39Battle Creek, United States
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My self-summary
I totally need to state from the start I only even check things here when someone on facebook mentions this site and then I am like oh shit I have one of those too, what's goin on there, then i find like 12 unread messages from peeps that are no longer even members. So yeah be patient or contact me @ fb, I'm Justin Morey.

I enjoy breaking questlines in fallout 3 and skyrim by killing essential NPCS.

in the last 5 yrs i have been in and out ov the hospital, mental homes, been to jail, been on felony probation, attempted suicide twice, had 2 shattered ankles at once, met some ov the most amazing ppl, made my very best music, have had my heart broken, made my best music, tried new drugs, touched real aliens, and have seen the most magickal things.

Cultural Terrorist, musician, and general ideologue interested in reading, history, getting high,video games,[witch house,[power electronics]], dark ambient, odd culture, wargaming, dystopia, and social networking. My religious views are negligible, I have a "spirituality" if you will but it is grounded in occult practices rather than the pursuit of shortcuts for answers or pie in the sky. The closest thing to a life philosophy for me would be a buffet of Typhonian OTO, Lilith, Qlippothic Magick, Goetia, [Runes]], Satanism, and Chaos Magik. My primary occult interests are in the Choronzon aka 333, Lilith, Runes, Sigils, Dream magik, the theories of Wilhelm Reich, Egregores, The Qlippoth, Atavistic Regression, and those truths that declare themselves to me in dreams or moments of inspiration and work in practice.

I am something like Hunter S Thompson, Frank Cotton, Douglas P, Doug Stanhope, and Friedrich Nietzsche, stuck in one skull.
What I’m doing with my life
I express my cultural viewpoint through multimedia projects, I have many, but R▲dio Vril is the most prominent.

Into menstruation play

Basically an artist and high on occultist pervert.
I’m really good at
Amusing myself with the things at hand. Pissing off phony, shallow people. Painting miniature soldiers. Creating interesting soundscapes. Enjoying the moment for what it truly is. Seeing through the facade of Emerald cities and Ruby Ridges. Being pleasant and humorous.
The first things people usually notice about me
How good looking I am or maybe the severed head I am carrying? Generally they notice I operate in a different universe than their own. It's a place they couldn't go, most of them. I think the better of them notice someone who is not living inside any sort of inherited framework, instead someone living as they choose, judging as they choose, acting as they choose.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:Ambrose Bierce- Andrew MacDonald - Antonin Artaud- Anton Lavey- Ayn Rand- Arthur Machen- Arthur Rimbaud- Baudelaire- Ben Klassen- Black Library Publishing- Carl Jung- Christopher Hyatt- Colin Wilson- Comte de Gobineau- Comte de Lautremont < Isidore Ducasse >- Clive Barker- Desmond Morris- Donald Featherstone- Ernst Junger- Francis P. Yockey- Freya Aswynn- Friedrich Nietzsche- Fyodor Dostoyevsky- George Lincoln Rockwell- George Orwell- Guido von List- Gustave le Bon- Hans Heinz Ewers- Harry Crosby- Heraclitus- H.G. Wells- H.L. Mencken- H.P. Lovecraft- Hunter S. Thompson- Ian Banks- Jack Parsons- James Mason- Jean Genet- Jon Savage- Joseph P. Proudhon- Julius Evola- Kenneth Grant- Klaus Theweleit- Kurt Saxon- Lord Byron- Madison Grant- Marquis de Sade- Mikhail Bakunin- Oswald Spengler- Pentti Linkola- Peter J. Carrol- Peter Kropotkin- Peter Sotos- The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion- Rabelais- Ragnar Benson- Ragnar Redbeard- Robert Anton Wilson- Robert Heinlein- Savitri Devi- Sir Francis Galton- Stanislaus Przybyzewski- Edred Thorrson - Stewart Home- Tacitus- Treitzsche- Victor Ostrovsky- Vladimir Nabakov- Wilhem Landig- William S. Burroughs- Wolfgang Goethe- Yukio Mishima Magazines: Answer Me!- Barnes Review- Blue Blood- Crossing the Abyss- Descent- Heeb- Military History- National Vanguard- Nexus, now called Western Destiny- Nordwave- Not Like Most- The Onion- Panik- Propaganda- Secret- Skin Two- Tear- Wargaming Illustrated- Worm Gear-

