42 Lynnwood, United States
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My self-summary
I'm well educated but tend to speak simply.
To me, Life is about balance - it is about finding harmony.

I am supportive/nuturing by nature. Helping others allows me to reflect and grow for myself. I listen and genuinely want to understand my partner; their passions broaden my imagination and fuel dreams. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of opinions and plenty to share too.

Sharing experiences is important to me. I am a social creature and have a wonderful set of friends. However, I want to have moments that selfishly belong to only you and I. I want to listen to a speech and then discuss how it affected you verse me. Yes, I need my alone time too. I'll be sure to get it as needed and happy to let you know when it is needed.

Touch is also vital to me. I move slowly in this aspect. That is one barrier I am working on which can be frustrating on both sides. Trust me though, I'm well worth it in the end and you might as well enjoy a good laugh as I struggle to figure out the when of it all. I'm perfectly fine with public displays of affection, I just get a bit paranoid at taking the first steps and worry about making someone feel uncomfortable before they are ready.

I am quite mutable. I am just as comfortable taking the reigns or sitting in a passanger seat. It's second nature for me to fill the roll that's needed. My motto has become "it is what it is" by which I mean accepting the truth and being flexible. From there, you can channel passion to make a difference or needed change.

I am still learning to accept gifts.

I tend toward sarcasm and use hyperbole EVERWHERE simply because some things are so absurd that just saying them out loud is fun.

I tend to stay up late to unwind while my body keeps gets up early for work (even on the weekends - ugh, not cool at all).

I'm happiest in jeans and a T-shirt but can look stylish all dressed up - that's important and fun from time to time (I can enjoy strolling through ties and dress shirts for interesting patterns). I love grocery shopping but almost need to be dragged into a department store (no, this isn't contrary to what I said moments ago, I just take advantage when I'm already in a clothing store).

I have a hard time falling asleep in silence. I fix that with old time radio shows or music from the computer or a TV on. If this bothers you, I've got an easy fix - an mp3 player and earbuds.

Did I mention movie quotes are like water and air to me?

I don't like "pasta" but there are plenty of dishes that taste wonderful - like fettucini alfredo or beef stroganoff on fresh egg noodles. Basically, my father used to make "spis-getti" by frying up some hamburger and dumping a can of sauce in the pot - bleck!

I don't mind someone who enjoys a few drinks but no thank you to smoking or drugs.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm in the midst of settling into my new house. Things are a bit sparse as I try and figure out what is the right furniture, look, and budget that creates a home.
I'm settling into my job and learning new mechanisms to cope with a different management style than I've worked with before. I'm coordinate the tech projects, help design new policies, establish best practices, and create training/communication plans so we can do things the right way.
I’m really good at
... standing on a soapbox and voicing my opinion once I've found something I believe is "right."
I'm also good at learning a little about everything.
... and wanting to know how/why things work.
... caring about others.
... wearing my heart on my sleeve.
... coaching.
... my job. I want more than just getting by, I want to be making things better for the long run.
... being pig-headed or a wee bit stubborn.
The first things people usually notice about me
is I've got sparkly blue eyes (or so I'm told).
They may also note that I don't shut up once I've started talking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: comics, sci-fi & fantasy, trivia - Robert Jordan, GRR Martin, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Spider-Man, Batman, Star Wars expanded universe - I happen to be a slow reader - usually a few pages a night.

Movies: thrillers, comedies, action sci-fi, rom-com, - Amistad, Schindler's List, Star Wars, Dodgeball, Van Wilder, Young Frakenstein, Spaceballs, Undercover Brother, Clue, You've Got Mail, 50 First Dates, Blazing Saddles, Shaun of the Dead, The Court Jester, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, Batman Begins, Dr. Stragelove

TV: police dramas, comedies, sci-fi - Leverage, Psych, Stargate Universe, Castle, Eureka, Terra Nova, White Collar, NCIS, Dr. Who, The Closer, The Daily Show, Boston Legal, Farscape, Sports Night, Firefly

Music: OTR, oldies, easy, rock, folk - Beck, Billy Joel, Blues Brothers, Bad Company, Cake, CCR, Danny Kaye, Eric Clapton, Fleet Foxes, Frank Turner, Four Tops, Gordon Lightfoot, Greenday, Huey Lewis & the News, Irish Rovers, Ice-T, Jerry Reed, Jim Croce, John Mayer, Joshua Raidin, Pink, Public Enemy, Spoon, Susan Tedeschi, They Might Be Giants, Wolfe Tones, Nero Wolfe, Fat Man, Philip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, Sam Spade

Food: Thai, Mexican, Chinese, sushi, teriyaki, German
The six things I could never do without
laughing - jokes & movies & and a good story or three
Magic the Gather cards - time around friends and creativity!
my close circle of friends - they are support & love and encouragement
Baxter the cat - he's got to be one part dog, not only is he self sufficient but he's 100% loving
a kitchen - to cook Bald Bill's tacos or any other tasty creation
my computer / phone - some way to research and stay connected
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... family, work, and games.

I'm close to my family and thanks to my siblings, there are 3 newborns to occupy thoughts and wonder and amazement.

I spend a bit of time lately wondering if I'm going to get a chance to decompress and just "veg" for a while - got to recharge those batteries 'ya know.
On a typical Friday night I am
out with the boys playing cards. Then we road-trip into Seattle for a variety of new late-nite dining experiences.