67Southampton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Update April 2017 - after a year away on another site I've returned. Why ? Because I actually met some interestng people on here !

Hedonistic, practical, never bored with life, but easily bored. Catholic range of interests and tastes, and up for new things. I do not own slippers, a fast car, and I am not an embarrassment in company. Having said that a group of friends did an autism test, and yours truly was rather borderline. This proves nothing, but could explain my dislike of crowds (such as festivals and the like), and why I have at times felt I don't quite fit in the usual categories. Not a weirdo, just a bit out of the ordinary would sum it up ( and how certainly friends will describe me!).

Update Feb 2013- just done the What dog are you Test, and yes, it told me what I already knew. That the ONLY dog I should share my life with would have to be a Collie. I 'borrowed' one in autumn half term, and we got on famously, but that was AFTER we'd had a little chat about who should go out of the front door first- it was decided it should be me after a bit of exuberance on Tess' part caused us to both end up in a heap just outside.
What I’m doing with my life
Still working hard, keeping in touch with grown up offspring (who all have jobs thank God), going on long car journeys, especially France, Spain and Portugal. Trying to fit as much in as I can, before it is too late. I have lived on my own for the past twenty five years, during which for sixteen years I have had two girlfiends at the same time, for eight years only one, and for two periods of six months, none. I know the more conventional out there would have great difficulty with my next statement, namely that I am loyal, trustworthy and very honest. Man as a species was not designed to be monogamous, but convention will not recognise this, despite it being so very obvious in everyday life. Back to the question above, I am working, holidaying, cycling, fucking, listening to music (including the odd live gig), getting to grips with a new & hideously expensive camera, and enjoying the company of my lovely girlfriends. Yes, they know about each other, but don't know each other.
I’m really good at
Being untidy

Wild camping

Eating Stilton

After some disasterous efforts earlier in my life, I can now sus folks out generally pretty accurately ( and see them for what they are, rather than how it might outwardly appear).

Non-monogamy and can love and cherish intimacy with my lovely partners

Following recipes- the results are usually praised, but I'd never describe myself as any sort of proper cook.

Sex- well I'm usually invited back, so something must be right.

Seeing comedy or absudity in many every day situations.

Kissing (apparently)

Downloading stuff, then not listening to it

Getting away from it all, more wild camping, more Stilton, and a G&T in the sun
The first things people usually notice about me
Perhaps my smile ?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Very catholic music tastes, old movies, love eating (and cooking). Some folks do go on about this; I need a book or film to keep me interested throughout, and not to have too complex a plot (remember the borderline autism!). But over the past ten years or so a good history book is more my line, especially around 1870 ish to date. And, I never fail to enjoy an old Giles annual ! But of course I was around then...

Recently got back into Melvyn Bragg and 'In our Time', R4. What an amazing array of subjects, so much one can learn. Utterly intriguing.
Six things I could never do without
human touch

red wine

tea (leaves of course)

cyclamen in flower on my windowsill to see me through the winter

watching clouds, especially in a decent thunderstorm

I spend a lot of time thinking about
The movements of galaxies cannot be explained by the amount of known matter with its gravitational pull; there isn't enough of it. The deficit it appears cannot be accounted for by Black Holes, with their immense gravitational pull, as there aren't enough of them. So what's going on ? Enter 'Dark Matter'. Fascinating !

Religion- who on earth thought that a clever idea ? Why people get blinkered by 'their' religion. How can you link commonsense stuff like contraception or abortion, to what some deity apparently wants? How it isn't sinful for a religion to make people feel guilty because they have 'sinned'. Why does religion appear to breed fanaticism- the 'Religious Right', Jihadism, Abortion Clinic atrocities, and so on. And, if there is one God, how does dealing in angels, lambs, cherubs and so on apply to the poor sods a few parsecs away (let alone those further afield!). Come one mankind, get real. Here endeth the first lesson (sorry, rant!).

Oh, and why do I have this peculiar profile name? Because I think they are misunderstood, and this species is extinct !
On a typical Friday night I am
Sorry, shift workers don't recognise this question...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I keep a diary ?

Otherwise you'll have to find out
You should message me if
You suspect there is more to this guy than the crap he's written here. Crap in the sense of how can you describe yourself accurately, as others see quite different aspects, unappreciated by the writer...

And if you're looking for a friend with benefits (which isn't an option in the 'I'm looking for' above), then I'd like to hear from you. The benefits would be intellectual stimulation at first, and we can discuss other stimulating subjects if that appears appropriate to each of us.

You're a younger woman who appreciates, or thinks she might like, a sensible mature man.

You're not normal, because I'm not either. And you've never quite 'fitted in'- message me!
The two of us