30Spartanburg, United States
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My self-summary
A few quick tips about me:

1. Okay, so, here's the thing... I'm quite tired of spending so many hours putting so much effort into corresponding with people over e-mail/okcupid messages just for them to randomly delete their okcupid profiles and vanish.

This has happened so many times to me over the years that I've lost count now and It's just ridiculous. So, I've reluctantly decided not to correspond over e-mail anymore. I will exchange a couple e-mail/okcupid messages and that is all. Just enough for us to introduce ourselves a bit and exchange instant messenger names and that's it. If you're not willing to chat on an instant messenger program then we won't be able to talk. Please be honest and up front about this so we don't waste each other's time.

I use Discord messenger mostly but can also use yahoo messenger if requested.

Update: I don't use Skype anymore. In March 2017 Skype cut off its older versions enforcing all users to use its newest versions. I dislike the newer Skype versions and so I won't be able to continue using Skype.

2. I don't subscribe to A-List. If you're clicking that like me button or whatever, I will never see who you are. OKC does not display those likes to people that don't subscribe. And honestly... if you're so fickle that you can't be bothered to even send a short message to someone you supposedly "like" then I really have nothing to say to you anyway.

3. Idiocy, ignorance, childishness, shallowness, extreme immaturity, apathy, fickleness = no thanks, not what I'm looking for. I'm 29 and looking for stability now, if such a thing exists at all. I have no time or energy for games.

4. If you're so lazy/busy that you can't be bothered to write more than a few words in a message to me... don't be surprised if I decide I'm too lazy/busy to bother replying to you at all. Your time and energy is no more valuable than my own or anyone else's, remember that. Sorry if your parents never taught you that but it's the truth. You get out what you invest in me basically.

5. Location doesn't matter to me. If you're on the other side of the world, that's fine. Lets chat anyway!

6. I'm only looking for people with long-term friendship potential---this doesn't mean I wouldn't like to find more than that one day. But, I've always believed that for anything else to be remotely possible between two people, a solid foundation of close friendship has to be built first. As I said before, I'm 29 not 19... not looking for games, flings and other bs. I'm looking for real, genuine friendship that may eventually lead to something deeper and nothing else.

7. WARNING: I am a writer. I write a lot and I love to write. If you're severely allergic to text---then you better run! Run while you still can! You have been warned!

8. Just figured I'd throw this in at the bottom of this list so that people who skim the profile will probably miss it. If you immediately begin talking about sex or intimate things you'd like to do with me... or shamelessly and heavily coming on to me in OKC messages or IM chat, I will more than likely ignore you. I'm not totally against that sort of chat but please have some class and at least show that you have some genuine interest in me and spend some time (days) getting to know me first. This isn't some porn site or cyber chat room and I'm definitely not looking for a fling or hook up, online or off. If I get the impression this is all you're looking for I will move on.

My Summary:

I am an intense, emotional, passionate and caring individual... which I usually hide behind my more nonchalant, laid-back and lazy exterior. All my life, I've loved the art of storytelling and how it can transport us to other worlds, places and times. I've always seen it as a type of real-life magic, in a way---as all forms of art tend to be---and storytelling in particular is an art I realized years ago that I needed to master... or at least, make the attempt. It's what I love most in life and I could never see myself doing anything else. It's more about "need" than "want", for me. I need to write, I need to tell my stories. I couldn't give up the pursuit of fiction writing even if I wanted to. Storytelling is one of the few things in the real world that makes sense to me, I guess... and it's always just felt "right" for me.

In fact, the only other thing that means as much to me in life as my writing... is people. I care about people a great deal, even though I try not to be too obvious about it---as I've learned through harsh experiences in the past that many will only try to take advantage of this... and there seems to be far more users and con-artists in the world than good people. Yet, I still care about people and need them in my life... and I'm really not embarrassed to admit that. Even though I know many would see it as a sign of weakness or pointless sentiment these days. I don't believe it is. I will never believe that to be truly "whole" or "complete" or otherwise appropriately well-adjusted that you must become some self-centered, emotionless, unwaveringly independent badass that treats everyone as inevitably disposable tools... and never allows themselves to "need" or really care about anyone. I've always believed such an approach can only lead to a flawed, misguided and incredibly hollow existence.

Yet, unfortunately and despite all my efforts... I lead a very lonely life... and I hate it. I've learned not to expect much from personal sites or the internet in general. But... somehow, I'm still able to hope and believe that lightning can strike... and maybe I can find something meaningful on here. We'll see I guess...

