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My self-summary
FROM CALI TO DALLAS and LOVIN IT!!! I'm fairly new here and new to Texas so bare with me if I don't know the area but hey I'm friendly, so if you visit my profile stop by and say hi, I don't bite....... just nibble;),....damn I miss my mutt Kilo LOL!! Anyways lookin to see what I've heard from women from Texas. ALL GOOD THINGS and that's what i'm lookin for :D.
What I’m doing with my life
Road tripped it (sooooo much fun but needed someone with me;) ) and I have taken the leap of faith and left California to here...Dallas, TX :D and is trying the online thing here on for the first time EVER. I have family here, love the laid back style and great people here. I am a genuine, down to earth guy with a welcoming, sarcastic and all of the above sense of humor. I have a very eclectic taste in music ranging from ROCK to RAP to Reggae to all types of musica en espanol :D, movies and always interested in trying something new. I like to go to concerts to my favorite bands(too many to list :D). I enjoy exploring new places and trying new things. Anyone who is easy-going, sociable, loves to laugh, have a night out once in a while for either dancing(You will learn to dance Cumbia , the only Dance that DOESN'T appear in Dancing with the Stars, with me:D HA!!), movie night, dinner time :P Yummmie (I love to eat Thai and homemade Salvadorean food just like my grandma makes it LOL), will get along great with me.

I like anybody that watches T.V., likes to stay at home to catch up on shows and stuff but when the days are AWESOME in TEXAS I love to go out hiking and MTB of course, to all the local trails here in Dallas( so far I've been to Big Cedar, Boulder Park, Harry Moss Trail, Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve, Windmill Hill Preserve and Northshore- which reminds me so much of my beloved So Cal :D) that my cousin, whom I'm grateful to have, has shared those L.I.F.E experiences with me but I would like to share them with a special significant other :) now. I'm simple, it takes the smallest thing to make me put a smile on my face and of course if it's bigger then I put a bigger smile on my face :D. Ever feel like you need to have that "VISA" moment with someone, ya, that's what I want regardless if it's a trip to the zoo, a local hotspot to have a drink, a vacation and it doesn't necessarily have to involve having to spend a fortune either. Living L.I.F.E is not materialistic, it's soul achieving!

Being raised by a single mother the main things that you learn from a strong woman like my mother is how to be responsible, learned how to fend for yourself, treat others with respect and gratitude. I like to cook on occasions :P, it's one of the fend things my mother taught me when I was young and I on occasion outdo myself... really :) LOL!!

Not sure what else to put on here but I'm thinking I will have my life back on track in this coming year of 2013 and will be able to actually take a step forward an hopefully communicating with anyone here, since I'm taking it a lil bit slow :). I'd like to be able to be with that special someone that I can say "Babe" to everyday, spend free time with her, look in her eyes and feel like "WOW!! I'm with her and I don't even know how but sure am the luckiest guy in the universe to be with her", slap our shoulders, hands and butts :) when we say those crazy things to each other that make us laugh, someone that enjoys a good walk to the park,hiking some real hills and trails while enjoying the scenery for Ex: My Beloved SoCal Mountians, going to Rock concerts and singing about songs that are messages of being in LOVE or breaking up because you feel that you don't want (the breaking up part, just to clarify;D)that to happen to you with that person but feel the music in your deepest abyss of your soul to a planned exotic trip to visiting family to even the simplest of going out for a drink or occasional dinner.....
I’m really good at
A LOT of things including spotting celebrities out of the corner of my eye randomly and randomly saying what show they were in....yeah I know quirky :D. Mountain biking of course :D.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I smile in a way that well..... is welcoming and I'm fun, respectful to others(Thanks MOM ;) LOL!!), and well just happy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any Micheal Crichton book, SONS OF ANARCHY MY FAVE, THE WALKING DEAD ANOTHER FAVE!! My music that I like ranges from Rock ,Rap,Old school,some classical, everything in between and even if you suggest hearing it I will :), to current hits except country,sorry not from Texas but started to listen to some tunes and kinda get it :)
Six things I could never do without
1. Believe in GOD, yeah you better pray, pray for me or even remotely think about him because he sure works in mysterious ways .... how do you think i got here to Texas and well on this site :D LOL!!
2. go to do any outdoor activity without my Smartwater and electrolyte drinks, trust me I'll tell you the craziest story about it and there is a picture above before the downfall of the day! : /
3. MTB with out a helmet, gotta protect the noggin :).
4. Better have chapstick because I'm not sure but there have been at least 6 random girls that told me something about my lips when I had it on...
5. Thinking ahead in L.I.F.E.
I don't know of anything else right now but I'm sure there's other stuff :D.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what's next in my life after finishing something so yeah it's goal orientated in a sense but not chomping at my brain every single day:).
On a typical Friday night I am
chillin like a villan and then go out with co-workers/ family or since I'm not from around here maybe someone can show me the local things to do here ;) HINT HINT!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is something you'd have to ask me in person about :).
You should message me if
you read EVERYTHING LOL!! I will definetely give you props :D maybe a date or two ;) J/K.
The two of us