42Knoxville, United States
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My self-summary
I'm going to try to explore a new paradigm in dating site profile writing: brutal honesty. Ready? Here we go:

THE CONS: (I figure it's better to get this stuff out of the way first - can't have dessert before we eat our vegetables, right?)

* I have an extremely rare condition that causes the skin on the right side of my body to produce too much collagen, making the skin itself very hard and lacking in elasticity. This limits my range of motion and causes me to walk with a limp, due to the fact I can't straighten my right knee and flex my right ankle properly. The upshot of this is that I can't comfortably walk long distances or be on my feet for extended periods of time. I like the outdoors and nature as much as anyone, but sadly, I won't be taking 15-mile day hikes through the Smokies anytime soon. More like 2 miles, max.

* I'm allergic to cats. The extent of the allergy depends on the cat in question. Some, I can hang with just fine. Others, my eyes start to water after about an hour in the same room, unless I take a Benadryl first, which makes me groggy and lethargic and no rock 'n' roll fun. So if you live with four Persians, hanging out at your place is realistically not going to be an option. This blows, as I do like cats, but it is what it is. (side note: dogs, on the other hand, looooooove me, and the feeling is mutual, unless you own a tiny bitey yappy dog, in which case I have to ask: "why do you own a tiny bitey yappy dog?")

* I'm not tall. I'm 5'7" 3/4, which in my view rounds up to 5'8". I have dated taller women sans self-consciousness, but I do understand that height can be a dealbreaker and have accepted this fate with Napoleonic aplomb.

Still reading? Excellent.


* I'm smart, sometimes even witty, and, I'm told, a good conversationalist. I have a pretty insatiable curiosity about most things and can hold my own in most spheres of talking.

* Although I do have some physical limitations, I work out regularly and am in pretty good shape. After years of neglect, I'm working to becoming a healthier person. That being said, I enjoy bourbon, red wine, and steak, because I believe in moderation in all things, and being healthy and fit doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of everything pleasurable in life.

* I'm politically and culturally aware without (I'd like to think) coming across as a pretentious douche. In fact, pretentiousness and I are sworn enemies locked in eternal mortal combat. If you're a hipster (and I know nobody admits to this particular label, but if you are one, you know it), we're probably not going to get along that well.

* I'm polite, kind-hearted, generous, and generally decent. I say please and thank you and sir and ma'am because that's how I was raised. I treat service industry employees with respect and am a very good tipper.
What I’m doing with my life
After years of slaving away at a dead-end job, the company shut down, forcing me into new lines of work, which include teaching guitar lessons privately and some freelance music editing/composition stuff. And, for fun, playing drums in a rock band. Don't worry: I'm not broke. I'm not rich, of course, but I'm financially secure and have a car and my own place and all that.
I’m really good at
Scrabble. Trivial pursuits. Lifting heavy metal. Breaking down music. Grammar, spelling, and Putt-Putt.
The first things people usually notice about me
Please refer back to the first bullet point in the "CONS" section above.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There's a theory that what defines you is what you like, not what you're like. I'm not sure I buy into this, but nevertheless, here goes:

Books (well, authors): Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, Malcolm Gladwell, Don DeLillo, Nate Silver

TV: The Wire, Six Feet Under, Archer, the obligatory Daily Show/Colbert Report, House of Cards, football, college basketball, baseball, nature/history/science stuff, ooh look, shiny!

Movies: Dr. Strangelove, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, Donnie Darko, The Godfather, There Will Be Blood, pretty much anything by Wes Anderson, Martin Scorcese, or the Coen Brothers, the original Star Wars trilogy

Music: the Shins, Spoon, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Guided by Voices, Flaming Lips, New Pornographers, Beck, Besnard Lakes, Phoenix, Sloan, Radiohead, the Who, Beastie Boys, Queens of the Stone Age, local stuff - this could take all night, so I'm going to wrap it up here.

Food: Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Southern. Trying to expand my palette, as man cannot live in steak and potatoes alone.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Social injustice (no, seriously!), how to fix the public education system (again, no, seriously!), hypothetical baseball trades... really, this is a Pandora's box that you may not want to open.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either going out or staying in. Once distilled to its essence, it comes down to that, right?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I play golf. It's like crack, I swear.
You should message me if
you have a sense of humor. If you enjoy banter, witty repartee, sarcasm, flirty/playful mutual antagonism, and interesting conversation about a variety of topics. If you're open-minded. If you're a musician, or at least a lover of music. If you're also insatiably curious. If you want to.
The two of us