topics meaning that I can actually carry on in-depth conversations about things other than cars, sports or sex. Subjects like world history, religion, psychology, art, culture and science, pretty much anything but math (sure, I can balance a check book like a champ but ask me something about "two trains leave two citys" or some algebraic crap like that and I'll probably tell you to Google it.) Hell, I'm a freakin' walking encyclopedia compared to some of the guys on here.

3- I'm funny. And I don't mean with the type of humor you would expect from a 7th grader or jokes ripped off from late night television monologues. I'm talking witty, off the cuff comments. Original, classy type stuff. Not over-reaching but enough to set a relaxed mood and liven up an already great conversation.

4- I'm emotionally connected. Not a cry baby or wuss, but I dont pretend to be a tough guy. I have feelings and can communicate them thoughtfully and succinctly.

5- I'm compassionate. Ok, I'm not Mother Teresa, but I am atuned to another persons needs and will generally go out of my way to help whether with a listening ear or a kind, non-judgemental word of encouragement, and without plattitudes or cliche, just a well thoughtout and relavent response.

6- I'm a good role model. Got kids? No alchoholic, drug addicted, woman beating, sexual deviant here. Just a straight up, honest individual with morals and standards. I don't become like those I may be around. I know who I am and what I stand for.

7- I'm a great daddy. I asked for and got 50/50 custody. Not like most guys with there 70/30 split or less. We're talking every other week. Do I get tired? Hell yes, but my child is more important than that and deserves much better. Who else is going to teach my girl what a good man is? Nobody, thats who!

8- I'm faithful. I have never cheated, EVER. When we agree that our relationship is going somewhere, this ad goes down and I loose all the old numbers. The fact is, I suck at lying. It makes me feel guilty and so I can't imagine trying to cover up cheating or some other nastiness. Whats the key to a successful long-lasting relationship? Appropriate boundaries and I set them firmly.

9- Also, I'm employed. You see, I believe in what some may consider an old-fashioned concept; being a good provider for my family. As an added bonus, I love my job so none of me ****ing and moaning about the 9-5 when I get home. Just endless stories about slaying dragons and conquering empires. (Actually, the stories would probably be about making videos because that is what I actually do for a living.)

So why am I single? Truthfully, suffice it to say it's because I haven't quite found the love that just fits. You know? The kind that i dont have to compromise my heart, integrity or sanity for. This time around, I am perfectly ready to meet someone willing to love me just as much as I love her.

Think you're up for it? Shoot me a message. Want to keep wasting your time with loosers and horndogs? Keep clickin.

Hope to hear from you soon!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a video producer of mainly corporate and commercial projects but I promise to never use "Baby, I can make you a star" as a pick up line. To begin with, its a lame line and even if I could make you a "star" I certainly wouldn't use it as an incentive to date me.
I’m really good at
I think I'm good at communicating my opinion and being a positive and encouraging person to be around.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
movies: anything epic but I like classics, indies and musicals too.

tv: dexter, breaking bad

music: i have a broad taste in music. just depends on when you ask and where my life is at the time. i think music is like the soundtrack to your life. sometimes its calming and peaceful, sometimes its loud and obnoxious.
You should message me if
You can find the humor in this profile. If you get the humor in this, you certainly will understand me.