54Georgetown, United States
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My self-summary
Its been a long time since I have been in a relationship. Right now I'm looking for some companionship, which hopefully will lead to something more.
I'm taking dance lessons a dance school in Lexington twice a month . To be quite honest I'm not the best dancer but I can hold my own in the hustle, the rumba, the cha cha, the foxtrot, and the waltz. I'm a bit iffy in swing and west coast swing. I really love to dance for fun but don't take it for competition. I'll never be on dancing with the stars.

I am unique, thoughtful, and resourceful
What I’m doing with my life
Right now my current responsibilities are devided betwixt and between being a landlord and helping my mother move from what use to be the family farm at least since 1912. This is taking longer than origonally thought. She will be moving in with me. Happy happy joy joy. It's not all that bad except for all of the things tobe moved or gotten rid of.
I’m really good at
Procastination it seems as long as it has taken me to fill in this question.
The first things people usually notice about me
I hope to add a picture or two before long, but untill then ...
In any event I'm tallish at six foot two eyes of blue and I hope I don't look like something from a zoo. Also my once red hair is now bownish turning white and retreating south.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books are SciFi and Fantasy that are in a in multi-part series; mainly relating to a game system like D&D or Warhammer. Brian Lumleys Lovecraftian Deam Land books. History culturial, politocal, and military. What can I say I'm a recovering Politocal Science Major. There are lots of others,but never Harliquin Romances. Yuck!!
My favorite movies are action adventure, scifi., fantasy, anime, comedies, "B" aka. cult movies, and chick-flicks; just don't take my man card. Although I'm drawn more to the movies that were made before Hollywood became polliticaly correct. You know when the future looked bright with a positive attitude not constant gloom and doom. I'm fed up with the future always seen as a dystopia, and how futile hope is; unless we the audience change our ways. While I'm on my rant I don't like movies that glorify the exploitation of either the good, the week, or lack of common sense.
My faorite shows right now are not in any order are Grim, Once, Persons of Intrest, Lost Girl, The Mentalist, Castle, Falling Skys, Archer, Burn Notice, White Collar, Raising Hope, Nikita, etc... Although alot of these I have to see on reruns. Also I'm rediscovering old favorites on ME TV like Perry Mason, and there Saturday night lineup.
My favorite music... Hmm. I can stand most music but when I'm driving, writing, working on my hobies, or medetating I like soundtracks form etither motion pictures, anime, or tv shows. I find the music gives syenergy to what I'm doing.
My favorit food at times I feel like I'm on a "see food diet" not sea food. Actually sea food dosen't really appeal to me. I'm an ominivor who will eat most any thing thats not sea food or something used as a challenge on etiher Fear Factor or Survivor. Also I have to draw the line on how spicy and degree needing to be cooked. My Granny taught me I should try a bite of everything served which I will but I draw the line with sea food and Fear Factor/Survivor fare.
Six things I could never do without
Since I am either too spoilt or indecisive about what I can't do without I can easily decide on six things I'm pleased as punch to do without.
1 Dark Chocolate ( Yes ladies you can be assured that I will never sneek in to your stash of Dark Chocoalte. If on the other hand you have milk chocoalte you may fear for it but not for long.)
2 Texting ( I have absolutely no use for this, and I can honestly say I have never texted. Texting to me seems like a New Speak plot from Orwell' 1984.)
3 Reality TV ( One or two shows are ok. I understand that reality tv is cheaper and easier to produce than what had been untill recently regular eposodic tv. If any thing they are making it easier to decide what not to see.)
4 Emergency noises incerted into radio comercials ( It never fails I'll be driving along listining to the radio minding my business and all the sudden there will be a loud siren, squealing tires, or a blairing horn. To me this is very disconcerting and destracting and possibly dangerous while driving. What I started doing is turning the radio off for a 30 second count so if its the radio you will find out soon enough also the offending comercial will be over with.)
5 Computer Games ( If I play a game I would rather it be with real people; at least people that are present.)
6 Buzwords used by people who don't know what they are talking about.( The talking heads and politicians are the worst offerders. I remember everybody startde using the word "robust" to describe action taken in the war. Untill that time the only time I remember the word "robust" used was in refference to "robust beef stew". If you watch the different news networks on a subject they will almost all use either the same "frazielolgy" or would be accused of plaigery if caught in school.)
There six things I can do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Trivia, the troubles of the world, the short story I'm working on that will become the next great novel, will the history channel go back to making and having shows that actually deal with history, will reality tv take over all the programing, etc... ? Yes it keeps going on I think I think too much.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That would be telling, but I only tell those things to people who I'm very close to.
You should message me if
You aren't running away screaming at the top of your lungs.
The two of us