28 Saint Inigoes, United States
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My self-summary
Rarely late.
Hates peas.
Very random.
Excruciatingly kind.
Loves to volunteer.
Dances poorly but does it anyway when intoxicated.
Talks with her hands and has claimed responsibility for many injuries because of it.
Does not like to use the word "I" in self summaries.
But knows that speaking of herself in the third person is probably creepy.
And weird.
Lived on a sustainable and organic farm in Western North Carolina for 2.5 years.
Is moving back to Maryland after said 2.5 years on the farm.
Loves growing her own food.
Learned more about chemistry in real world practice than in a classroom.
Thinks the thought experiment of Schrodingers Cat is badass.
Swears. A lot.
Prefers vodka over any other form of alcohol.
Laughs and smiles and giggles and snorts and tries to be as optimistic and pleasant as possible.
Knows she can be overly passionate about certain things but doesn't really find that to be a bad thing.
Will likely hold your hand at any given time.
Lives life and takes and risks.
Is far from conventional and ordinary.
Thinks acceptance is better than tolerance.
Will always keep you honest.
Will never break a promise.
Believes the only relationships that last are ones where those involved are best friends.
Sings along to the radio.
Loves cooking meals to a specific playlist and would love someone to dance with while a pot simmers on the stove.
Is clearly a romantic.
Dreams big and does everything she can to make those dreams come true.
Wishes on shooting stars.
Lives her life with both eyes open.
Hopes you find her as awesome as she finds herself.
What I’m doing with my life
She's been moved back to Southern Maryland after her 2.5 year Farm in North Carolina Adventure. Thankfully, she has picked up a pretty okay job to save some money and has been helping her roommate with her band and music label project. And she will be starting school for her paralegal certification very soon. Happiness!

(In 2010, a promise was made to herself from herself to take a big risk and make a big change. So she picked up her life and took an unpaid internship on a small organic farm in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.)

Something she tries to remember in all situations?
"Things do not change, we change." Henry David Thoreau.
I’m really good at
(+)Heavy lifting
(+)Being wildly inappropriate
(+)Talking a lot and with hands flailing all over the place
(+)Taking photographs of odd things
(+)Writing short stories and prose
(+)Singing at the top of my lungs to the radio and/or in the shower
(+)Cooking and baking pretty much anything
(+)Being awesome
(+)Communicating with others
(+)MacGyvering shit
(+)Inventing new ways to piss off Republicans
(+)Getting into adventurous shenanigans
The first things people usually notice about me
(+)Eyes and glasses
(+)Laugh and smile
(+)Ridiculous attention to detail
(+)The need to be in constant motion
(+)Easily excitable nature
(+)The mismatching clothes due to being colorblind (not kidding!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(+)Jonathan Kozol
(+)Harry Potter
(+)Elizabeth Wurtzel
(+)Sylvia Plath
(+)Ray Bradbury
(+)Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere is my favorite novel of his)
(+)The Outsiders
(+)William Shakespeare
(+)Barbara Kingsolver
(+)Joan Didion
(+)Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice especially)
(+)This list could go on for days, weeks, months, and years. The written word is life.

Movies/Television Programs/Radio Programs:
(+)Breaking Bad
(+)Criminal Minds
(+)American Beauty
(+)Five Dollars A Day
(+)Batman Begins and The Dark Knight
(+)28 Days Later
(+)Rear Window
(+)The Descent
(+)The United States of Leland
(+)Stir of Echoes
(+)Children of Men
(+)This American Life
(+)A Prairie Home Companion
(+)The Rise Guys (93.3 in Western North Carolina)

(+)Pink Floyd
(+)The Who
(+)Led Zeppelin
(+)The Rolling Stones
(+)The Beatles
(+)Test Your Reflex
(+)The Bravery
(+)Tegan and Sara
(+)Iron and Wine
(+)Three Days Grace
(+)Papa Roach
(+)The Avett Brothers
(+)Old Crow Medicine Show
(+)Pearl Jam
(+)Avenged Sevenfold
(+)Green Day
(+)The Killers
(+)Five Finger Death Punch
(+)If its indie rock, alternative rock or folk, it will be listened to
The six things I could never do without
(+)My nieces
(+)Moleskin notebooks
(+)The ability to read
(+)My best friend in the entire world
(+)Vodka (I'm only half kidding)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
(+)Chicken nuggets
(+)Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
(+)String Theory and how everything is connected
(+)Why people like peas because peas are gross
(+)True crime and the criminal mind and anything crime related
(+)The future and how I want it all to play out
(+)Ghosts! And other supernatural things
(+)Missing persons (bit obsessed, really)
(+)All things Harry Potter related (neeeeeerd!)
On a typical Friday night I am
(+)On the farm, Friday nights would be spent around the bonfire with live music and many bottles of beer and packs of smokes.
(+)Moving back to Maryland means spending Friday nights with my group of girlfriends. Movies, dancing, drinking, listening to music. That sort of thing. Weekends should always be an adventure, in one way or another.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
(-)Terrified of moths.

(+)Huge Harry Potter fan and yeah, it IS ridiculous!
(+)Used to think fireflies were stars and that she could trap the solar system in a jar.
You should message me if
(+)You want to talk to someone that is obscenely honest and kind
(+)You think I'm as awesome as I like to think I am
(+)You understand the reference in my username
(+)You may not be interested in dating me but you think we might have cool conversations and make good friends. I am always up for new friends
(+)You like to laugh and smile and be silly and hold hands and kiss in the rain and you don't find that statement to be, for lack of a better word, stupid