68Reno, United States
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My self-summary
I am a retired construction worker. My wife died 8 years ago, and i want to start dating and looking for some fun and excitement.
I enjoy taking off road trips to look at wild life. I used to do it under the stars... Now a camp trailer is much more comfortable.

I like thunderstorms with lots of lightning, knowing i am safe and warm, not being caught out in Nature's melee getting wet. Snow is fine just as long as it stays in mountain regions. I always dreaded shoveling my sidewalk.... All 206 feet of it. Now grand kids do it. WHEW, FINALLY !!! But, i did enjoy hooking up a sleigh years ago and riding on Reno 's streets years ago, also drove carts and wagons with horses, pony's and Mule's. ( Mule's do not even attempt to kick you UNLESS THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN GET YOU, a most challenging critter!!! ). All this stuff and horse drawn equipment was sold over 25 years ago. Unfortunately i am now allergic to horses and cattle. Go figure.

When i did trade shows which i no longer do them as i am retired from this also. I was called "Okeetsha" which means " to wander about " . I would used to do 26 shows a year often putting over 230,000 miles on in two years.... Then would go and buy another new truck.
Okeetsha became my Trade Name when i did the Western Americana trade shows. I carried Native American products of Baskets, Rugs, Beadwork, Carvings, and Pottery. Civil war items in books and newspapers of the day. Outlaws in genuine Wanted Posters. Cowboy items from old leather gear to Rodeo items. I also carried assorted Paper Americana and Advertising. I even carried unusual Pocket Mirrors from about 1890-1930; many of these represented ladies in some interesting poses that were quite risqué for the time period. Miscellaneous other items as well.
I still like Unusual Antiques.

I collected and still have many early early advertising items normally pre- Prohibition, self framed signs, large easel board type signs, advertising on canvas, and large paper signs.

Of the odd and unusual category i have 10 early lithographic stones cut on limestone. These weigh over 50 pounds each. An early quality printing process. One deals with the different process of different colors for a Wine Label. Others are interesting as well.
I also have a chair made of cattle horns.

I collected many varied taxidermist mounts American Bison ( or also known as Buffalo), huge deer mounts, and several African Mounts.... The decor in my home changes from time to time. Currently it is done in Western, South Western, and paintings of various subjects, plus early Nevada items circa 1869 - 1905.
My field of interest is vast and i am constantly researching even more items.

I have two wooden carvings done by FRANK POLK. He a famous Cowboy artist He changed from making wood items to bronzes. His earlier work was the many " ONE ARMED BANDITS AND OTHER CHARACTERS HE CARVED TO HOLD SLOT MACHINES ". the GOLDEN ROOSTER in the Sparks nugget was once one of his carvings that was used to make the mold for this beautiful item.
The ones i have are me siting on a pony at about age 6, the detail is fantastic even down to the buttons on my shirt, the other is of a Brahma Bull. Both were carved circa 1954.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a bright outlook on life. I am always trying to improve my self. I read a lot on many subjects i am interested in....ancient man, we see the fancy jewelry they have made outnof gold and silver, but we know nothing about these early smiths. Why no reference material on that at all? All,comtinents had this finery of objects, but nothing seems to be written how they soldered one piece to another. Then you have crystal skulls with no tool marks...modern man cannot do it yet. Why?
I read wood carving manuals, and books on the Making of home brewed beers and honey wine.

I still carve wood in the round, make paper mâché items differently than what is in taught in elementary schools; it is much more of a MESSY ART FORM, best done in summers hot months. ( items dry better). Painting of these items is later. This is a very time consuming craft. 40 plus hours can go into just one item and this is not the drying cycle at all; just hands on contact with each item.

I enjoy fishing. Just to eat them or just to fight them and then turn them loose. Normally fish larger than 28 inches i turn loose.
I also enjoy looking for certain Nevada rocks when i get some free time in Northern Washoe County..... Cell phones do not work up here, coyotes sing (howl) nightly. The stars do shine bright and satellites can be seen with the naked eye. Plus their are many other animals to observe. My night vision binoculars make so much more to be seen on Dark Nights.
This is my kind of fun.
I’m really good at
I am good at making home made beer and meads (honey wine). Meads take about 3 to 5 years to develop. I enter several of these delectables into open beer judging contests. I have placed in many of these contests in local, state, and USA in general contests. I have won a few also.

I also like to cook and make various sauces to accompany the main dish. Good food is meant to be enjoyed. Sharing of recipes does that wonderfully.

I also carve wooden fishing lures and plugs. Many are used in Pyramid Lake, Lahonton, and Lake Mead. These are for bigger fish.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height is what stands out the most as i am six foot eight inches.
( occasionally i hit my head on door sills)
Most always accompanies a warm smile and cheerful face.

I also have really strong wrists and hands as i can tear a deck of paper playing cards in half.

If you think that this is easy try to get someone to do this for you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
William Shakespeare's Sonnets (18 and 129 are my favorites) these works make much more sense as life has a way of teaching you just what it is he was writing about. He had a flowery way to say something simple; HOWEVER HE COULD HAVE A DIFFERENT AND COMPEX IDEA IN MIND..... YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE SONNET...... FIGURE OUT WHAT HE WAS SAYING AND PICK YOUR BEST SOLUTION. JUST 14 LINES AND HE OPENED A WHOLE STORY....... FABULOUS.

Any other books on ancient man, wildlife, and general knowledge.
Movies i like musicals ... "Burlesque, Hair, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera".

For music of the Renaissance or the 12th century on, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes and penny whistles, bones and stringed instruments, horns.... Etc. Yes, i have worn a "Kilt" of the hunting tartan of the McAlpine clan.

For food what is made fresh from scratch. Also enjoy curries, most all ethnic dishes. and dutch oven cooking, or items baked in the ground in or over coals. Cultures enjoyed in food dishes are South West Style, Cow Camp Recipes, Basque, Mexican, Southern, American Indian, Chinese, indian, Japanese, Sushi, Norwegian, most everything.

I like to play board games, cribbage, hearts, spades, Pinochle single or double deck, poker, chess, other games i am willing to learn.
Six things I could never do without
I would like a good woman to share and enjoy life with me,
Family, shelter, 4x4, pets, and comfort.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Finding the right woman who would like to have fun who would enjoy being with me as we both took on life together as a team. I am Thinking about the next big fish i could catch, but then turn it loose.

What new flavored dessert beer i might come up with..... Beer is made for flavor, and i try to make them different. Maple Cream beer i made and it was delicious... I have to do it again. I made a Rose Petal mead that was great as well. The latest is a Raspberry, Smoked Chipotle Pepper mead... Delicious.

But most of all my woman would let me share her interests in the special things she likes to do and would include me into her making of her items. i would enjoy my woman learning things that i do as well.

Quick tasting recipe:
1 bottle Guinness Stout poured equally over
4 4-6 ounces of French Vanilla ice cream in serving bowls
Serve with a Vanilla Wafer cookie
This is delicious and is often served as a desert at many beer functions.
Good food is always meant to be enjoyed. I cook other dishes as well though..... Not all recipes are based on beer or wine.
On a typical Friday night I am
I would much rather start dating or going out with someone to share my life with.

All you have to do is send a spark. Hopefully that spark will become a raging inferno. Please send me your spark. Thank you.

Currently i am reading, on my iPad looking things up, or crafting.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I lost my best friend, When my wife died in my arms 8 years ago.
You should message me if
If you like my description and you have similar interests. If you have some ideas for some fun times you and i both can enjoy.
The two of us