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My self-summary
***Update 05-03-17

Hello... I changed my user name from OutdoorGuy387... I am not sure it fits anymore, and don't want to lead anyone on.

I am no longer able to do many of the things I love to do that are (or were) written here in my profile, so I made some changes.

In the past few months, I have become unable to walk more than 50 to 100', let alone get out into the back woods to photograph Nature in her undisturbed glory.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not giving up on my passion... I never give up. I'm just finding other ways to get to where I want to shoot. Nature and I are joined on many levels... and I have no intention of giving up my special bond with her.

I may now be considered disabled... but hell, I'm not dead 😊

I'm Still Me!


Hello, and thanks for stopping by my profile...
Grab a glass of wine and make yourself comfortable.

I am a very passionate person, and very physically expressive. I am a pleaser and want to make my partner happy any way she wishes.
Kissing and caressing are the biggest turn ons for me... and I love big long hugs. I love to give and receive sensual massages, however I can also work out those knots in your back or your thigh should that be needed. I like to give massages. I like to take my time and make sure I have not left out any area.

I am very honest and open. This profile should be proof enough of that. I have nothing to hide and I never will. You may ask me any question, on any subject, and I will give you the truthful answer, even if it is something I don't think you will want to hear.

I think the most important attribute for keeping a relationship going is open and flowing COMMUNICATION. In every aspect of a relationship, you need to communicate; from a minor issue of disagreement, to time together in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter, or wherever you are when the moment strikes).
There should never be shouting in anger about some sort of disagreement... rather you need to sit down and talk like the adults we are supposed to be. Listen to each other and come to a compromise. It can not be both persons way... and it should not always be the same persons way... actually, I believe coming to a compromise, if at all possible is the best solution.
The second most important aspect of a relationship I believe is Passion. Passion in relatively equal amounts from you and your partner. If one is very passionate and the other is not, the relationship is doomed from the start.
I believe it is drastically important that we kiss in a similar fashion... you women know what I am talking about. When I kiss a woman who is a good kisser, I simply want to melt right into her. Then there are times when I feel like I am being gagged and she is trying to rip my face off... There may be times for things like that... maybe, but passionate, sweet and delicious melt in your mouth kisses that go on forever are where its at. I also believe it tells of the physical compatibility... but I'll leave that right there.
I have spoken a lot about the physical; please know that I believe we need to have the physical, mental and emotional attachments to make a relationship work. I believe it is the initial infatuation and strong physical attraction that holds two people together to allow the mental and emotional components to take hold. The moment they do... the three combine and skyrocket to unimaginable heights.

I am a nature photographer. I do other types of photography, but I specialize in birds and the natural world around us.

Please feel free to check out my website at:

Or my Flickr site at:

On Google Plus:

I think these days the best place to view a good sample of my work is ViewBug.

I am a father; my most important position. My son Aden is 13 years old. His mother and I share custody 50/50. He is a very nice, sweet kid, and one hell of an athlete. He is quite the soccer player, and also an awesome ski racer. He races for one of the local mountain teams.
His sporting events take up a lot of time, so hopefully you won't mind joining me on occasion. I do try to get to all of his competitions, but realize that there will be times we want to go away on my off weekends; Aden realizes this as well.

I hope you will continue to read on... would you like some more wine?
What I’m doing with my life
I spend my time these days chasing little birds around with my cameras. Large birds too. Finding ways to celebrate nature with my cameras is something I am very passionate about. Be it birds, streams, mountains or a simple expanse that lay before me, I try to capture the essence of what I see in order to bring it back with me to share with the world.
It is ironic in a way, that I used to head out deep into the wilderness to take images of places that many people could not get to because of physical limitations... and now, the places I shoot are going to be limited by my own physical limitations... at least until I figure out a way to get back out there... limitations be damned.
I’m really good at
-Photographing small things outside moving at speed... I. E. Birds.
-Sports photography
-Photographing people in motion
-Giving Massages
-Maybe we could discover more things together?
The first things people usually notice about me
-My smile and my eyes, but I don't see the eye thing 😉 .
-The really big lens on one of my cameras... people are always commenting. I try to tell them size does not matter... I know... be serious... I'll try.
-I often look like I just walked out of the deep woods... because I often have. [Maybe I should now write 'crawled' out of the deep woods... because that might be one of the options I have left].

Hey... if you can't laugh at your problems... they are going to rip you apart.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Clive Clussler's NUMA series of books, of Dirk Pitt fame.
Tom Clancy's Fiction novels

Classic Rock, Classical (the real classics... not the new crap that is being written, which is just a bunch of disjointed noise without any harmonious continuation), THE BLUES!!!, a bit of the New Country, but don't ask me which artists because I have no idea who is out there these days.