Here's a hint for you though... if I intrigue you, try taking a look at the many questions I've answered and made public. I often leave very honest explanations for my answers which will probably give you a much better idea of the type of person I am than a profile summary ever could.

Clubbing, bars, dancing, partying, beaches etc. are not things I like to do or places I like to go at all. If you're looking for an average, mainstream gay guy that does all that stuff... well, that's definitely not me.

My idea of a good time is going to a bookstore/library or maybe a good movie (if anyone ever makes one again) or arcade. I like checking out unique and interesting specialty/hobby stores like antique shops, magic shops, gaming and comic book shops etc.

And of course, I love fantasy games. LARP gatherings/events or D&D groups or other tabletop game groups like warhammer fantasy, I love all that stuff. Renaissance fairs are fun too. I'd love to see Europe and Japan some day... maybe even live over there.

I would probably be interested in getting involved in some stuff like paranormal investigations or visiting places that are supposed to be haunted too. Yeah I'm a weird guy, I know. Doesn't bother me and I have no desire to change.

I am creative, caring, and honorable (no, seriously, I really am!)

Other Interests, hobbies and pursuits:

-Gaming: Probably goes without saying if you read further down in my profile but yeah... traditional J-RPG style games are usually my favorites and the only type of video games I really play at all... besides MMO's.

Anime: Again... probably goes without saying but yeah... scroll down to my favorites section to see what anime I like. Would love to find some friends to watch anime with on a regular basis.

-Video Game Design: I love using the video game medium to tell stories and I grew up playing and loving many of the great RPG's... so I know how well video games can be used to tell stories.

-History: History can be a fascinating subject. Almost any time period or place can be interesting to me. I use to enjoy the History Channel years ago when it actually had respectable shows.

-Psychology: Learning how the mind works has always interested me.

-Video Game Videos: I sometimes dabble in streaming gameplay of video games or making gameplay videos to post online aka "Let's Plays". Either way, being able to share the games I love with others is great fun for me.

-MMO's: I've played many MMO's over the years... and it's quite disappointing to see how far the MMO industry has fallen since I got started in it over 15 years ago. In my opinion, most MMO's are trash these days.... and thats just sad... considering the amazing worlds and experiences we could be building with them.

-RPing: I have done a lot of roleplaying in the past, not so much recently. I only roleplay over instant messengers (the ones I listed above). I prefer fantasy settings. Ask me about this if you're interested.

-EverQuest: I currently play it casually on a private server. If you're at all into the EQ private server community you can probably guess which server that is. Ask me about it if you're interested.


Something else you probably need to know:


Just to get this out of the way... so those who would judge me as inadequate over this can move on to the next profile and not waste my time...

I suffer from social anxiety and some agoraphobia. It's pretty much a disability for me. Needless to say, I don't get out too often. It's somewhat more manageable when I'm with friends I trust... but in general, I'm never very comfortable in public places or around large groups of people. It's always been like this for me.

However, if you believe that this makes me worthless or incapable of being a valuable and meaningful friend... then you're an idiot (or a user) and still have a lot to learn about life.
What I’m doing with my life
I am focusing on my goal to become a published fantasy author one day and possibly a video game designer, among other goals. I am ambitious enough and I do have goals, but I generally only share those goals with friends who I believe actually care about me..

When it comes to writing, I guess I've always felt like... fantasy and fiction stories allow us to experience so much more than we would normally be able to in our lives. In a way, they allow us to experience countless other lives and existences in countless different places... with the only limit being our own imagination... and those experiences inspire us and give us additional strength, resolve and hope for dealing with real life. So, because of that, I've always thought good stories were some of the most priceless treasures we can create... and I want to spend my life contributing to that as best as I can...

I probably should also mention that I don't care about becoming the richest or most successful person on the planet. While some small measure of material wealth would be nice, I don't need it. I do understand the need for basic financial stability though and that's something I plan on making sure I always have.

I've always marched to the beat of a different drummer though... art, music and fiction writing is what's most important to me. The pursuit of happiness. love and meaning in life, is what drives me. Family (if I really had one), friends and community is everything.

Personal advancement is nothing, all the money and all the power in the world is nothing... without others to share it with. Love and good, trustworthy friends are some of the greatest treasures we can hope to find in life. With them, anything is possible...

That's what I'm doing with my life.
I’m really good at
I believe I am a decent writer and I've been told I am by many people over the years. I'm a good person. I'm a good friend and a good partner. I'm good at being creative, being logical, problem solving, looking at things in new and different ways and maintaining an open mind and neutral perspective when most people could not. I try not to unfairly judge others or treat people in a way in which I myself would not want to be treated.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably that I'm different and/or weirder than a lot of other people they've met. In real life, I can be quiet and introverted. That's not really because I'm shy but more so because I'm just not good at starting conversations most of the time. I'm also used to the fact that I don't have many common interests with most people so I never really know what to talk about.

