37Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
So you may have noticed it says "Available" and not "Single." I'm in a physically polyamorous relationship with an amazing woman sporktastic. If you have interest in a couple, definitely send me/us a message. Anyway, I know that (the already in a loving relationship "thing") is a deal breaker for many people, so I thought you should know the situation up front.

It occurred to me that I should also mention: if I saved you to my favorites and you haven't heard from me, it was because I was interested in talking to you but didn't have the time to message you properly, and was concerned I'd forget. I'm not a creepy guy, just absent-minded. :)

I love new experiences, but I'm not opposed to surfing the couch. If you can't hold your own in a conversation, if you're afraid to speak your mind or stand up for what you believe in (even if others find it insipid or ridiculous), then we might not get along. I've learned not to trust physical attraction as the sole indicator of potential - there's nothing worse than sitting down with someone you think you're interested in, only to realize you have no long-term potential based on who they really are. I'm slowly moving into adulthood, but I refuse to give up the better aspects of being a child - to paraphrase XKCD, I'm an adult, and I get to decide what that (being an adult) means. (http://xkcd.com/150/)It's an interesting metamorphosis, and though it's far from easy, I believe I'm on the right track.

I am insightful, gregarious, and more than a little nerdy. I don't have what the politicians call "traditional values," and I think that I'm better off for it. It sometimes seems as though we all might be better off if we could be a little less tied to tradition (not that it has to be outright abandoned, I've just never been one of those "Do it because it's what's always been done" kinda guys). I'm a recovering conservative (more than ten years clean), though I'm pretty sure I was just a confused libertarian at the time. I'm a progressive now, and while I certainly (probably) won't judge you (outwardly) based on your political leanings, it seems only fair to let you know in advance that I have a (bad?) habit of questioning sacred cows. It should also be noted, however, that I tend to question everything, I'm no one's sheep, and no, I don't think it's a bad thing. To quote Carl Sagan, "Better the cold truth than a warm fantasy."
What I’m doing with my life
I'm learning to delude myself into enjoying the often unenjoyable trappings of adulthood, or at the very least to grit my teeth and get it over with so I can get back to whatever has my attention for the moment. Seeking inner (and sometimes outer) peace, and remembering how to enjoy life's simpler pleasures without allowing them to sidetrack me completely (at least not all the time). Dieting, trying to integrate more physical activity into my gamer lifestyle. I've always been what one might consider fat positive, just not all that self-positive. :)
I’m really good at
Playing the devil's advocate, dry humor, weaving massive fabrications (for humor purposes only, I assure you), being wrong, being clumsy (they call it The Touch of Chaos), pretending to be nervous so I don't seem so damn arrogant, empathizing, video games, finding good and/or interesting music, reading people, predicting the future, surprising people, and again, being wrong. (I'm simultaneously somewhat bad at being wrong, but it happens often enough that I assume I've got a gift.) I like to take things apart, though I'm not always interested in putting them back together. This has not always been a positive quality to have, but the experience comes in handy when you're trying to re-wire the power supply for your laptop in your hotel room using only a pair of needle-nose pliers and a men's grooming kit.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd make a very poor ninja (a shame that will always haunt me). My size (I'm 6'5"), my blue eyes, my sense of humor, my wealth of trivial knowledge...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like all kinds of movies, and generally find myself unable to come up with a fast answer when I'm asked to pick a favorite one. I like documentaries. I like quirky indie things. Action movies have their charm, but most of the ones I enjoy probably benefit from nostalgia. Comedy is probably my reigning champion among the genres.
Music is a constant presence in my life. I've always wanted to really learn to play it, but I don't think my failings in that regard preclude me from enjoying it. It would take me pages to list all the bands I love, but I can try to give you a taste. "Classic" (read: genre-defining) acts like Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Stones, and so forth. I love harder rock like Metallica, Rammstein, Tool, and Type O Negative , as well as punk stuff like The Ramones, NOFX, Guttermouth, Aquabats ,Pennywise, or Bad Religion. As for the category of "Bet you'd never have guessed:" things like the Dresden Dolls (even saw 'em live in SF), Regina Spektor, Jonathan Coulton (I dare you not to enjoy "First of May" or "The Future Soon"), and lately even some Lady Gaga. Oy. I hate to sound horribly cliché, but I really do listen damn near everything, except for pop or country (And I even have a little of that). I also love me some NPR, especially This American Life, though it's been a while since I took the time to listen to it. I love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, The Venture Brothers, Breaking Bad,Futurama (what the hell is up with the new episodes being so tragically mediocre?), Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Wire, and of course The Simpsons (even though they haven't been good in years...sigh). I love sushi, Thai, Indian, Italian - really I'll try almost anything, and I'll probably like it, too. That statement is almost definitely about more than food. I also love to cook, and I should probably eat out less. I love to read, though anymore it seems that so much of what I read is outside of books, and that saddens me a bit. Beyond the news, I like various webcomics like Penny Arcade, xkcd, or Perry Bible Fellowship(which has nothing to do with religion, in spite of the name). I've been diving into some Howard Zinn lately, and after that I've got some Chomsky, some Carlin, and some Vonnegut. And Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, or Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan may change your life). Perhaps I'll read this summer in lieu of summer school. I can already tell there's no way to get it all in here. Just ask.
Six things I could never do without
(in no particular order)

1. Friends. 2. Music 3. Humor. 4. Caffeine. 5. Cats (I'm a sucker.) 6. Black t-shirts.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything - my mind just won't shut up long enough for me to know peace. Philosophy, politics, religion, psychology, sociology, food, inventions...the list is insane, so really, I just spend a lot of time thinking about a ridiculous variety of subjects (ranging from "The nature of karma" and "How to keep the wheels of social progress turning" and to "Why doesn't anyone on the Enterprise listen to rock music?"). My mind absorbs knowledge like a sponge, though my memory seems to have more in common with a sieve. (Edit: Sponges have holes, too, so maybe the sponge metaphor is more accurate than I originally thought.)
On a typical Friday night I am
I would prefer to think of my Friday nights as less-than-typical, but I'm being idealistic. Dive bars are fun. Drinking at home with friends is fun. Parties are fun. Dinner out with a friend (or more than a friend) is fun. Staying at home culling the Netflix stream is fun. Rock Band is fun. Video games are fun. Fun things are fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
What, the Star Trek thing up there wasn't bad enough? Fine.

The Velveteen Rabbit had a very bad (and somewhat lasting) effect on me, leading me to hold some bizarre animistic ideas about inanimate objects with eyes. I don't really believe they're alive or have souls or anything, but somehow it messes with me when I have to get rid of certain things. It sounds funny, but you try being six and having to get rid of some stuffed animals that you believe are going to be hurt, lost, and confused the moment you slam the dumpster lid.
You should message me if
You know when the narwhal bacons (or even if you don't). You want to talk to someone different (I am certainly that). You want to get to know a weirdish guy with a good heart, an irreverent (and occasionally evil) sense of humor, a well-developed vocabulary, and a fairly twisted (and unique) perspective. Perhaps you're tired of the same old. Perhaps, like me, you're beginning to think that dating someone new all the time is less fun than you thought it would be when you were younger, or perhaps you're looking for an anchor to date new people with. Maybe you'd like to talk to someone who can not only make you smile, but genuinely enjoys doing it. Maybe you've been listening to Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, or Rufus Wainwright), and it got to you, and you want to discuss it with someone else. Or some other song in a similar way. Or just about anything that should be discussed over drinks on a porch or patio - that trivial knowledge of mine comes in handy sometimes (which, yes, I know, seems contradictory). Or just because you feel like it...I'm ok with that.
The two of us