61Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
I live inside a song, actually many songs. Among these are Tiny Sparrow by Peter, Paul, and Mary, I Give You the Morning
by Tom Paxton, Old Stony Face by Bill Staines, Where the Long River Flows by Gordon Lightfoot, Holly by Andy Williams, Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens, Suzanne by either Judy Collins or its composer Leonard Cohen, I Wish You Were Here Again by Gale Garnett, Sands of Time by Fleetwood Mac, 500 Miles by the Journeymen, The Circle Game by Joni Collins, and Lonely Street also by Andy Williams, to name a few. Notice I'm a bit of an "Old Folky". I enjoy the simultaneous sharing of sad songs, inspirational insights, and Passion. I am one who touches and is touchable. I am one who is consecrated to my spiritual path, with some of my writings viewable on my website, churchofthebeloveds.wordpress.com. The prefabricated catagories comprised of answers to questions which I regard as ludicrous in the accompanying questionaire do not do me justice. I have just lost my entire inheritance and most of my savings caring for the medical needs of one I chose to be close to, so my financial resources are currently quite limited, though I do own a house on the east coast that will not sell. I have been bi-coastal until recently. I am devoted to fidelity in whatever form this manifests, whether monogamously or polyamorously. I am by nature attracted to the feminine, whether this is clothed in the body of a woman or sometimes rarely in a male form. I have learned not to be stingy with my resources, though in the process have lost nearly all my wealth in just 3 years time. I work out of town for half the time, and am here in Eugene the other half. I admire shared depth of feeling and shared heights of inspired wisdom. I open myself to the blossoming flower which is the transfigurative process of loving passion in spiritual marriage. P.S.--2 songs I forgot to mention are Liza Lee by the New Christy Minstrels and Indiana Girl by Marty Cooper. My spiritual path is best outlined through the website churchofthebeloveds.wordpress.com.
What I’m doing with my life
Have done only 10% of what I'd like and need to do. The more time I waste the longer I have to live in order to do it. As of now I need to live to be about 800 just to complete my present tasks.
I’m really good at
writing, singing, physical stuff, and being an enabler for codependency (oops, I mean a mentor for self-actualization).
The first things people usually notice about me
Being unusually young and fit for my age (anyone can do it), my insights and dedication to overcoming miscommunications and apparent conflicts, and the aforementioned qualities listed above.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have an entire personal private library, primarily history and non-fiction. I'm omniverous but open to being converted to vegetarianism because I love the fantasy of being converted to something by a Beloved. I enjoy deeply moving romantic, inspirational, and spiritual films, and have already mentioned my music interests in the above self-description in some detail.
Six things I could never do without
food, water, air, exercise, sleep, and feeling free of suffering that I might serve as an inspiration to those who do suffer so they may heal from all wounds and become their perfect beauty.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my personal inspirations and moving toward their realization, unless I'm bogged down with the dreariness of daily practical concerns such as finances and the health of others in my life.
On a typical Friday night I am
either Sufi-dancing, attending an outdoor concert, or at home watching a movie or "educational TV" such as PBS, though with with my Beloved almost all options and agendas are on the table.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sleep with a fan to drown out outside noises every night both summer and winter, and have for the past 35 years. I have a strict regimen of mealtimes, sleep-times, and especially exercise routines. (In a word, I'm eccentric but open to shared flexibility.)
You should message me if
you share these basic similarities, including the prospect of instantaneously "falling in love" and knowing that you can remain in that state forever. Living nearby would be a blessing, but this is a global outreach to all like-beings that excludes no possibilities
The two of us