36 Beijing, China
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My self-summary
I have been in China almost 2 years now. I am teaching myself Chinese so be patient, but I know a fair amount. ;-)

Most days I feel like an alien (not human) and think I should live on the moon. I'm a 36 year with playful child tendencies. I am mature and responsible, but I don't think old equals stale and boring. It should mean wise, experienced and ready for more!

I always need to do creative projects. i love to make people smile and laugh and feel and i hope to one day do this as my full career.


I teach theater and comedy to the young children & teens at the Shangli language school in Bagaocun. I want to give them the gift of creativity and expression.

When I was a child, my friends and I were told in school at recess, "go play in that big field." "What do we do in a big field?" "I'm sure you'll think of something." .... And we did.

My best friend is my dog, Buster! He's a 5 year old beagle.
What I’m doing with my life

Taking risks, starting projects, reading, soaking up information, picking apart and analyzing everything, talking to myself, finding balance, letting go, playing, being silly, taking the bus, playing gameboy, playing retro video games, riding my bike, seeing variety within routine, creating efficiency, writing, podcasts, loving others. Did I say reading?

Observing and sharing the absurdities of life.

I enjoy tomfoolery and kin-noodling around and generally act silly when I teach - but of course get down to business.
I’m really good at
learning chinese
Changing my look depending on the venue.
Taking charge when needed.
Telling Stories
Doing funny voices
Forgetting to flip the record.
Making you smile.
Mrs. Pacman
super mario
describing smells with whimsy
catching my phone when i fumble
hearing a song and figuring out the chords by ear
lesson planning
The first things people usually notice about me
My Generous spirit
My loud laugh
My goatee.
My long floppy hair.
My non-judgmental personality
My many moles (beauty marks) on my skin.
My very huge, incredibly manly... you know... .... .... Eyes
My extremely massive, vein filled, and throbbing... Heart.

**One time 3rd graders in china came up to me one her own and said, "I won't tell your secret that you are one of us and not an adult."**
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Favs: wild, the jungle, boy, danny and the champion of the world, life of pi, lord of the flies, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the things they carried, catch 22, peanuts comic strips, calvin & hobbes,

DeVotchka Fanatic
You Love Me

Beck is my Hero - Here's why
Hollow Log

First Aid Kit

Smashing Pumpkins

The Kills

Mutual Benefit

Tame Impala

Black Angels

Fleet Foxes

Andrew Bird (Super Fan) - Give It Away

Bessie Smith - Real 20's Jazz

Fiona Apple - Her Jazz Stint - After You've Gone


I love horrible bad movies I can make fun of on top of solid movies.

All Documentaries / Exploratory Stuff

The perfect movie is:
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Movies I could Watch OVER AND OVER
Half Nelson
Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
District 9
Rear Window
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
Glengarry Glenross
Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas
There Will Be Blood
Stand By Me
Empire Of The Sun
Napoleon Dynamite
True Man Show.
Evil Dead, Planet Terror
Shawn of the Dead
Kill Bill
Ip Man

INFO NUGGET: when i was 13 I knew Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber by heart. Sadly I kinda still do...

Chinese Food
McDonalds Fries
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Vodka Sauce
Chicken Salad
Russian Bakery Cream Puffs
I eat lots of Tomatoes.

Over The Garden Wall
Shark Tank
The 100
Marco Polo
The Simpsons
Sanjay & Craig
Silicon Valley
The six things I could never do without
Vinyl Records
My Piano
My Famiy/friends
Places in the world that I will one day visit.
Knowing that you will soon be in my life.
A Creative Project
Dark Chocolate
My Dog
Compassion & Laughter
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why do my student loan interests have something called a DISCOUNT FEE?!
If people who live a whimsical life have a meet up group and where can I join?
How does the NYC Socially Awkward Meet Up Group work?
Why the heck do people always stop at the top of the staircase?
Can you photo bomb yourself?
This onion article is almost funny.
Write that down.
He/She is not actually doing anything on their phone, their just making it look like they are doing something!
"Needs more black pepper."
"What if a woman had a third labia?"
What a beautiful mountain view.
What is my dog thinking?
Who actually buys this crap?
On a typical Friday night I am
Listening to music
Laughing with people
Making something?
With my dog.
With you hopefully
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I like to play the board games Settlers Of Catan & Carcassonne and go to the meet up group.

I have played music in the subway and parks in NYC for money several times.

I'm a die hard Weezer fan - but not the pretentious kind.
(some rare shit for you)
(not full song - but i love the drawings)

Sometimes I narrate my own cooking like I'm on Iron Chef.
You should message me if
you have a "replies selectively" red light. Come on! It doesn't take long to write a three sentence email.

You think this is funny:
You want to have a kitchen dance party
You contemplate the universe and it's absurdities.
You love the grey areas of life.
You want to play some retro games
You want to go ice skating, roller skating, biking.
You want to play settlers of catan
You want to buy ingredients and cook a meal together
You are competitive at mini/putt putt golf
You like picnics and patches of green grass.
You like the outdoors.
You use the word amazing for its true value and not just to describe A gray's papaya hot dog
You'd want to shoot my bb gun for target practice together