43Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! Let me start this out by making this to where you get the words coming out my mouth. If you think that we are just going to get down with one another and you call me baby, beautiful, or sweetheart; I am going to give in and you are going to hook up with me, THINK AGAIN! I want someone I connect with actually. Sex is a secondary thing. I find that this website is depressing and what I am looking for is impossible. To find someone that actually would like to be with me or get to know me is the mission. My time for a relationship is limited. You will only have a small amount of time to impress me. If you are to send me a message then, please do so, and be respectable. I do know where the block feature is and I will use it. I have respect for myself and expect you to have respect for me too. I always know who reads my profile and who does not based on their response. If you have a girlfriend, go away and go buy her some flowers. Thanks!

Let me start again and let me make this more about who I truly am when I go to bed. I am the daughter of a musician and my mother is an artist and jewelry maker. At the early age of 11 my parents got divorced. I went to live with my grandmother. Grandma Georgia had been a widow since my grandpa Alva died on April 21st, 1982. She was never with another man and lived alone. I spent so much time believing there was love in the world.

My boyfriend was murdered in the October 28th, 1991 while I was in Peoria at the Metallica Black album concert. It would take a long time before I was ever able to attend a Metallica show again. Next time I saw them it was the year 2000 at the Summer Sanitarium tour.

My grandma was my everything. I lived with her until she died on Easter Sunday of 2001.

I took a job on the OZZFest in 2001 and I was off on the first tour I would ever work. My life consisted of going from being rich to being broke overnight as I never inherited any money when grandma died. I had been a bit of a bad girl in the eyes of my family. In many ways I was! Admittedly! I was the girl that drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and never committed to a schedule. I could never keep a boyfriend. I was the girl they talked about and spread rumors about. I am the girl that never gave a shit what they said. After getting kicked out of my dad's house I relocated to Clearwater FL. But that never lasted long because dad began to have issues in Illinois and I went home. I stayed there for almost 10 years while I was a parent to my son.

I moved back to Los Angeles in 2010 when my son turned 13, and I have now as of June 13th 2016 I have been here 5 years and never went back to Illinois.

I am only left with the scars of the people I knew that hurt me and those I thought would understand me. I have only met one person I thought might understand on here. He and I do not speak any longer. It is as if we do not know each other. In a room there is always room for the two of us. I think I need friends before I need anything else.

March 27th 2015 my son's father was murdered in a triple homicide in St Louis. The saying everyone goes away hits home. I know not to grow attached to anyone

If you think you will get me out, Here I sit in isolation in my apartment. I am a photographer and I need to get back to my taking photos.

Thank You for listening. I want to write a book about my life as it has been crazy.

I was working on a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a Minor in Health Care Administration. I was planning for the future and it is time to see the world. My son will be 18 next year. It is time I get to living because at 41 I should appreciate life more.
What I’m doing with my life
I am so tired of the total head trip. People on here are of diverse culture. Let me explain what it is that I want from this OKCupid experience. Number one, I am meeting new and cool people. I like to meet people that can hold a sentence together. You need to be rather intelligent to be with me. I am far from ignorant and I pride myself on the strictest of discipline. I consider myself an overachiever in everything. I want to do everything better than expected. When I have friends I keep them forever because people seem to like me.

I am a rock journalist. I write about music as it completes me and there are a lot of worthy bands on the scene. I got tired of not using my gifts that I have been given. I am learning so much. When I walk in a room things seem to come together. The people I need to have in my life are coming in like destiny. There are things that I desire. If you are in my head and it is a open book to you, read it then. Read me like a book. If you ask me questions and I do not answer you, then that means I do not trust you. There are people in my life that I trust. I think about the decisions I make and I think about the impact on others. A lot of what I do is not totally self driven.

If you want a relationship with me and I am not ready for that sort of a relationship then please respect me. I am about to experiment with my sexuality and my mind in many ways. I am learning how to be vocal in my needs and desires.

So, like I said earlier; if you cannot form a sentence when you communicate with me and hold intelligent conversation, please do not bother.

I want steak dinner! I want breakfast in bed! How does that work for ya? I like strawberries and chocolate. I spend more time doing homework than I do anything. At least put forth an effort to thrill me. I like extravagant gifts.
I’m really good at
I am revising my profile......sorry! I am good at everything I do. I classify myself to be an overachiever.
The first things people usually notice about me
My very bright hazel eyes. I am generally a very happy person. I smile and laugh a lot of the time!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I really like heavy metal music the most ! It seems to be what I own the most in my collection! I also love to collect music and movie CD's and DVD! I have been involved in the creation of music throughout my life. My father and mother were what I classify to of been hippies. My father brought me up listening to a lot of what is now considered classic rock. I love the psychedelic sounds of the music from back then! The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, can be equally appreciated! I do not enjoy reading for a past time! I read to learn something new. I am into art of a darker period! I would say that the art of the Gothic era seems to touch me personally! I can draw and paint! I can even weld. I think that if it was necessary though, I could save my life from all of my medical knowledge of the human body. I am pretty good at figuring out what is wrong with the sick by reading their symptoms.
Six things I could never do without
My IPhone
My laptop
Peacefully Existing
My Grandma as my Spirit Guide.
A good day at the movies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future is what I dream about! Not to the point that it is like an obsession but to the point that I am headed in the right direction here! Going to College is quite trying though because it takes up a lot of my time! I think I will truthfully reap the rewards when I have my degree. I have another 2 years to go. I take my schooling very seriously. I want to be successful and help people. It is my life ambition. I am now going to school to study Journalism.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home studying, or watching a Movie! I could be at the movie theatre though if there is something good at IMAX. I am quite the homebody! You may catch me at the library or a Starbucks! I love to walk up and down Hollywood Blvd looking at the talented people. It is never the same when I go there! Every face is different, every single time. I found a awesome store to shop at there too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I learned how to keep secrets cause anything between two people was never meant for the world. I do not have a jealous bone in my body. There better be more than enough of you to go around. If you are not a juggler please do not juggle women. If you cannot keep us all happy there will be failure. I am a serial monogamist. This is where guys get afraid. This means that I am with one man when I am with him, and what we choose to do is very dear to me. I am not going to flip out like I once did at the suggestion of new ideas. I am in love with a dream. A total fantasy and the man in my dreams has no competition because he is as perfect as they come. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality. If no one is talking about it then the world will never be the wiser how the dream ends or if it ever ends. And if it is happening I am the happiest woman alive. The only person that kills your dreams is you. It took years of heartache and crying to become self-aware. I am the most broken you can break a person. Just never lie to me because this is where we will not be friends any longer and goodbye is the worst thing to say in anger. No one likes to part angry. Make-up sex rules but I am a hard person to reach when you have become lost to me. In this world I have met very few people that I want. Please be charming and please have a 10 year plan. If you have no ambition please get lost. This man in my dreams is strong, powerful, and successful. He is honest about what turns him on and what he wants. A man in my world is worthy of me. No longer do I settle for anything less. I know my worth. You could join me. We shall see. Disconnection from people, places, and things is my strong point as I can walk away from anything.
You should message me if
You think we would get along. If you have jealousy issues and you feel that my textbook poses some sort of threat to our friendship, you need to go get some counseling for your issues! I will admit it can be intimidating. You need to understand I have to read nearly 100 pages a week! I am in accelerated classes!
The two of us