29 Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
Someone recently asked me if I used to be a dancer because I'm just extremely energetic in everything I do.

And yet I'm ridiculously quiet.
Is that weird?

Yeah, I didn't think so, either. Being surrounded by people who are always trying to talk to you about sports and cars when you just wanna read a book or hang out in a park or the wilderness is impressively exhausting. But I love moving. I love doing. Sitting still is boring.

So here I am, trying to find people who are more like me. Who are pure introverts and like being social in small bursts, but enjoy some personal time to unwind, recharge, cool down. Who like having meaningful conversations about important things or nothing at all, or even wild mass guessing about their favorite fandoms. Who understand my chronic need to fix all of the things.

I am currently in an open relationship. Met her here, too! She's HelloKitty775 and she is amazing.

I live life in the bike lane... well, the interspersed scraps Baltimore has of 'em, anyway. Oh, I can drive, but I don't need to. I do enough at work.

If you have a cat, you are automatically awesome.
What I’m doing with my life
No shame here--I'm not Scrooge McDuck or Donald Trump (and thank goodness for that; if I was Donald Trump I would probably kill myself):

Currently I work full-time in retail (grocery store). It's not the best--and oh boy is that putting it mildly--but it takes care of the bills and funds attempts at finding a better job. I used to work in a biology laboratory; my job search tends to gravitate around finding another one.

As for schooling, I had to leave college as a senior thanks to a previous, extremely toxic living arrangement. Does that suck? Yes. Yes it sucks. But we'll get back in, and finish my bachelor's as soon as possible.

Free time? Well, I write stories, ride my bike all around the city, ride my bike to other cities, try to learn how to cook and be handier, work on my art skills, read... a lot (science literature, just science blogs, oh and of course novels too), and play a video game like once every two months.
I’m really good at
-forgetting negative signs
-fixing things
-navigation (the human GPS, they call me)
-striking up random conversations with strangers
-planning, because I plan to be a planner
The first things people usually notice about me
dat energy, yo

Or they notice that I'm quiet. Or that I look young. Or my bicycle accessories, especially in the winter when I have so many more of them. I'm a walking advertisement.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have no idea how to do this; I'm just gonna dump stuff I've been following lately here

the tomes
Just finished The Martian, totally want to read more like it. Science fiction, nonfiction, and autobiographies tend to be right up my alley.

the pictures moving around
I suck at movies
no, seriously
I've most likely never seen your favorite movie

the picture box the shameless streaming
Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey... I'm beginning to watch a lot more television, since I'm going to inevitably surprise you with what I haven't seen yet. Sometimes anime.

the skillful soundwaves
Metal. Yup. Some rock, electronica, exploring hip-hop/rap lately (and tenuously), and various other odds and ends (like stuff from TV shows and video games... oh, you know you have some too).

the interactive media
Life Is Strange. Also: the Final Fantasy series (just finished 7), the Portal duology, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, Yandere Simulator, 60 Seconds!... Mostly a PC gamer right now, because Steam is easy.

the fuel for my ambitions
I know I love Chinese, Thai, and Italian food. And now that I know that, I should try some vegan food. Or African foods. Or more Southeast Asian foods!
The six things I could never do without
How do you... oh, screw it.

1. My legs
2. Freedom of movement / travel
3. Challenge!
4. The ability to create things
6. Adenosine triphosphate
7. Red blood cells
8. g = 9.8 m/(s^2)
9. Smartassery
10. Defiance
I spend a lot of time thinking about
..."the future", the most original answer for this question ever
...story plot lines and plot holes
...what things are in the universe that we just haven't discovered yet, and how much discovering those things will completely change everything about everything to do things that aren't getting done by the people who are supposed to be doing them anyone can cover ancient Rome's artifacts in graffiti; what's wrong with you
...when I'll be able to take a multi-day bike tour without work getting in the way
...the various major social issues in this country today: race relations, the horror that is rape culture, and the rising anti-vaccination movement; all very unpleasant things, but yes, they stay on my mind... and yes, I may or may not be a bit political
...why no one here seems to like cats
On a typical Friday night I am
Does anyone ever have a typical Friday night? I know I ain't the only one who's off doing a bunch of random things.

Maybe I'm out doing a meetup. Or hanging out with friends (or making new ones). Maybe exploring new places in the city? Or sitting at home doing all those things that us nerds be doing--taking wiki walks (or xkcd-walks... something), writing, laughing at cat videos... Or I just go to sleep, to counteract the joy of waking up obnoxiously early, as I do. Or it's the last Friday of the month, and since this is Baltimore and I have a Bike, there might be a Party of some sort piquing my interest.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm Batman.
Shh, it's a secret.
You should message me if
I'm very much attracted to intellectuals, people who are willing to learn more all the time and not afraid to change their viewpoints when they're wrong... and those who are quiet and fellow introverts that prefer small, subdued settings as opposed to large gatherings. A fellow bicyclist is a nice bonus, or at least loves being outside! I would love to find a woman who is active and willing to get her hands dirty instead of just be a pretty face. And someone who is responsible is an absolute must.

Liberals, please! An atheist or agnostic is perfect! Pagans and wiccans also very much welcome. Queer- and bi-friendly, poly-friendly, various other friendlies, may or may not be Friendly's-friendly, "friendly" doesn't look like a word anymore...

Anyone who has a bias against any group (especially racially or LGBT) is not going to be a very good friend. And... if you're anti-science, then we are two fundamentally different people and you would be better off not messaging me... and turning off your computer and selling it, because HELLO

In any case, far be it for me to stop you from messaging me for any reason. Or no reason! Keeps things interestin'.

Also: I work weird hours.
My replies tend to be a bit slow and may come at weird hours.