30 Santa Barbara, United States
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My self-summary
hahahahahaha ugh
What I’m doing with my life
i work in student co-op housing doing a whole bunch of things including outreach, education and anti-oppression training, mediation, and act in an advisory/resource role of sorts. been doing this since 2010. really enjoy working with students that are at least trying to be good humans.

i help with general community organizing when i can.

spent a long time organizing diy shows and other projects. still help out when i am able. www.sbdiy.org

i play music. i used to play in a band with my sis. she moved away and i was forced to write my own songs. i really like doing it and playing shows. diy and house shows pretty much. what kind of music is it you ask? i'd call it punk but it's mostly just me whispering. diy pop. www.cavebabies.bandcamp.com

i've been lead organizer, i guess, for food not bombs for a long time. love fnb. favorite thing! come help/eat! www.facebook.com/groups/fnbiv

been doing a radio show at the college/community station KCSB for a long time too. all diy music and i usually have bands play live. other favorite thing! www.5432fun.org
I’m really good at
collecting junk! not in a hoarding way i swear. like, this stuff will be useful someday! funny electronics. cameras. overhead projector. keyboards. the big thing is the VHS tapes. ugh! but someone has to save them, am i right?

i want to be good at visual art. i suck at drawing. i used to make animated .gifs and that's fun. i should make more. done some embroidery but i want to do more of that too. maybe i could paint? i make videos sometimes.

i'm good at driving. i'm good at helping people do things. i just like helping and not being a useless bag of blood and guts mmmmm. i'm good at dressing myself. haha. i think my current style is pretty good. tucking my shirt in these days so that's cool. i'm not necessarily good at dancing. i'm good at making lists. here's a list of some lists:

- most of the shows i've been to since 2008 // http://5432fun.tumblr.com/bootlegs
- and a bunch of shows i've recorded // http://www.5432fun.org/bootleg/
- the vhs tapes i have // http://5432fun.tumblr.com/vhs
- the television that i've watched // http://www.5432fun.org/tv/
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books? // i've been reading sci-fi. prefer feminist sci-fi and other fiction. octavia butler, ursula le guin, joanna russ, doris lessing, marge piercy, ray bradbury,

i read some non-fiction too. i've been a "friend of" ak press for a while now. i don't read all the books, but i like a lot of what they publish and just want to support it i guess.

movies? // i like vhs tapes. i like the movies that were made before vhs tapes stopped. i haven't seen many recent movies. a lot of the movies i have on tape make me cringe a little and it's hard. i drove over all of my woody allen and bill cosby tapes with my minivan and then set them on fire. some of my favs tho include: rad, mac n me, xanadu, logan's run, the big chill, weekend at bernies, my bloody valentine, forbidden planet... i mean, the list goes on....

shows? // i've watched a lot of television. i think maybe more than anyone ever? (ugh) i've kept track of it all though and think of it more as a performance art project. or research or something. it's mostly background noise but i just love it. like the movies, a lot of it makes me cringe, but there are still things about these shows that i find entertainment value in at least. i guess. (ugh ugh)

music? // diy. music my friends make. or people that could be my friends someday. i don't listen to much commercial music. but whatever. i'd rather use the energy to support and make friends with music. i can't really make a list but you can listen to my radio show if yr actually interested!

food? // is good. i've been vegetarian since i was twelve. so that. if i go to a potluck i always make my famous vegan mac n cheese. mmmmmm yum. i do most of my fooding at the fud co-op, but also.... burritos... love burritos. also, bbq sauce. i love bbq sauce.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my anxieties lol

someday leaving santa babs but probably not. does my butt look good in these jeans? do i really have to ask? the answer is yes.

oppressions, privileges, where they meet.

how cool therapy is.
On a typical Friday night I am
i dunno. if there's a show or other event i'll be there. my parents don't live too far away so sometimes i go visit them for the weekend.

week nights or weekends are always different. this isn't a good question haha.
You should message me if
you are kind of a weirdo.

just looking to find new people.