"Blazing Saddles", "Caddy Shack", "Blues Brothers", "The Princes Bride", "Finding Nemo", yes... a kids movie... "The Emperors New Groove" was pretty funny too. I could really list some hilarious kid movies... they really make these with humor on two levels... and hey, I have an 13 year old... the timing was just right that I think I saw "Finding Nemo" about 75 times in a very short span of time. I'm a fun dad... what can I say?

I am a carnivore... meat and potatoes... but believe it or not, Broccoli is my favorite food if cooked correctly... I make it a few different ways and like to use it in many of my more creative dishes. I love to cook... one of my favorite winter meals is beef stew... a very basic recipe, but oh so good with a loaf of French bread to dip... yum!
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order... except of course #1

1) My Son!
2) My Camera Gear
3) A sweet woman by my side.
4) My woodworking equipment and all of my tools. (Doubtful, but maybe I can still use some of this).
5) My touring kayaks. (I'm very hopeful I'll be able to use these).
6) Keeping this one open for now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Where I'm going to do my next shoot.
- How to better market my photographs. Okay... I should think about this a hell of a lot more. I'd rather shoot.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical.... hmmmm I don't do typical... though lately, the usual has been editing a recent shoot... I'm, always editing... at least it seems that way.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Shhhh.... come closer.... it's okay.... I don't bite....

Now, sit down.... okay.... are you ready for me to tell you a HUGE secret? Here it comes....

I have Herpes. WHAT DID HE SAY? Yes... herpes. HSV1 & HSV2

Now, don't run away... its not that big of a deal. Sure, people make it out to be such a terrible thing. But last I heard, nobody ever died of a skin rash. Okay... so it's on my um... you know.

Please keep reading... this is important stuff here that YOU need to know... whether you want to be with me or not... you really should know what I have written here. It's not to talk you into being with me... no... it's to try and keep you from contracting herpes if you already haven't.

Do you have herpes? No? Are you sure? Heres the REAL facts.
20% of men and 25% of women have herpes.... 90% of these people don't know they even have it. Seriously.
If this makes you want to click to the next guy, well fine. I don't blame you. Nobody WANTS herpes.... I get that. But.. before you run... lets talk a bit more. You really should get tested... because that last guy you were with... the one who swore he didn't have anything... as far as he knew, he might not have... but he could have and not known it. Or... he was one of the millions of people who has herpes but falsely believes that if he didn't have an active outbreak, he was not able to spread the virus. He would have been wrong. Not lying... just uninformed... like most people. Sure, the chances are less, but you can still catch it. Thats how I got it... 18+ years ago, from a woman who thought that she was safe unless there was an active outbreak. Oh, while I'm at it... condoms... yeah... they help a bit... but only if the guy ONLY has outbreak sites towards the end... and since we're getting it from a woman, he probably also has a site down where we connect the most... you know... the parts a condom does not cover.

I know more than many doctors when it comes to herpes. I have to know... because I don't want to give it to you.

So please, if you take away nothing else from your visit here, make this next sentence the one you remember most.
Go and get yourself tested. Be sure to ask for a blood test for BOTH HSV1 & HSV2 Antibodies.
And be prepared... just about everyone, by the age of 10 has contracted HSV1. I just read that fact yet again on some information put out by the Colgate Company. Go ahead and Google it... while you're at it... Google "Fever Blisters" and "Cold Sores"... you do know these words are simply euphemisms for herpes type 1 (HSV1), right?

One last thing before you go.... you can contract herpes... and not know it, show any signs of it... for many many years... then one day... this lovely fickle virus decides it has hidden itself long enough and BAM! You have been married now for 5 years... have been faithful as can be... and so has your husband... and all of a sudden you (or him) has the signs of early herpes. Neither of you strayed... one of you had it all along, but it went undetected.
I just picked 5 years... it could be longer.
I have wondered how many good solid marriages, where both parties have been 100% faithful, have been destroyed by this little fact.

If you do have herpes, please let me know and lets see if we are compatible. If you don't... go get checked. If you then have it... send me a note. I'd be happy to tell you about the many resources available to help you cope with this new revelation. So many of your friends and neighbors have this.
Its nothing to be ashamed of... yet the social stigma of herpes has gone as far as making people commit suicide. Please don't do that. Come talk to me or any number of more qualified people.

Me... I'm looking for a woman that has herpes... but I also want to help those of you who may have it but not know.... and help you avoid contracting it from someone else if you don't.

This is my secret.... whats your's?
The two of us