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My self-summary
Funny story... An attractive and seemingly compatible woman contacted me recently albeit not locally so she suggested corresponding via email to get to know each other better. I sent one email and not only did I never hear back, she immediately removed her profile from this site. I thought about emailing her back to ask what was SO bad that it warranted these actions. However, as a mature adult and out of respect for her privacy, I deleted her email and won't be contacting her further under any circumstances.

That said, I considered all the things that I revealed about myself that would be cause for someone to not want to contact me in the first place so as to avoid this kind of let down in the future.

Here is the additional information that I disclosed:

* I'm currently living with and taking care of my recently widowed father (so no, my mom's not "still in the picture." Perhaps me hinting that this was a stupid question was the culprit)

* I recently quit my job as a contractor to set out as a freelance artist, spending saved money (not credit) on software as to be legitimate and as a motivator

* I have no respect for third wave feminists or any other current virtue signaling SJW's, including the terrorist organization BLM. I am, on the other hand, for equal rights for all.

* This would make me more moderate than liberal (that may have been the deal breaker)

* I previously listed I was eating healthy but truth be told, I'm doing a lot of summer BBQing and grilling some damn good steaks. I eat lighter in the spring and the fall.

* I've referred to myself as "part-time" vegetarian as I tend to cycle through various diets. I'm in "meat" now (summer 2017)

* Although I go "veggie" for health vs animal rights reasons, I do not hunt or fish (even catch and release) as animals have it tough enough as is

* I do own and shoot a fire arm for recreation and home protection. If you think this is a deal breaker, let me take you to the range and let you fire my pistol. I've never met anyone male or female that does not find the experience exhilarating (This was not even one of the "deal-breaker" things disclosed, but likely would have been .)

* I'm currently 30-40lbs overweight due to the commute and hours of my previous job plus diet restrictions on what my dad refuses to eat. I've just started hitting the gym and am determined to be back in shape by fall. I have achieved this before so I'm confident that I can again, although age my play a factor this go round.

I do not consider myself "god's gift" and I'm sure one or more of the things listed above are going to disqualify me from being a match for many of you fine women out there.

However, if you're a moderate, age appropriate woman with little expectations beyond being with a good-natured guy you can trust and count on who likes to drink, grill, laugh, and knows when to "bring it in" and when to give your space.. Well, I say, you could do a lot worse. Ha ha.

Now back to what I posted previously which, I think, is a pretty accurate snapshot of who I am:

I would classify myself as creative and artistic vs athletic, although I feel it's important to keep fit in order to maintain physical and mental health. That said, I really don't follow professional sports, but rather than be a "stick in the mud," I'm happy to down a few beers and hot wings during a game if that's what everyone is up for.

As I am atheist and artistic, you've probably gathered that I'm liberal. This is generally true but I'm conservative in other ways. I find people to be more complex on the whole to be defined by one label or another and I'm no exception.

Addendum: Adult liberal, not this childish SJW bullshit being spread by coddled 20-somethings that grew up in a world without strife and being brainwashed by Ultra-liberal professors to aim their unbridled angst towards the nebulous white male patriarchy. Adult liberals are concerned with adult issues like affordable healthcare for all US citizens, affordable education so young adults do not have take out a mortgage for a useless degree in social justice or the like, cutting out corporate loopholes and regulating practices of the rich so we do not have a repeat of the 2008 recession, dialing back the military industrial complex and pursuing alternative means of energy, etc. When we finally defeat these adult issues then, and only then, will I consider addressing you by your preferred pronoun.

I consider myself moral and ethical, more so than most it seems. While not religious, I do follow the guiding wisdom of major religions but without fear of eternal punishment nor hope for eternal reward. This is because a lot of religious doctrine was established to promote good health and welfare in a pre-science world. However, I reject practices that discriminate against homosexuals or others based on arbitrary notions of what is a sin in the eyes of a fictitious deity.

As I stated before, I think this provides a pretty good snapshot of who I am, especially after including the additional info leading to one user of this service completely closing their account so horrified that they couldn't just simply say, "Hey, you know what? I just don't have time for a long distance thing and, after reading your letter, I think I'm a little bit more liberal than you -plus you're fat."

I'm a man, I can take it.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile and, if you're not too "country" and not too "rock n' roll," give me a shout. I look forward to hearing from you!
What I’m doing with my life
Work in progress
I’m really good at
I'm an unusual artist and writer with a good sense of humor. People who "get me" love me, everyone else... meh.

Example: for fun I'm currently spoofing the album "An American Prayer" with my version: "An American Prayer II, Prayer for Judgement."

If you know why that's funny, marry me!
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty sure it's that I'm bald. I've wrestled with this in the past but have finally come to grips with the reality of it or have at least resigned to my fate. Either way, I can confidently say, "at least I'm not getting any balder!"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
1984, Catch 22. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Blue Velvet. The Office, Survivor. Pink Floyd, Radiohead. Grillin' out, Sushi.

*Special shout out to Beck: Musically speaking, one of the most under-appreciated geniuses of our time!
Six things I could never do without
I have done without a great many things so it's hard to say but the one thing I CAN do without is anyone who lists "god" as one of the things they couldn't do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...how someone could make such a masterpiece of a movie like Rushmore, Blue Velvet, or The Sixth Sense and then have all their subsequent films suck so miserably.


What I can do before I leave and what I can leave before I do.

more recently...

Why does this black guy keep showing up under "You might like...?" What in my profile could possibly... wait, does OKCupid know something about me I don't know?!
On a typical Friday night I am
...therefore I think.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
...is that I believe asking people to admit their most private thing in a public forum is retarded (No offense to the mentally challenged)

-Oh, and that I hope the person that flagged my photo of my dog dies of cancer... I didn't realize I had broken any rules and, hence, did not actually mind the photo of my dog being taken down.

But the thought of the smallness and pettiness of someone to go out of their way to report a photo of a beloved pet (When there were 3 other clear photos of myself proceeding it!) makes me disgusted to have to exist in the same world as such a lowly, hall monitor wanna be, rat-like excuse for a human being. Yuck!

*Normally I would have kept these thoughts private but, you know, since you asked.
You should message me if
...you like people outside the status quo, you're good-natured, you have time to spend enjoying life and if you like good food, wine, and conversation... for starters.

Note: Don't bother if you're the type of person who would flag a photo of a pet (or any other photo for that matter, unless exceptionally offensive to the point of being questionably illegal).

Also, I am no longer communicating with anyone from Baltimore, MD. That's right, the woman mentioned at the beginning of my profile ruined it for the rest of you in or from around that area! *

Lastly, I should add that I'm currently not dating until I get my "ducks in a row" career wise. (I would never have a woman "treat" on a date; worse case scenario "dutch" until we've gotten to know each other.)

My profile is here as I'm collecting data on potential compatible women in the event I ever get my career rolling because, as I've found in the past, approaching women in the grocery store seems to be triggering and traumatic experience for them in this day and age.

Hence, I'm hoping to eventually find someone who wants to be approached by the likes of me and therefore I'm keeping my data as "real" as possible. Yes, I am aware only a man thinks this way but hey, if the time comes when I'm ready to date again, I'll rewrite my profile to paint a picture of myself in a more flattering and enticing light.

All that said, although I'm not available now (for the reason listed above -I'm not involved with anyone), if you think we're a good match, please feel free to keep me on your "rolodex" -we may have the opportunity to meet in the not too distant future.

*The part about Baltimore, MD is meant to be funny, I hope that's obvious.
The two of us