47Concord, United States
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My self-summary
I can be idealistic...
I went to Engineering School convinced that industrial hemp materials would replace synthetic composites within a few years. That was assuming that hemp would be decriminalized, since it seemed obvious. (that was 1996)

I appreciate sentiment...
Gifts that are little reminders that someone was on my mind are what I tend to give and what I like to get. Also, If a homeless person has the word hungry on his sign, I'll usually cave. I cave for nieces and god-daughters too. (ok and dogs)

I soak up information like a sponge...
I am great at fixing things and solving problems, but I'm famous for "absent minded professor syndrome" or just getting tripped up by unexpectedly simple things.

Sit-coms with laugh tracks creep me the f*** out.
I don't watch sports. I don't know the teams. I don't care.

Oh, just discovered that I'm allergic to Allegra... Hmm. Allergic to Allergy medicine... sounds about right.
What I’m doing with my life
As always, I bend those around me to my will... *evil laugh*.

I'm a land surveyor, which is really perfect for me. It melds together all the hands-on stuff with the egghead-computer-engineering stuff. Basically, I get paid to hike around with expensive equipment.

I play bass for a Beatles-tribute band called The Repeatles. I've played several times with another band, Ticket To Ride, and it's always glorious!

I do art photography (just to be fancy)... You can see my work here .
I’m really good at
Making mixed CDs (now, a dying art)

Pigeon Pose. (I don't know why, but it's true)
The first things people usually notice about me
Oddly, people have remarked that I "smile all the time".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not exhaustive and in no particular order:

Movies: The Big Lebowski, Zoolander, Lord of the Rings Movies, Eagle vs Shark, Wristcutters (A Love Story), Star Wars (of Course), Fight Club, The Matrix, A Clockwork Orange, Amadeus, Groundhog Day...

Music: Radiohead, The Beatles, All the usual Classic Rock selections (Jimi, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, etc...), Steely Dan, Built to Spill, The Smiths, Television, The Cure, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Funk...

Food: Will go out of my way for Sushi, Pho, Indian Buffets and Good Curry, and Korean BBQ. Will eat almost anything except fishy tasting fish.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Let it Be" and "No Woman No Cry" have the same chords (basically) and same tempo... hmmm.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to iron my clothes.
You should message me if
I'm looking for a good partner... someone capable and with a good attitude...

I always try to have a positive effect on the people around me, so I'd like to find someone with the same perspective.

Also, I'm an uncle to a transgender teen nephew, so you MUST be ok with that.

Per the "golden rule"... If you write me a message that you've put some effort into, I will definitely respond. ("Hi" or "Hey. I'd like to know you better." don't qualify) Happy hunting!
The two of us