57 Sandpoint, United States
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My self-summary
I am hoping to get a chance to meet some nice people. I have a keen interest in the knowledge we can all share through relationships, and the Love in everything in the Universe. I live in the woods on several acres and savor my quiet space. Fresh air and sunshine energize me. I live off the grid, in a solar-powered home I built with help from friends many years ago. I have worked in construction since 1980. I spend as much time outside as the weather allows. I like to take pictures, go hike, camp, bicycle- (The Hiawatha Trail is Excellent), fish, canoe, explore new roads, and discover new trails. I eat as healthy as my budget will allow and grow as much garden as I can. I barter for some of my food and have friends who hunt. I firmly believe in self-empowerment and the healing power of humor- the ability to laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. I am more interested in happiness than money. I have 1 "kid" - she bites and scratches - she is my tortoise shell rescue cat... and a pain at times! (like 4:37 AM). I love animals and want to get another dog when we find each other and when I can provide the right environment.

I am Independent, Compassionate, and Sensitive
What I’m doing with my life
I am encouraging myself to branch out and dip my toes further into the online-dating-thang. I am an Electrician, I do many kinds of electrical work, but mostly install alternative energy systems. I've been a "Sparky" for almost 30 years, and am licensed. I also build, (like this one @ 35 watts) repair, etc. linux and windows computers and other things electronic, if I can. (I'm the kid that took all the toys apart to see how they worked, and sometimes got them back together correctly.) I have a big interest in photography, videography, and other forms of digital creativity. YES I take lots of pictures. I enjoy Art and Music a great deal and find that both are very powerful and invoke incredible memories. I have been playing a drumset for the last 10 years with friends and others in a few small garage bands and I have found it to be an awesome, relaxing, release to beat out the rhythym on my drums... I read a lot, but mostly computer and electrical, technical information. I enjoy a good book, and good movies, when I have the time, - DTV killed my TV which I barely watched anyways. My carbon footprint is small and I recycle just about everything I can. I believe in a healthy community as a requirement for a sane and stable society. I hold hope that the hard times we face ahead will draw us closer to a sustainability that will be necessary for our survival and create positive growth in directions that honor all of life - not just what corporations want us to serve.
I’m really good at
listening to others
shoveling snow
observing life
screwing in light bulbs
yelling "FISH ON"
making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
researching stuff
eating salmon
finding, analyzing and (sometimes) fixing problems
relaxing in a hot tub
helping friends out when I can
eating pizza
plinking with my .22 pistol
cuddling AND snuggling
driving in deep snow
striking up conversations with complete strangers
tromping through the woods somewheres
keeping a 4/4 beat
carrying in groceries
passing out in a storm on a bush plane from motion sickness
electrical work of many kinds
listing silly things I think I'm good at...
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my glasses and what a nerd I am - and my friendly attempt at striking up a conversation that might start with the old standby, the weather .. hehe
I actually like most people and enjoy learning about their life experiences.

UPDATE : Yes I took the nerd-geek-dork test and got PURE NERD... so I guess it is conclusive according to some software crunching away in the core of the OKcupid brain.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love fiction, science fiction, adventure, and history, but usually I'm reading the Electrical Code or computer hardware garbage, stuff like that. I get National Geographic, Smithsonian, Home Power and Popular Science among others. Magazines are great if they don't take too much time - I throw most ALL catalogs in recycle box.

Movies are great - too numerous to mention. Don't watch slasher flicks or soap operas/reality shows. >Just saw Slumdog Millionaire and it was great!

I love music- my interests are mostly older rock and roll I guess, and I have had some great music friends help me to broaden my limits and enjoy diverse music such as Camel, Hot Rize, Tommy Bolin, Scott Moulton, and Liquid Mind, to name just a few. There are some great newer artists out there too. I have very broad music and audio tastes. I listened to the Firesign Theatre and old radio mystery when I was a kid, (on records) and was in marching band in high school and marched in the 1974 Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York City playing my snare drum and a marching cadence.. for miles -
I saw the Drive-by Truckers in Spokane last year, I enjoy good live music. I am always learning something and right now, new metal patterns on my drums for a friends music.

Food is a gift and being able to eat fresh food is the best gift. We are very lucky to be able to have the variety and selection of so many kinds of food. Many billions of people around the world are so much less fortunate, it is tragic to see food wasted. Being able to share a meal with friends, however meager the meal, is always better than a feast alone I think. I enjoy most all food, I have eaten macrobiotic, vegan, freeze-dried, college scroungehound, and my western carnivore experience has recently led me to a pile of moose steak and some moose snout at an Alaskan potlatch, which were both excellent by the way. I plan on growing some beans, peas, squash, and assorted greens in my garden this summer. I do not like caviar, hot peppers, or food with lots of dyes, difficult-to-pronounce ingredients, and over-processed crap. I rarely break down and eat junk food but usually feel ill afterwards and pay for it somehow... It all depends what it is.
The six things I could never do without
Hmmmm. NEVER? Well it is hard to say, since unless I have truly gone without something it is just guessing at best right? In all reality - many humans have survived without these things, and in fact, much, less. The six things I would prefer not to be without because it would make me unhappy would be -

Sunshine - The sun is my friend and gives me energy
Love - Learning it may be the only reason I am here
Health - Without a healthy life - all else is on hold
Relationships - Family, friends, others help teach me who I am
Communication - Conversing, sharing, touch with feeling, music
Affection - I am a lover and like to give and receive
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Many different and perhaps unusual things - I have a very good imagination...

- but usually -

Being healthy and happy.
Finding work to sustain myself and keep busy and productive.
Helping friends and others including my aging parents.
The future and what it may hold...

Keeping a positive outlook on life, and laughing when I can.
On a typical Friday night I am
Perhaps hanging out playing drums, jamming, learning, and practicing songs with my buddies, or camping, exploring -sitting around a campfire somewheres looking at the stars, surfing the net or gaming online, reading profiles of online daters, answering more questions for the okcupid robot, and wondering what they do with the info.. or just watching a DVD at home with the cat. If I am in a bigger city and there is good live music nearby I am probably there with friends.

In the summer the sun is out so long, (9:30-9:45), I usually play till dark, so I might be out in or on the water or riding the bike or hiking to a great spot to watch the sunset -but the winter is a different story, like out chopping wood in the dark at 4pm, snow-blowing, shoveling, y'know the drill if you live in the area...hehe
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cried when I saw Bambi...? .. now you know...

( How many people go straight to this question hoping to find something weird or kinky? hehehehe uh-huh, sure you didn't )

Talk about weird - Something else you may (or may not) want to know about me - One day long ago I made the call that put a man in jail for horribly abusing his young daughter... and that's all I gotta say about that.
You should message me if
You are a physically and mentally healthy lady looking for an interesting person to chat with, or meet and spend some time with...
You share some similar interests and know what you want in a relationship...
You have done some inner work and know that life is not perfect and prince whats-his-name is happily married now...
You are willing to take a risk and think we could be friends...
You have a good sense of humor and can laugh freely...
You like a good foot rub and drink Spirulina...
You want to go and photograph Buena Vistas...
You know exactly where Bigfoot lives...
You dreamed about me...
You are a cat psychic and can help my cat..
You want to share geocaching tips...
You like watching trains...
You know the correct answers to all the questions at okcupid...
-any of the above...