29Walnut Cove, United States
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My self-summary
I enjoy kayaking when the weather is good, target shooting, zoo trips, the beach, reading & learning things, etc.

You need to picture me as Ron Swanson without the mustache. Or like Raylan Givens minus the hat. 😉

Huge history buff. immensely moral character.

So what I'm ideally looking for here is a hot woman who likes westerns, comedy & is desperately in love with me but hates most everyone else. Is that too much to ask for? LOL

Seriously, I want a real relationship. If sex was all I wanted, I'd get a hooker with less trouble.

Do not message me and ask for money before we even meet in person, it's disgusting. You know how you hot girls are so annoyed with how men just want your body? Well I feel the same way with my money.
What I’m doing with my life
I have performed stand-up comedy as an amateur several times, it's a nice hobby.

I am currently dreaming of conquering Cyprus..... LOL

I volunteer some weekends, I work a real job during the week, so if I bother to message you, you should feel like you won a Oscar.

I used to be pretty easy going but too many women saw that as a flaw to exploit so now I am a bit rougher around the edges.
I’m really good at
Making others feel good is a ability I like about myself. :)

Being able to function without others. I can change my own flat tire, package an item for shipping, clean fish, endure discomfort & make do with less.

Being friendly, writing poetry & stories. Not as depressing as Cormac Mcarthy, but somewhat deep though. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
People say I have an energy, a force of happiness & cheer that just moves people to be happy. I am very pleasant to be around & work with.

I am very mature & that is definatey noticable. I tend to joke I'm a reincarnated old soul.

I tend to dress sharp, I actally wear button up dress shirts more than T-shirts actually.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Gabriel Allon/Mitch Rapp/Jack Reacher series's in books with a noticable mention to anything by Agatha Christie & Carlene Thompson.

Movies: I dislike horror films where all they do is try to gross you out with gore, but I do enjoy a good suspense film like "LA Confidential" or "Collateral". I love westerns also.

Shows: Deadwood, The Drew carey show, Justified, Jericho, Firefly, etc.

Music: Most anything except heavy metal/rap. I particularly enjoy Frank Sinatra/Billie Holliday type music but also enjoy Kesha/Pink, Toby Kieth & Tom T. Hall, Johnny Cash. Much much more too.

Food: I cook a great grilled chicken, but enjoy a nice steak too. My favorite dinner out is either Texas Roadhouse or a little seafood joint I know. I am kind of a selective eater though.
Six things I could never do without
I'm tempted to put "air" as #1, but I'm going to try to be serious here. LOL

1. Books.
2. Freedom.
3. pool
4. My car.
5. Family. I have been blessed with a good one & I am happy with them most of the time. :)
6. Animals. I love them. The zoo is one of the few places I never get tired of going.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
World events: I like trying to figure out what happens next but I can tell you right now that I haven't got a clue what's going to happen here with the economy. :/ Well I do, but it's too depressing to think about. ;)

Plotting trips to different places. Maybe I can tell you which ones. ;)

Trying to figure out how they send me these "quiver matches" with dopes I have nothing in common with & it is so blatantly obvious. :p

I mean I clearly state I don't want a drug user & then poof they show up. BAH!
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at work, or at home reading/spending time with my family watching a movie after dinner.

I am not a big club person. I hate bars/loud music.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm somewhat shallow about piercings. I hate them, especially tongue ones.

I have a fantastic imagination.... my mind is a mixture of Willy Wonka and Richard the Lionheart... lol
You should message me if
You like honest, straightforward guys who are caring, not drug addicts & that you can take home to your parents..

If you aren't an Obama fan. Or snarky, snarky is worse, especially if you don't know it's wrong. :P

If you want someone who is responsible, can carry on a conversation & want to be made to feel sexy/desired.
If you like to talk. I hate being the only one talking.

Don't message me if your idea of love is anything like what you'd see in "twilight" or "friends". Your idea of love doesn't exist & never did. Real love is more like a warm familiar blanket feeling than fireworks everyday of your life.

Now John & Abigail Adams, they had a real love story....

And you should message me if you think all these weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars are obscene wastes.... :P

Here is how most of my interactions on here go:
I message girl, if she replies and I respond back, I never hear back because apparently it's bad form to message back within two weeks of messaging. 🙄

I message girl, we have great talk, then she vanishes for no apparent reason and it irks the hell out of me.

Frankly I'm amazed at the number of women who want jut sex... I need more than that.
The two of us