33Madison, United States
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My self-summary
I moved to Madison about 2 years ago from the suburban DC area in an attempt to restart things. I needed a place more centered on people and community.
Truly, one of my favorite things about the city is that I can look out my window and people are out doing things, running, biking, gardening. Signs of actual life. I love it.

I consider myself bright and articulate, and I love discussing ideas. I'm looking for someone in this same general area.
I think self-improvement is extremely worthwhile and I value people who can point out my blind spots or offer advice. I have positive associations with the idea of changing myself.

I'm employed as a Game Designer (with now one commercially released title as writer/designer), and beyond that I have a filmmaking degree, have spent the past 12 years doing various sorts of writing, and play/write musical instruments (but not especially gifted at music. *In Charlton Heston voice* Damn you, marginal aptitude!)
I have kind of a two pronged approach I suppose; I need expressive, imaginative, creative work in my life, but I find it valuable to have rationality skills alongside those to make sure the subjective, personal elements are there with good reason.

I really like talking. I like talking to learn things and teach things. To hear what's going on inside of other people's heads. The kinds of conversations where it's 3 in the morning but there's *still more to say*.

Honesty, vulnerability, and candor are important to me. I want to know what what is going on inside people, beneath all the daily considerations and distractions. I want to know the real, raw stuff that people don't always talk about. I'm excellent at drawing this out if people let me. It makes the world sparkle.

I've met some people here who have been in solid, healthy polyamorous relationships, and this gave me the courage and conviction to try it out myself. So I've been trying it out as the option has arisen. I'm currently involved with someone who is married. All concerned parties are aware of this.

I love dancing, making delicious food (I make some great black bean burgers), camping/backpacking, I just started playing in a MUFA league this summer, and it's become seriously addictive.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it. Immediately post graduation, this was surprisingly difficult to do. Madison has much more community to it. I've spent much of my life on the east coast, where for me it was pretty arid, socially.

I have a full time game design job designing adventure games. Story games with puzzles (Monkey Island, Kings Quest, or The Longest Journey are examples) I have to point this out because adventure games don't really exist popularly anymore.
If you've seen the TV show The Wire, Adventure Games are to Standard Blockbuster Video Games what The Wire is to Miami Vice; either boring or extremely satisfying depending on your patience level.
I’m really good at
Improperly watering the plants I'm trying to keep alive.
Singin' songs while holding a guitar
The first things people usually notice about me
I am tall. I am thin. I am sometimes holding brightly colored geometric shapes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Love weird progressive science fiction/fantasy (not so much the classic 40's and 50's stuff, but the later mind-bending stuff), so Philip K. Dick, Samuel Delany, JG Ballard, William Gibson, all the 80's cyberpunk, even the bad stuff, China Mieville, George RR Martin, Gene Wolfe.

Literary fiction, I'm very picky and a lot of it doesn't interest me, but I love and consume David Foster Wallace, Samuel Beckett, Douglas Coupland, JD Salinger, Albert Camus, Jeanette Winterson, Don Dellilo. Anyone who succcessfully manages to make my heart stop briefly.


And insightful non-fiction: Thinking Fast and Slow, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, and Douglas Hofstadter books.

Comics: Chris Ware and Alan Moore. If one of them is part of it, I'm in. I've read Sandman, it was great. I love old newspaper comics: Peanuts, Gasoline Alley, Krazy Kat, Terry and the Pirates. The indie comics scene is awash in great stuff these days.

I don't watch many movies these days, but I still love 40's films, especially film noir. Anything with Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck will sell me straight away. Orson Welles is a favorite. I've liked American Beauty, Fight Club, Amelie, Adaptation, High Fidelity, Mulholland Dr.
Before Sunrise!
I don't watch many movies these days because TV is where it's at. Movies just aren't long enough, they feel like more like short stories, and I want novels. Buffy, Angel, and The Wire are the top 3 contenders there
Aside from that, Six Feet Under, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Futurama. Downton Abbey rouses mixed feelings in me. I love the moments it's able to generate, the class tension where human warmth occasionally has a chance to bubble out, but the plotting feels rote and linear and manipulative. It exists for the small moments, and I love it for that.

Music: The Mountain Goats a lot lately. MeWithoutYou, Neutral Milk Hotel, Against Me!, Cloud Cult makes my fingertips buzz, Buddy Holly, The Clash, Joanna Newsom, Jawbreaker, Bomb the Music Industry!, Third Eye Blind, Bruce Springsteen.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether I should be more serious or more playful. And whether they are necessarily even opposed.
You should message me if
You're interested in talking or meeting up.
The two of us