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My self-summary
To be honest, we are looking for a third for our pleasure. So, if you are looking for a night or two of pleasure with a hot couple then let me know by liking my profile or sending a message. Please be in good shape (a little extra is fine as we have our winter weight still)
Don't be shy. Send a message.

On the sex positive and partner side of things...
My lady is not on OKC but she is pretty cool and a beautiful soul. The We of me would love to meet someone for some fun....interested...just email me or *like* me and I will email you. She is 5'8", Czech, slim and gorgeous and has a penchant for tall ladies but appreciates beauty in any form. ;-)

This may be the longest profile ever (or not)...go!

I know the difference between crude and sexual. Sexual and sensual. Rude and honest. Permission and cheating. Love and lust. Sex positive and promiscuous. Do you? Yes, then read on. No, then move on. Leave your judgements at the door, cuz Homie don't play that. ;-P

Ok so here it is. My complicated yet simple, wonderful life. I am trinogamous...which means simply that I have more love to give than one woman can handle (this is said often). Now, don't go judging me just yet....silly girl. It does not mean I am a crazy sex fiend trying to get every bi girl in bed with me...I know you thought it....This is not some ploy just to get three or foursomes or get my rocks off. I just care a lot for people in my life and its best to even it out.

I am not jealous in nature and love to see my girl kissing someone she adores and then kissing me....then we all make dinner, watch a flick, mess around and go to sleep entangled in each others embrace only to wake again and smile at the amazing passion and love flowing between us. Sounds nice, huh? Don't get scared....its just a possibility not a necessity.

Now, I understand that some of you think this is a crock of steamy (eww), but it is true. I have lived with and loved 2 ladies before and loved every minute, in and out of the bedroom. There is much to say about a trinogamous or a V relationship and if you have never been in one before you should think about your bi-tendencies and stretch your boundaries.

As for me personally, I am easily distracted, aroused and geared towards higher living (not speaking 420-wise but I do imbibe). I love the world and everything in it that is true and pure to those who view it. I do not forget or regret anything I do but in my defense to those who sling I am true to my heart and there is plenty for all. I am told by most that I am the most positive person they know and I make their lives better. Yes, even ex-girlfriends will sign to that decree and I am friends with most of them to prove it.

I have travelled Europe extensively and love to get lost in little towns, talking to the older ladies and getting the real story of what life is about. I like to garden balanced with computer design and product development. I make my own art and products to sell. I am artsy and have been told I have good taste in music. Thank you, Pandora for making life easy.

I am full of so much love and superhero on da side.

Wow! Did you actually read this far? I am impressed. Truly. :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Well since I graduated University with a degree in Classics and a ton of Minors I have used it exactly 0 times to get a job. See, I am a creative business person with a penchant for literature and learning. L-O-V-E Learning!!! So since then I have been wandering aimlessly without intention. Seeing where life takes me and loving the adventure. Not really as aimless as it seems but it sounds great. I have simply followed the river of life and it has led me to the spot I stand on. I am working hard at making my artistic talent into a greater business while juggling being a landlord to a wonderful house of people.

I am a designer and I bet you have seen something I have designed already....ever had Kashi cereal...then I have been in your kitchen. I am a lover of variety and I love to design for the moment. I decided, more than a year ago, to be a successful designer with high end companies on my terms. To me status is a false intention of skill. If I can do something I will....I won't rest on my laurels and accept praise readily. Not my style.

I also own an earring design company and I love what I do. I take pictures, make woodcut designs, print them on wood circles and then turn them into earrings. I love every step of the process and dare anyone to say they enjoy their job as much.
I’m really good at
pleasing you. TMI ALERT...No really, its true. Ego aside...I have paid attention to the amazing women who have shared their beautiful erotic knowledge with me (actually most of them forced me to be better as I was a lazy lover to start and now I am so glad I paid attention and you will be too...ok a bit of ego involved but I love what I have learned and I love to share). You first then me...so sit down, scream loud and hold on...its going to be a fun ride.

But, on a serious dating profile note I am good at art, photography, human development, training, love, social psychology, being a [[social entreprenuer}} and being aware of social manipulation (I see patterns quite clearly so if you are a manipulator don't even try...its my biggest pet peeve). I love to look at life as it unfolds and have been told my logic is unerring and unsettling at the same time. I guess some people like to live in confusion but I prefer to see life unfold and hold to what is best and ride the wave, so to speak. My life is great no matter stage my housing, social status or bank account is in. Life is for living...not worrying about. My life is not all about sex, I have a ton of interests, but it is important and if we don't click it won't work out.

Also very good at being a good human, no not the ones that are running things in the world today but the ones that care about other people and make life more fun, enjoyable, livable and wonderful for everyone around them....or so I have been told.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, my height, my kind nature and that I am such a very peaceful guy for having so much Martial knowledge. :-) Occasionally I am a superhero and save the day...hang out you'll see. No I don't wear a cape or tights. ;-)

I'd much rather you would notice that I am a confident, intelligent, wise and caring man with a penchant for healthy debauchery and making people smile but I guess being a Viking is a bit more prominent in the eyes. ;-).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I prefer historical fiction and suspense over horror and anything else. Stephen King bores me as he writes in the style I think and I figure out the endings. I read incessantly and love to expand my knowledge. I never give away a good DIY book and love to read Science magazines...nerd alert.. I once read 100 books in a summer and got an award for it at school but oh how my eyes hurt. Love reading but love learning more and that is not always from books.

Hey, I heard that...I am not boring!! ;-)

Music....well one night of hanging out and you will never worry about my choice in music...I rock and so does my music. I like everything that beats at the speed of life and has a bounce you can dance to.

Food. Boring but delicious. I am on a restricted diet and live on green leafy vegetables, quinoa and a meat of some sort. You eat what you want and I will at what I want...easy as that. But, you can eat whatever you want!!! So no worries.
Six things I could never do without
The breath in my lungs
The smile on my face
The joy in my heart
and That sexy little tart(s)
Spring after winter
and the wink, wink, nudge, nudge hinter
anything more or anything less
would just cause distress.
This is my life and I love what I live. Impressed? ;-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How people are so affected by advertising and why the hell they just cannot be more nice and helping to those around them.

A smile will get you through the day and a frown throws it all away. Smile and the world smiles with you. Start a smile revolution!!! Come on smile right now for me. Feel better already don't ya!?!
On a typical Friday night I am
ME!!!! Nothing more....nothing less. Exciting and fun. Why did you want to do something?!?! I'm free.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have, happily, gotten past the awkward looks most people give me when I explain I enjoy living in a Triad. They just don't know the pleasure that humans have been living since humankind began..

I like aggressive women and shy ladies.

PS. I know how to fold fitted sheets. Like, really know how to make them fit with a top sheet and say it like a Valley Girl too. Like isn't always what you expect huh?
You should message me if
if? IF!? you should be writing already instead of reading this. We are super fun, super cool and well just SUPER. So start writing already. I prefer those who take the initiative and write first. Aggressive women are a turn on to me as well as super SHY...i will bring you out ofyour shell with a big smile and a spring in your step. I do not buy into social preconditions of dating...so come on...if you like me write me...don't wait for me to write. Be assertive and we will get along just great. You don't have to be all the time just the 30 seconds it takes to write an email is enough if that is all you can muster. Just let me know you are interested. If you are shy then just give me 4 or 5 stars and I will write you. Lets have some fun and get this wonderful future started.
The two of us