44 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
An honest and open fellow. I aim to be fair when dealing with others.
Plus I've got sense of humor up the wazoo.

I've dipped into almost every form of creativity, and majored in the sciences. I think the two compliment each other and can give interesting examples as to how.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing work-life balance: I code for income 3 days a week, and have an extra 2 days a week for art projects. Or for goofing off, as happens.

These days my main project is researching, writing, and running a tabletop RPG with friends. It's a spooky mystery set in SF during the 1920s, at the Sutro Bath House.
I’m really good at
I like to believe that many of us can be good at many things when we're willing to invest the time. I like to believe this about you as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
The comment I get most frequently when meeting new folks is that I don't look like my name. It's Rashid... my parents were hippies.

Although personally, the first thing I notice about myself is this blurry nose protruding from the center of my field of vision.

Some notice that I'm quite a slow eater. We all have secret cowboy/cowgirl names waiting to be discovered. I have found mine. It is "Slow-Chops". Have you found yours?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: Seymour - An Introduction, Red Prophet, Mulliner Nights. Although I shouldn't give a false impression: reading regularly is not a habit of mine. I'm overly picky when it comes to books. Popular literary traits such as a near all-male cast, heaven vs hell, and pathological liars as protagonists put me off (some of the stories mentioned here aren't innocent of these themselves). It's true. Here's an example: Having thoroughly enjoyed the Salinger book mentioned above, I decided to try his big one (because, really, who wouldn't want to try Salinger's Big One? Ahem.) EVERYone likes Catcher in the Rye. While reading it at the airport, on two separate occasions I was approached by strangers who told me how much they adore the novel. By golly, if there's ever a good read to be had, this is it.
I didn't enjoy it.

FILMS: Although not exclusively so, many of my faves are ridiculous and are not subject to the same unfair standards I place on books. Pootie Tang, Krull, Shaolin Soccer, The Thin Man series, The Life of Brian, etc.

SHOWS: The ones created by my sister.

MUSIC: Mostly Shoegaze-y, synthy, or dreamy stuff. Sometimes dancey and boppy. Some tunes currently on rotation, as handy audio links: African Jazz Pioneers, Washed Out, Tamaryn, Public Service Broadcasting, Small Black

CONSUMABLES: All sorts. True, I'm a vegetarian, but don't worry I'm quite easy-going with others' diets. And I can operate well in a kitchen. Recently I've been playing with tagines.
The six things I could never do without
Not dying. Um.. Six? That's a lot to depend on. You could plop me in a patch of gravel & I'd be entertained.
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh, none of the big adventures you might see in other profiles.

That is, if this question is meant to measure how much of a social super hero one is, then I'm more the Clark Kent than the super hero. I most often operate in alone-time and haven't sought out dates much at all (if you get a message from me, it is not a flood email. Rather, it is because you come across as special.) I do exercise regularly & stay fit, however my body is generally a home body. You will have no difficulty finding an available slot on my calendar for impromptu plans.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a third nipple. If you have one too, we can pretend an entire, extra person is in the room.

I am very open. Ask anything you like.
You should message me if
It can help to strengthen your typing fingers. There are probably other reasons to send me a message, I'm sure.

Being more or less mentally stable is necessary (that is, not explosive nor suicidal.)

Also, if you're ok with my having a friends-first policy.

I do have a soft spot for scientists and the overly educated, particularly those who are also artists (or vice versa.) You know that stereotype about men being intimidated by women who are more intelligent than they are? That's not me.
I'm simultaneously shallow as well. This boy writes passes to girls who wear glasses, for example; sends quips to girls with hips; and perhaps even asks to the matinee girls with antennae.

Although I am open to a long-term relationship, if you are looking for someone to literally spend the rest of your life with, I'm not a good match. I'm too much of a periodic hermit for that to work. But if you are looking for someone with whom to explore life for an indeterminate period of time, wonderful!

And also, "you should message me if" you're at all curious to do so. You never know.