60Westborough, United States
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My self-summary
Oh the Wheel of Employment has been most kind yet again. After Passive Aggressive General Hospital rejected me -- and in the process wiped out my chances of working near my home -- I was sent to one of the nation's top hospitals to help out there for a few months. Just in time for March Madness! This is basketball country like you would not believe. Who'd have known that entertaining my wanderlust would be so much fun?

Before we get started, a few administrative announcements:

The bathrooms are to the left side of the entry area, and we ask that you put your cell phone on silent annoyance before we get started. Okay, let's begin. And you must stay through the entire profile to get your continuing education credits.

Here we go!

I'm an honest, kind, loving, decent, caring, funny man. But I'm imperfect. There are many men here that will tell you that they are perfect, and they look the part too. Well, I'll give you an extra 5% off.

I think the best description is that I'm a playful goofy puppy that occasionally will scratch or jump on your foot. I am playful physically and verbally, of course with the best intentions, but when I say "I'm sorry" I mean it. I have a sense of humor that has been described as "dry". I guess that means I don't do poop jokes? That's not right.

"You're weird, Pee Wee!"
"Thank you Captain Carl!"

So, you may be asking, what is this Absolute Prince of a Human Being doing with his life? I'm a Registered Nurse. I changed careers a few years back and I wouldn't want to go back to the software industry, or for that matter, I'd not know what to DO. I'm a nurse, and that is THAT.

I am tender, beefy, and chewy
What I’m doing with my life
Portia Ramona joined me on this assignment and I'm glad for it, although she is an early riser.

Keeping up with my friends is fun and challenging. I have many outlandish friends and I love them all. My ideal match will understand that many of them are female, but present absolutely no threat to a new relationship. I'm sure they'll pass along advice and worry about me, but they won't lift a finger otherwise :P

I'm a travel nurse on assignment, but my permanent location is in Iowa. I'm fed up with Virginia and am exploring. I am looking for a forever home and bonus points go to warm and interesting.

I like to do stuff around the house. My tools and gear are in storage so I'll be ready for the next go-round.
Sometimes I'm hatching insane schemes to either run away to California or Australia, or maybe both. I really liked Vermont. My traveling gets me opportunities to study communities in depth. A forever home is a goal and I want to pick well.
I’m really good at
honesty, playfulness, and variety. I like bringing energy into a relationship, stimulating thought, wide-ranging conversation, and testing.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall, big, kind, and worth talking to.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Yes, I like books, movies, music, and food. Not trying to evasive, but all encompassing lists are impossible. Pick something and there's at least a fifty percent chance I've tried it and liked it.
Here's some of the more recent incursions:
Sushi, Italian, Greek, Italian-Greek Sushi.
Wawa Double Dutch Chocolate Milk.

Oh Man, Wegmans!

Musically, it would work so well if I could find a woman that felt the way I did listening to Peter Murphy singing "Cuts Like a Knife" Well put 80s new wave music and see if there are at least 50 songs that cause you to travel in your mind to a particular moment. I can do that. However I am very grateful to my ex for introducing me to some of the deeper elements of folk music.

Even better, recommend something. Novelty is not just for sex toys and ice cream anymore.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can remain true to myself, open my heart to another, and be part of something bigger and better than either of us alone.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not willing to give up. I stick with lost causes right up the the last moment. I don't like rejection, but I cope with it in a healthy manner. I used to try to be really open, but found that it usually is seen as a weakness.
You should message me if
You give what you get: honesty, loyalty, and trust.
You have warmth and depth.
You really ARE sick of playing games and not just saying that.
You have the ability to see through an error to the intent behind it and forgive small stuff.
You are your own person, and like to create your own world view.
You enjoy life and living.
You are actively to insanely curious.
You have neither a metaphorical nor physical stick up your rumpus.
You are not going to ask me to wire you money for your orphanage, bail, or government bond fund.

Bonus points:
-can pick a lock (triple points for Medco)
-can explain what Operations Research is
-know the difference between a healthy life style and self-flagellation
The two of us