MOVIES: 300- 44 Minutes,The Accused- All quiet on the Western Front- Alphaville- An American Werewolf in London]- Apocalypse Now- Atomic Cafe- Bad Boy Bubby- Bad Lieutenant- Badlands- Bad taste- Battle of Algiers- Battle Royale- The Beast- The Begotten- The Believer- Blue Velvet- Boxing Helena- Braincandy- Brazil- The Bride of Frankenstein-The Bunker- Cabaret-The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari- Camps of the Dead- Cannibal the Musical-Cape Fear ( the original and new)-Cecil B Demented- Citizen X- A Clockwork Orange- Closetland- Come and See- Cross of Iron-Cruising- Curse of the Demon- The Curse of the Queerwolf- Cyborg- Dagon- The Dark Backwards-Dawn of the Dead- Dead and Buried- Dead Beat By Dawn- Dead Ringers- Death Race 2000- The Deerhunter- Deliverance- Desperate Living- The Devils- The Devil's Advocate- The Devil's Rain- Dr. Caligari- Dreamscape- Dr. Strangelove or : how learned to stop worrying and love the bomb - Dune - Eldritch Influence: The Life, Vision, and Phenomenon of H.P. Lovecraft-El Topo- Eraserhead- Erik the Viking- Escape From New York - Ewige Juden- The Experiment - Fahrenheit 451- Faust -Fear and loathing in Las Vegas - Flash Gordon- Freaks - Frisk- From Beyond- Ghosts of the Civil Dead- Goodfellas- Gotcha- Happiness - Haxan- Hellraiser - Henry:Portrait of a serial killer- Herr, Doktor- The Hills Have Eyes- Holy Mountain- Ichi the Killer- Idiocracy- The Inheritors- Irreversible- I spit on your grave- <<Jan Svankmeyer>> films...- Joe- Kalifornia- The Keep- <<Kenneth Anger>> Films...- Killing Zoe- King of New York- Labrynth- The Lair of the White Worm - The last house on the left- The Last Unicorn - Legend- The Legend of Hellhouse- Life Force- The Life of Brian- Logan's Run- Lolita both the Kubrick and Lyne versions)- The Long Good Friday- M- Malena- Mephisto Waltz- Metropolis- Midnight Cowboy - Mindwalk- Mishima: a Life in 4 Chapters- Murder In A Blue World- My Sweet Satan- Naked- Naked Lunch- Nekromantik- Network- Night and Fog- The Night of the Hunter- The Night Porter- 1984- Nosferatu- Nowhere- Old Boy- Orgy of the Dead- The Patty Hearst Story- Pearls Before Swine- Pretty Baby- Punishment Park- Querelle- Ran - Razor Blade Smile- Red Dawn- The Red Dragon- The Return of the Living Dead- Richard III - River's Edge -Road Warrior- Robocop- Romper Stomper- Rope - Rosemary's Baby - Rumble Fish- Salo- The Salton Sea- Santa Sangre-Satanis: The Devil’s Mass- Satan's Blood- The 7th Seal- Satyrcon- Shaun of the Dead- Shivers- Shocking Asia I,II- Soylent Green- Speak of the Devil- Stalin - Stalingrad- Straw Dogs- Suburbia - Suspiria- Taxi Driver- Tetsuo Man- The Third Man- Threads- Thursday - THX 1138- Der Todesking- Towers Open Fire- The Trial < <<Orson Welles>> version>- Tron- True Romance- Twister- 2000 Maniacs- Uprising- Videodrome- The Vanishing- Vikings- What is it?- Wickerman- Wild at Heart- Williard- The Winter War- Zardoz

Witch House
Mater Suspiria Vision, Salem, Silver Strain, UNISON, White Ring, GVCCI HVCCI, GLASS †33†H, †‡† RITUALZ, Modern Witch, PWIN TEAKS, telepathe, Trust, Fraunhofer Diffraction, MUGL, SASHA ₴ѺѺ, WIK▲N, ▼▲▼vagina vangi, †GR▲VEL†, BLVCK CEILING, HEALTH, CROSSOVER, Bestial Mouths, CRIM3S, The Knife, Bl4ck SUn, ϟ†Nϟ, Party Trash, ANGST, B O A N, balam acab, Class Actress, Carpenter Brut, GHOST PLANET, Grimes, M△S▴C△RA, Mushy,Teehn Bwitches ...shit like that

Death In June!

