39Austin, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
Waging an internal debate on how seriously to answer these questions.
I’m really good at
Observing and experiencing the ironic.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love Chapo Trap House.

Books: Anything by Denis Johnson. Right now the book, A Very Bad Wizard, which is an examination of morality/philosophy, and A Social Animal by Eliot Aronson.

Film: Waiting for Guffman, Shortcuts, The Hole Story, Buffalo '66, Revanche, Kingpin...TV: Game of Thrones, Fargo s02, Breaking Bad, Louie, The Jinx.

Music: PJ Harvey, Califone, The Stooges, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Lee Hazlewood, Massive Attack, and Flavor Crystals (trance out):

Bars: East Cesar Chavez bars, Side Bar, Rio Rita, Butterfly Bar, Jackalope.

Restaurants: Enotecha/Vespairo, Halal Bros., Claypit... I strangely enjoy HEB sushi more than I should. This is your moment to take a bow San Antonio roll.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
50 questions into OK Cupid's (not very) elegant psychological questionnaire I was detoured to a screen which stated I needed to stop responding to the questions with the neutral answer (I like to keep my options open), and I was not answering their questions properly (didn't know this was possible). I guess I bring all this up to state that my match/friend/enemy percentages are most likely totally bunk. Hopefully, none of you were taking those seriously anyhow.

Incidentally, who here among us believes answering the question: "If there was a clone of yourself, would you have sex with it?" will pave the way to your perspective soul mate? I doubt that same question could be found on the Myers Briggs psyche test, and for good reason.
You should message me if
I like exploring Austin culture: music, riding my bike, restaurants.
I hope to travel to Iceland (became fascinated with it after viewing the Sigur Ros' documentary) and parts of Europe I haven't been to yet. Just got done with the Scandinavian countries (Cophenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam) and Vancouver B.C. (I'm no longer curious what it's like to walk around in a rain cloud). I'm into yoga, working out, and music. I also spend time reading and writing short films, which in a bizarro sort of way has parlayed into a career for me. Good beer/wine is also nice.

Much like you, I value thoughtful, kind, and honest traits. I would prefer you to be passionate regarding something in your life, or have somewhat similar taste in restaurants, music, film, and books as I do... or convincingly fake interest in my interests, and I will be obliged to return the favor... That being said I have my quirks and so do you. Being nonjudgemental is a virtue. If we meet, let's not act like robots at a job interview.


If you forget your parachute... I'll be there to catch you.

-Mark Sandman
The two of us