26 North Hollywood, United States
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My self-summary
*Currently deployed and definitely not in California for the time being*

In "summary", I suppose I'm an avid adventurer meets not-so-closeted nerd. I love the outdoorsy stuff- I hike/climb, camp, snowboard, had a great time skydiving, shoot guns, box, drink beer (and whiskey), can change my own tire and oil, build shelves, and know how to kill a man with my bare hands.

I also bake and can cook things without a microwave, have some pretty sweet Star Wars Legos, read A LOT of books, have a solid grasp of global events and politics, try desperately every year to make it to San Diego ComiCon (still no dice), and, speaking of dice, probably still have a D20 rolling around here somewhere.

I am the product of a ballerina and a plumber (not even joking), who has found his calling doing things most people only get to see on a TV screen somewhere, but only after trying a few hilarious and ultimately doomed alternate careers.
What I’m doing with my life
I mostly stumble from one last minute misadventure to the next, interspersed with catching the occasional bad guy for a living, which I love.
I’m really good at
Tripping over my own feet, but making it look good. Examples:

I'll trip with wine bottle and glasses in my hand and manage to catch all three items before disaster strikes.

I've tripped in a pothole while running and turned it into a sweet head-over-heels roll without stopping.

I once tripped and fell out of a hovering helicopter. I did NOT make this one look good and have the scar to prove it, but as far as clumsiness stories go it sounds good, so I'm chalking it up as a win anyway. How many people can say they fell out of a helicopter?
The first things people usually notice about me
I have really, really blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've been averaging a good 20 books a year for a few years now. Mostly classics (like, classics classics- I'm talking Homer and Dante and Machiavelli), sci-fi, and military/intelligence related fic and non-fic, with some fantasy and batman graphic novels thrown in for funsies, but my all time favorite is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

I don't always watch TV, but when I do, I will blow through an entire season of something on Netflix in a single sitting... Seriously, it's ridiculous how many episodes of How I Met Your Mother I can watch in a row. Finally finished Agents of Shield, now binge watching House of Cards.

When I have the time for it, I do have a tendency to become mildly obsessive over certain RPG games *coughskyrim/masseffectcough*.

Mostly punk-rock-ish and lots of underground hip-hop, with selections across all spectrums. If you're a Rhymesayers junkie we can definitely be friends, but if EDM- and I quote- "saved your life", then please stop stealing oxygen- there's high altitude kids in Nepal who need it more than you.

I cook. Like, all the time. I was serious about that baking thing, I make my own dinner without a box more often than not, and I can also mix up a pretty decent Old Fashioned or Jameson mule. I will feed you, and I will probably also get you drunk at some point. Exotic/Foreign foods are a norm- I will try pretty much anything at least once, and twice if you insist I got a bad serving the first time. I'm also pretty down with pizza.
The six things I could never do without
Hot showers x6. Seriously. I would take six of these. Long ones. If I were asked what I wanted for my last meal, it would be hot water from a showerhead. Because reasons.


I might take 5 hot showers and a good blaster at my side.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I'm going to strike a balance between answering these questions honestly and letting my inner smartass out, thereby skewing my search results.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and chill?

Giving blatantly smartassish answers to pertinent questions and skewing my search results...
You should message me if
I might just put a ring on a girl who doesn't mind spending the day getting muddy and sweaty, banged up and bruised and pumped full of adrenaline, and then can still rock heels to dinner that night.

Hail Hydra?