32Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Life is too short for regrets, too long for set plans, and too wonderful for words. So here are a -lot- of words anyway... because living is paradox and death is too easy.

An artist in all my ways - for the graphic, symbolic or semi-abstract oils and just about anything pen and ink; for vibrations, harmonica, guitar, piano, hand drums, electronic mixing/production, and pranayama. A bibliophile, performance artist, metaphysical free agent, contact juggler, slam poet, endurance athlete, epicure, and recreational wit fencer.... (Every renaissance person started out as a monomaniac or a dilettante. At some point, things tip.) Right now my foci are writing and spoken word. Hence the long profile. Deal with it... or don't.

My wanderlust has taken me to 12 countries on two continents and every state except Hawaii, and i've hardly gotten started. i am joyously non-monogamous. The scarcity principle of monogamy and the competition it provokes disgust me. It's something that i discovered about myself long before i had terms for it. (i don't use the word polyamorous much anymore, because it seems to have picked up some baggage.)

Love with an open hand, enjoy the joy your partner/s feel/s from wherever it springs, and be safe. It's an amoral compass that has guided me well, and, surprise, surprise... it generally turns out that the people they find compelling drive me a little wild as well.

Being queer and not relating to gender while ironically fitting a lot of the superficial stereotypes is a funny place to call home. There's no way i'm trimming all this fur, and being strong is handy. Plus, someone's gotta sing bass, but i'd rather just be me than keep track of some ridiculous set of assumptions to choreograph my social movements.

i'm at least a pair of opposable eyeballs sillier than this profile sounds. If my mouth is moving, i'm either tying the cherry stem of circumstance into joke pretzel, laughing, or...

Odds and ends: raja and hatha yoga, jovial, meditation, ENFP, feminist, Burning Man greeter, dancing, non-vanilla or vanilla (strong d leaning switch)
What I’m doing with my life
i've been a rare book dealer, professional gambler, radio show host, senior state staffer on a presidential campaign, North Dakota homesteader, and San Francisco electronic DJ. After two stabs at organized education, i've managed to escape to bachelorhood without the ignominy of a baccalaureate.

Harmonious, peaceful, fruitful living is something within grasp of the whole human race, in this generation, and it's my only job. i don't feel grandiose or quixotic claiming it, either. Well, only as quixotic as any goal is in the limitless banality of all possibilities' hopelessly inherent incarnation in the tightrope walk of all you ever ever and ever didn't... (Sometimes a sentence takes on a life of its own, and you just hold on for dear death.)

*update* Living on my bicycle, riding Colorado to Burning Man, then seeing friends up and down the west coast and heading down to Panama while i place my first novel. Once it sells, i'm moving to New York to put full effort into performing my spoken word and training for a major endurance feat to promote the book release. (on the sharp lookout for international travel companions.... and in the long view for an ocean sailboat to live/travel on)
I’m really good at
tracking and killing elephants in the room, sharing, dreaming, formal logic, forging my own path, snuggling, the board game Risk, hugs, speaking in cat noises (you'll understand if you talk with me at length,) puns, cracking wise, enjoying things (especially food,) being present, standing on my head, anything math or technology related, following the trail of synchronicity, getting things done no matter the obstacles, compersion, eye contact, receiving and giving massage, not being jealous (and owning it if it does pop up,) dexterity and endurance based activities, giving you surprise bites in strange places, and hijinks

O the hijinks!!!!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
It would seem that people first notice that i am (more than?) a bit odd. i have an air of ease and flippancy about me that makes it seem like i'm on a stroll through the park no matter my object.

Also, i dress... differently. Patterns and colors and jewelery... houndstooth pants and vintage disco button ups, custom leather belt pouches and tarot cards on my hip. Though i would go nude most of the time if society didn't outlaw my natural state.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
!- Marcus Aurelius, Jorge Luis Borges, Charles Bukowsi, William S. Burroughs, Joseph Campbell, Fritjof Capra, Lewis Carroll, Carlos Castaneda, Blaise Cendrars, Leonard Cohen, Michael Crichton, Aleister Crowley, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Theodore Dreiser, Dion Fortune, John Fowles, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Heinlein, Robert Jordan, Carl Jung, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Lao-tse, Malaclypse the Younger, Henry Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Vladamir Nabokov, Friedrich Nietzsche, Anais Nin, Chuck Palahaniuk, Boris Pasternak, Octavio Paz, Sylvia Plath, Israel Regardie, Tom Robbins, Neil Stephenson, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Alan Watts, Oscar Wilde, Saul Williams, Robert Anton Wilson, Virginia Woolf, classics, anything on theoretical physics, metaphysics, or the occult sciences. i'm also interested in printing, binding, and paper making both as a means of restoration and for publishing.

#- anything funny, mind contorting, or just plain weird... i often like movies that movie snobs like, but i am not even close to a movie snob.

%- afrobeat, indie, classic rock, underground hiphop, jazz, progressive house, electro house, ambient, experimental, spoken word, classical music with strong pace changes, traditional Indian and middle eastern music, and a little bit of everything else

&- things made from scratch, Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese, sandwiches, cashews, farm fresh eggs, homemade sherbet, loose tea, balsamic vinegar, fresh fruits and vegetables; sushi, cheese, wine, single malt scotch, flavorful and/or cheap beer, and pretty much anything else without high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils... not much meat but i look for grass fed and local if so... oh, and water... WATER, my favorite drink bar none

i love to cook. It's a team sport that everyone wins. Let's play sometime.
Six things I could never do without

This isn't my application for sainthood; i'm just being honest with myself. When we pretend like we are weak willed and limited, we soon find ourselves to be correct.

The six things i would most prefer to continue enjoying are

physical intimacy,
music, and

In other words, if you sent me an artful, intimate message about your love of books and/or sandwiches, it would be music to my ears. Better yet, propose an activity...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the moment.....everything....nothing. Often at the same time...
On a typical Friday night I am
Nearly every time i hear the day of the week, it comes as a surprise, and i smile the most satisfied smile.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Really, i would answer any question put to me, just ask, but i feel like throwing out a bone to avoid the irony of leaving you with that statement alone.

i am thoroughly convinced that the entire universe is one being, that you and i are sister and brother, and we are god.

(or brother and brother or sister and sister or whatever and sexy, wonderful whatever)
And, on the other end of the spectrum(?), sometimes i like to drink a glass of water while i'm peeing and pretend that i'm pouring it directly through my body.
You should message me if
-would like.
-do things to do them, not to have done them.
-think knowledge is based on enlightenment, not vice-versa.
-love reading and actually do it (big bonus if you've read or would like to read a number of the authors i mention above.)
-know anything is possible, even nothing.
-throw something back in the pan or eat it if you drop it on the floor while cooking.
-actually read this whole profile (thanks for indulging a writer)
-match me at least 80%...

you aren't:
racist/sexist/homophobic/monogamous/addicted to television

My favorite people are not simply strange, they make the whole world feel strange when i'm in their presence. Like it's new and somehow different. Like even the trees and rocks feel more themselves and i couldn't be surprised whatever happened next... but still am.

Message me if love is what gets you out of bed in the morning and back in it at night... and all the more if touch is your native language.
The two of us