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My self-summary
My name is Scott. I am a shy nerd (emphasize the nerd), but once you get around that I'm really quite nice to hang around and talk with. I don't have any enemies (that I know of) and I have a small group of close friends. I get along well with small groups of people (but not large groups) and I am pretty good at holding a conversation one-on-one.

I am writing a novel and have been for the last few years, don't ask me about it if you don't want a long, excited, explanation. (I'm just being coy. Ask me!!) On a slightly more nerdy note I am in the process of writing and attempting to publish a scientific paper on some experiments that I performed on the spider species Nesticodes rufipes

Some interesting things about me... I'm anosmic which means I have no sense of smell. I haven't since birth, i.e. born without one. I have gotten mixed reactions to this, some say good some say bad, others don't even care. Furthermore, I'm a conservative Jew, which means not particularly observant or non-religious, but I do take pride in my heritage and I can't imagine myself in any other religion. Since I graduated, my parents have been putting none-too-subtle pressure on me to find a "nice Jewish girl" and have kids, and to be honest that's what I'd like to end up with in the long run, but that doesn't stop me from having a good time while I'm still "young."

Note to Readers: I started coming to this site three girlfriends and a pretty long time ago, and I'm too lazy to go looking through all my answers to see if my personality has changed. I'm pretty sure what was true for me when I answered the questions is true for me now, but be prepared for a few surprises if you think you know _everything_ about me.

I am ejumakated, witty, and quiet
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a graduate of Tulane University with a B.S. in Psychology and I attend medical school at Ross University and I'm compiling my application for the 2013 Residency Match (A Jewish doctor? no way! My brother also happens to be a lawyer... Stereotypes can be our friends).

I'm originally from Miami Florida, and I worked previously as a technician in a compounding pharmacy mixing and making pills, creams, injections, and the subsequent filling of the prescriptions. I also did quality control testing and data entry at that job.
I’m really good at
Writing, certain video games... But overall I am good at the things that I enjoy doing, because I like them enough to become skillful at them.

I'm also really, really good at getting young children and other people's parents to like me... I don't even know how I do it... but the kid part is kind of important since I was a camp counselor for 3-5 year olds for 4 summers before and during college. I've also been called "the guy to bring home to mom" because of the parent part of the prior statement.

I was really good at my job, even though there were days when I hate, hate, hated it. I maintained a HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) machine, and I was an incredible pill maker... It's actually kind of cool to have a pharmacist tell you "you make the best capsules I've ever seen!" I could compound 500 capsules in about 35 minutes. 25 if I was in the groove with no distractions.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea... I've had old ladies back home come up to me and tell me I have such lovely, long EYE LASHES! Also when people get closer they see that my eyes are a blend of several different colors: blue, green, gray, and yellow. Yes... Yellow... weird eyes run in my family, and we all get complimented on them a lot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The one I am writing, Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, The Shannara series by Terry Brooks, and The Dragonlance Series (but only the ones written by the two original authors). The Lord of the Rings trilogy and "The Hobbit" (J.R.R. Tolkein). I also have a bookshelf full of books that I've been meaning to read but simply haven't for whatever reason. There are others, but I am having trouble thinking of them.

I enjoy the comedy genre in general, but some things don't appeal to me. I do like anime movies, mostly stuff by Hayao Miyazaki. I will see the occasional action movie because who in their right minds doesn't like seeing an explosion or two every now and then... but if I see a movie IT MUST HAVE A PLOT! I cannot stress how much a hate movies without a clear plot.

Anime (I have varied tastes and I judge based on the individual show, though since med school I haven't been watching religiously like I did in undergrad), Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Dexter, Doctor Who (David Tennant will always be my Doctor), Firefly, House, How I Met Your Mother, Invader Zim, Supernatural, Torchwood. So far I only listed the ones I'm currently watching or have ended that will always have a place in my heard. Until I remember more this list will remain incomplete.

I don't really listen to music that much... but I like listening to classic rock, Japanese music, and also Classical music. I've developed an appreciation for the local classical music radio station, and I also like full orchestra versions of anime and video game music. It's extremely well written music and the sound of a full orchestra has a quality that cannot be compared to today's music. Speaking of today's music, this is another important point: I hate rap with a passion not to be described in words.

I like food... especially green apples! I LOVE granny smith apples... I even tried growing green apple seeds in a homemade planter once but the died because I didn't use the right soil or something. Not a fan of vegetables though... Since I spent a lot of Time in New Orleans I've developed a taste for Cajun spicy foods, but I am still a wimp for Asian and Indian level spices. All-in-all, I stick to what I know I like, but I'll try anything once, unless its too disgusting sounding to eat (like brains, or "blood sausage". it just sounds too unpleasant).
Six things I could never do without




5)My computer


(Well gosh golly and gee willickers! I bet no one's ever said that before...*grin*)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The most random ideas pop into my head, mostly about my book or my research, but other times I think about the origins of names which often leads me to browse http://www.behindthename.com/ for hours on end.
On a typical Friday night I am
very likely at home with my family... or studying for my next exam(currently nothing on my plate). Lately though I've just been getting home from work real late and just curling up and sitting in front of the computer letting the soft glow of the screen wash away the worrying about all the harmful toxins and chemicals I probably breathed in at work...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well none of these are really "private" but I can't think to put them anywhere else:
--If I get drunk there's no way to shut me up...

--I play D&D, I own my own dice, and I DM'ed a game in Med School.

--I don't consider myself very photogenic and I don't allow myself to be seen in many pictures. (a note on my profile picture: they are a couple years old, but still accurate except for the haircut and I lost quite a bit of weight recently. I really should put up new ones.)
You should message me if
If you want to know more about me, get a feel for me in terms of a relationship (friend or otherwise, even though I'm actually on this site for "otherwise"), OR if you share one of my areas of interests and just want to have a nerdy conversation.

Although I only check this site every few weeks, I find it exciting when I get messages. I make it my personal guarantee that no message will be ignored and, should you message me, you will definitely get a reply back!
The two of us