Dark Ambient: Music I sleep to

A Murder Of Angels- Anzeigen- Archon Satani- Blood Box- (early) Current 93- Crash Worship- Lull- Lustmord- Megaptera- Murder of Angels- MTT- Nazi UFO Commander- NeuSchwabenland- Northern Sector- Qlippoth- Runes Order- Sleep Chamber- Sleep Research Facility- Valefor- Yen Pox

( music I have a nostalgic,ironic,partial, or zany interest in)
1000 Homo DJs- Absolute Body Control- Adult- Alien Sex Fiend- GG Allin- Marc Almond/Soft Cell- Adam Ant- Alien Sex Fiend- Andi Arroganti- <<Anne Clark>>- <<April March>>- Army of Lovers- Bauhaus- Berlin- The Big Nothing- Bile- Birthday Party- Bizarre Musik Machine- Blacklist- Borghesia- Broadcast- Burzum- Buzzcocks- Buzzfactory- Johnny Cash- Catholic Discipline- Celluloide- Chris & Cosey- early Christian Death - Patsy Cline- Clock DVA- early Cocteau Twins- Coil- Cramps- Cranes- Crass- Cure - Current 93- Curve-The Cleaners From Venus- Daisy Chainsaw- Danzig- Dead or Alive- Depeche Mode- Deux- Devo- Die Form- DJ Adolf- DogPop- The Doors- Echo & the Bunnymen- Electric Hellfire Club- Epee Du Bois- Fad Gadget- Fairlight Children- Faith No More- Falco- Fischerspooner- FPU- Freezepop- <<Serge Gainbourg>>- Gaytron- Generation X/ Billy Idol- <<Gene Serene>>- Genitorturers- Gary Glitter- The Glove- The Go-Betweens- <<Lesley Gore>>- Graveland- Gunther & the Sunshine Girls- <<Lee Hazelwood>>- Hecate Enthroned- Human League- Hunting Lodge- Jack or Jive- <<Jeff & Jane Hudson>>- Joy Division/ New Order- Kas Product- Kompressor-Ladytron- <<Anton Lavey>>- Lolita Storm- Traci Lords- Lords of Acid- Man Parrish- Martial Canterel- Master/Slave Relationship- Meccano- Medicine- Early and mid Ministry- Miss Kitten & the Hacker- Modern English- Nash the Slash- Negativeland- Neon Judgement- The Normal- Gary Numan- OMD- Orbidoig- Roy Orbison- <<Peggy March>>- Pet Shop Boys- Pierrepoint- Pink Industry- Platoon 14- Popular History of Signs- Portion Control- Primal Scream- Psyche- <<Q Lazzarus>>- <<Johnny Rebel>>- Residents- Severed Heads- Sheep on Drugs- The Silver Apples- Frank Sinatra- <<Nancy Sinatra>>- Sioxsie and the Banshees- early Skinny Puppy- Sleep Museum- Smiths/Morrissey- Solvent- Phil Spector- Strawberry Switchblade- Suicide- <<Jamie Summers>>- System F- Three To Forgotten- Tiga- Trisomie 21- Tristeza- Velvet Underground- Visage- Vita Noctis- Vitesse- Wolfgang Press- Wire- XTC-The Zombies- Xeno & Oaklander

FOOD: [Middle Eastern] food, [Thai] food, [Italian], mostly rich and spicy foods. Some favorites: Nutella, Sriracha, Sushi.
Six things I could never do without
Time , Space, Matter, Energy, Will, and Memory.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
pleasure, magick, dreams, what sounds good to eat at the moment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Unaware it is a Friday night and reading a book or online looking up something.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I killed someone last night.
You should message me if
We have something in common. I have said enough here I think that those who should message me know who they are
The two of us