41 East London, South Africa
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My self-summary
/*Comment: Reading through some of what I have put into my profile, I have noticed that there is something that feels off about it. Why it makes me feel this way is not something I can put into words such that the words used are accurate. "Pretentious" and "self-indulgent" keep on coming up, though. Is it time I rewrote my profile from scratch, I wonder? Am I making myself out to be better than I am in reality? Is it time I moved on from OkCupid? */

By day, I am an unremarkable Junior Administration Assistant at a small information services company who tries to make himself useful and doesn't abide by such strictures as job descriptions. If it is legal and not abhorrent to me, all I need is to me taught how to do it. [Some patience may be required here: I am a slow learner.]

/*Comment: are you not meant to conclude with what you are or do by night? Just saying. */

I am content with my own company most of the time, and do not think that I would do at well at dating. This should not be taken to mean that I don't want friends, or at least to "meet" people with a view to regular online chats-online gaming even. Owing to my life circumstances, any friendships I form here cannot progress to anything more intimate than that.

When I say that I don't want children, I mean that I don't believe that I would make a good parent. I am also not in a position to be able to support, feed, clothe, educate and help the child on the way to adulthood.

I am an atheist, though not the militant type. I can tolerate religion only up to the point where it does harm, whether physical, emotional, or intellectual.

When I do go out, and am not shopping/window shopping, I gravitate towards libraries, bookshops [I can easily spend most of my time out here. It is easy for me to lose track of time in such places.] , and computer games and hardware stores. My home town could do with more of these - and larger library.
What I’m doing with my life
Dabbling in whatever interests me within a given period, whether or not I am any good at it.

I take pride in my work, but am not a slave to it, and look forward to doing the things that bring me pleasure outside of working hours.

Appreciating the time I spend with my family, close and extended, wherever they are. Though expected, death still has the capacity to shock.
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. This is not something that I would quiz other people on.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
/* Comment: Citations: what are they, and how do I give them? */
Books [By author]

Owing to the number of science fiction and fantasy books at my local library, I have [rather than regularly reading what is available] taken to branching out into the Crime, Medical, and Urban Fantasy genres.

Fantasy and science fiction:
Isaac, Asimov, Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton, Stephen Baxter, Neil Stephenson, William Gibson, Douglas Adams, David Gemmell, Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Mary Zucker Reichert, Terry Pratchett

Popular science [By subject]
Astronomy and Cosmology, Genetics, Computers and Technology, the English Language, Prehistory [more specifically the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic eras], Western Mythology, Quantum Mechanics [I can't say that I understand it, but it intrigues me. It's like magic]

Joe Deaver, Kathy Reichs, J.D. Robb, Karin Slaughter

Robin Cook

Other: Janet Evanovich

Comics: Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Madam and Eve, Asterix, Birds of Prey, X-Men/X-Force, Runaways, Firestorm, Avengers, Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers], Ms Marvel [Kamala Khan], Aphrodite IX, Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. I have a Marvel Unlimited subscription, and buy comics using Humblebundle.com.

Having tried some alternatives, I find myself returning to iTunes to get my podcast fix. I have managed to pare down my subscriptions to a more reasonable selection since the last time I mentioned podcasts in my profile.

I seldom visit a cinema. If I do watch a movie, it will be on ShowMax or Netflix. Most of what broadcast on public television has already shown at least half a dozen times. Though I do, by law, have to pay an annual TV license it serves more as a screen for gaming and watching rented DVDs, BluRay discs or whatever is available on Netflix/Google Movies/ShowMax.

My cinematic tastes tend toward science fiction and fantasy. I pay little attention to reviews, but watch what I enjoy. Suicide Squad being case in point.

Currently, nothing. I do take out a subscription for Netflix or Showmax now and then.

Music: Mozart, Holst, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Grieg, Elgar, ABBA, Kate Bush, certain film sound tracks.

Computer games:
Primarily role playing games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, if that counts as one. I have not yet got around to playing any of Bioware's earlier work [Baldur's Gate, etc] I am also a sucker for shoot 'em ups [Star Saviours, Raiden, Demon Star, Raptor, and Enemy Mind, for example] I enjoyed what Quest for Glory games I have played [or tried to play]. Tachyon: The Fringe, Wing Commander IV and Prophecy, Dungeon Keeper 2, Heavenly Sword, Mass Effect 3, and Halo 3 were good, too. So many games, so little time! I have too many games on too many platforms. I know that I should let most of them go, but......inertia.....don't know where to begin.
The six things I could never do without
The love and support of my family: we are very close. [It comes having a Greek parent]

Libraries, because books are expensive, and storage space scarce. Books/magazines/comics: still my primary form of entertainment. [I would happily pay a yearly subscription to belong to a vast online library from which I could read a given number of books a month.]

My job: because most of I need or enjoy has a price tag. [A sense of accomplish in completing a task as well as I possibly can doesn't hurt either.]

Regular solitude

My computer and its associated LTE internet connection.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether I am misrepresenting myself in any given situation at any given time.

To what degree my thoughts and ideas are inconsistent with reality.

Whether a given activity is worth pursuing.

The disjuncture between the expectations that some people have of me and my own experience. [Now and then, I need to remind myself to make peace with who and what I am, and not to drive myself to exhaustion trying to live up to the expectations of others. I pushed myself severely at at school, and did reasonably well there through sheer hard work and memorisation, though I struggled with subjects like Maths. Throughout this time, I felt like an impostor, and believed that it was only a matter of time before my "luck" ran out. Some people anticipated that I would eventually graduate from university. I did not. I hope that they have accepted, or will come to accept, that I am not as smart and ambitious as they may have thought.

I have been told that I have a tendency to overthink matters, to make them more complicated than they are.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmmmm....other than stay up later than I would on a work night, I wouldn't say that I do anything that I wouldn't on any other day of the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was nine years old before I managed to master tying my shoelaces. That was not by the technique that had been shown to me repeatedly. As I said early: there are some things that take me longer than most to cotton on to.

I feel intimidated by those who OKCupid's algorithms measure as my closest matches. They are more accomplished, refined smarter and better educated than I am. I feel that this leaves us with little or no common ground. However did OKCupid calculate a 90%+ match? Am I misrepresenting myself? The expression "out of my league" applies.
You should message me if
....you would like to begin a conversation, I amuse you, youare curious about something you read in my profile, or would like to offer me advice on fixing my writing style. I have reread what I have written, and it comes across as stilted. I have been wondering whether that is a true reflection of myself, or a fabrication stemming from a feeling of insecurity-an ill-advised attempt to impress.