31 Torrington, United States
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My self-summary
Throughout my life I have always carried a deep and constant darkness, but it lifts briefly in very specific moments.
A lot of people occasionally find my words and actions confusing, funny, or downright inconceivable.
I fixed a vaccuum system with a waterbottle, I enjoy designing greeting cards and artwork for friends & family, and I once planked on a Macey's check-out counter because I wanted an artistic photo. It came out fine.
I do well in a co-dependent, monogamous relationship. I do not want any kind of non-monogamous relationship.
I try to be thoughtful to add happiness into the lives of people I care about.
In a relationship, I require a lot of sincere affection, physical contact, and sex to be satisfied.
I can be blunt, articulate, and thorough.
For these reasons, I like good listeners. Interactive listeners too.
I do not have much patience for going on dates. I guess if we do not click, we are all wasting each other's time, money, and energy.
I sometimes have fun doing things that are unapologetically strange or stupid.
I like spotting problems or inefficiencies and finding ways to end them forever.
I like having continual conversations about the nature of social phenomena.
I admire human kindness above all.
I would appreciate if you message first. Any greeting will do...