30 Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a guy who spends way more time than he needs to working on something and thinking deeply about numerous other things while doing it. I'm an introvert; I like to spend my free time doing low-key things like reading, writing, or escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life. I absolutely love being outdoors. I've spent most of my life being physically active and there's nothing I love more than other people who are the same.

Reworking profile; pardon the dust.
What I’m doing with my life
My life has changed considerably in the past 12 months for the better, allowing me to break loose and discover all sorts of things I once never had the opportunity to do. Rebuilding, rediscovering, and I love every moment of it, despite me being a terrible workaholic because, hey, we're millennials.

I have a 9-to-5 (well, a 7-to-3) at a biotech company near DC, which does work for the U.S. government. On the weekends, I work at a supermarket near Baltimore, which does work for hungry suburbanites.

In my free time, I work on a story I've been writing for the past... twelve years, ride my bike all around the city, ride my bike to other cities, try to learn how to cook and be handier, work on my art skills, read... a lot (science literature, just science blogs, oh and of course novels too), work on a house that desperately needs some love, and play a video game like once every two months.
I’m really good at
-forgetting negative signs
-fixing things
-finding out how to fix things
-navigation (the human GPS, they call me)
-striking up random conversations with strangers
-planning, because I plan to be a planner
The first things people usually notice about me
...if they notice me at all because I'm so quiet
Everyone knows I work hard. Even if they don't see me do it, they see how much I fixed everything up afterward.
And if they do see me, they think I'm the fastest thing alive. On foot, mostly, and especially on the DC Metro because I'm invariably the first one on or off that platform... but on my bike, too. Every driver that talks to me thinks I have a motor somewhere. And here I thought I was actually slow!
Many people also say I look really young.
They might then notice my bicycle accessories, especially in the winter when I have so many more of them. I'm a walking advertisement.
After the fact, people have said that I am odd. I wear this label proudly. Normal is boring.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the tomes
Science fiction, nonfiction, and autobiographies tend to be right up my alley.

the pictures moving around
Okay, for real though... I'm not much of a movie guy. Sometimes I go out and watch 'em when I have some time, but nyeh. I guess I'm drawn to action films and sci-fi? I have resolved this year to watching all of the Star Wars movies for the first time, though. Star Wars ain't the only thing I'm new at, though. Ask me if I've seen something and prepare to be amazed.

the skillful soundwaves
As of late, I tend to be ridiculously busy and find my music library shamefully neglected. A music library that is mostly metal, rock, electronica, while I'm newly (re)discovering hip-hop/rap and saying it proudly! I'm actually pretty eclectic and don't believe there's music you shouldn't listen to. If music is good, it's good. Like... soundtracks from TV shows and video games? ...oh, you know you have some too.

the fuel for my ambitions
I know I love Chinese, Thai, and Italian food. And now that I know that, I should try some vegan food. Or African foods. Or more Southeast Asian foods!
The six things I could never do without
My bicycle
Freedom of movement / travel
Moments of solitude
The open country
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I like to think about what other people that don't believe as I do are thinking. Best to find common ground and figure out where to make compromises, right? Except in the case of truly horrid thoughts, where figuring out what they're thinking helps to try teaching them to think differently or coming up with ideas as to how to prevent those thoughts.

Story plot lines, plot holes, and what makes people do the crazy or awesome things they do.

What things are in the universe that we just haven't discovered yet, and how much discovering those things will completely change everything about everything

When I'll get the chance to travel again. Or, at the least, go on a multi-day bike tour or a hike.

Various routes of self-improvement.

Can I fix this object on my own, or will I blow myself up in the process? Hmmm.

When we are going to get high-speed rail in this country that actually uses infrastructure that isn't as old as high-speed rail itself

What is the evil Cheeto going to do before noon today?

The various major social issues in this country today: race relations, the horror that is rape culture, and the rising anti-vaccination movement; all very unpleasant things, but yes, they stay on my mind... and yes, I may or may not be a bit political
On a typical Friday night I am
asleep, because my Saturday job starts early.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm Batman.
Shh, it's a secret.
You should message me if
If you accept a quiet person, possibly exceedingly so at times. I don't like crowds.

I'm very much attracted to intellectuals, people who are willing to learn more all the time and not afraid to change their viewpoints when they're wrong... and those who are quiet and fellow introverts that prefer small, subdued settings to large gatherings. A fellow bicyclist is a nice bonus, or at least loves being outside! I would love to find a woman who is active and willing to get her hands dirty. And someone who is responsible is an absolute must.

And you probably shouldn't message me if you have anything against:
* liberals and progressives (but not necessarily the Democratic Party)
* atheists
* any race or ethnicity
* settled science, like evolution and the importance of vaccines

In any case, far be it for me to stop you from messaging me for any reason. Or no reason! Keeps things interestin'.