But if you get me talking about something I'm really passionate about, like video games, for example. I can go
on and on for hours then.

And of course... there's the obvious things... I'm tall and have long hair etc.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms books (the older ones), Dragonlance, S.D. Perry's Resident Evil novels, Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series (before that series turned into blatant porn in the last few books.) I don't get to read as much as I would like to these days...

Television Shows: There's very, very little on live TV that I currently like or watch. I don't even have cable anymore and I don't miss it. Back when I still had cable, I use to like watching shows on Food Network a lot. I mostly watch old 90's TV shows and some anime and video game playthroughs on YouTube and Netflix these days.

Some old TV shows I really liked as a kid and still love today are: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Highlander, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, X Files, The Lost World, Buffy, Angel, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Xena, Disney's Gargoyles and Aladdin.

Also been enjoying this old Sherlock Holmes show I found online lately.

Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger! Biohazard!
Important Information:

Just to be up front about this. Unlike what seems to be the vast majority of people these days, I do not care for blue humor themed shows/entertainment at all. This includes shows like Family guy (hate it), the Simpsons, Futurama, South Park etc. in my opinion, they're incredibly obnoxious, shallow and degrading (translation: I think they're total garbage). I understand many people would disagree with me about this and that's fine (translation: I don't give a $@#!)... but my opinions about such TV shows will not change. Don't try to explain to me why I should give these shows a chance or convert me... I've heard it all before and I am NOT interested. Bringing these shows up at all in a conversation with me will more than likely quickly end the conversation (translation: Blocklist! Go!). I have nothing to say about them and I don't want to hear about them.

So yeah, needless to say... if such shows are a huge part of your life, then we probably won't get along. If I message you and you feel like this could cause issues between us, please simply point it out and I won't bother you again. Thanks.

Overall, I am a very friendly, caring and open minded guy. However, there are a few things in life I simply can't stand at all and this is one of them. I don't care if a person likes these shows, it's their life/their choice. But please respect the fact that I do not like/do not want to hear about these shows. If you can't do that then don't talk to me.


Movies: The Game (1997), The Crow, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia movies, most Star Trek movies (I hate the new movies). I like just about any movie that's medieval fantasy related and/or has a smart plot and intelligent, realistic acting. I also like some anime movies. I can't stand movies that have a terrible plot and terrible acting and depend solely on physically attractive actors and special effects etc. I generally don't care for comedies either... especially comedies with lots of blue humor. Go look up "blue humor" on Wikipedia if you don't know what that means.

Anime: Blood+, Hunter x Hunter, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Kiba and Guin. Those are my current top five favorite animes. If you like fantasy anime and haven't seen any of those, you should definitely check them out.

In no particular order I've also enjoyed... Bakuman, Noragami, Tales of Zestiria, Wolf's Rain, Fairy Tail, 12 Kingdoms, Sword Art Online, Chrono Crusade, Scrapped Princess, Black Cat, Kyo Kara Maoh, Elemental Gelade, Junjou Romantica, Inuyasha, Ragnarok the Animation, Hero Tales, Last Exile, Legend of the Legendary Heroes and Romeo X Juliet ... that's about all I can think of at the moment but I have watched more anime than that.

Music: I tend to like symphonic rock/metal and such. I love stuff like Two Steps From Hell etc. Some of my favorite bands include Within Temptation and old Nightwish. I don't like any sort of rap or hip hop at all.

Food: I love Italian and just about anything that's good and good for you.

Video Games: I like and play JRPG's mainly along with some MMO's. Some of my favorite RPG's are: Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle 64, FFT, FF1, FF6, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Lufia, Suikoden 2, Suikoden 3, Suikoden 5, Breath of Fire 3, Legend of Dragoon, some Fire Emblem games, Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 and Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3. I know the last two series's are survival horror games but I consider them to also be RPG's because of how they play out and their focus on storyline and character development. As far as I'm concerned, the Resident Evil series ended with Code:Veronica and the Silent Hill series ended with Silent Hill 4. I've definitely played more games than that but those are the most memorable console RPG's for me.

I also like some PC games, like Neverwinter Nights, Evil Genius, Clock Tower and Mount and Blade and older, turn-based, strategy, PC games like Lords of Magic and Age of Wonders... and maybe an occasional RTS game like Age of Empires. I have also played several MMO's over the years. EQ1, EQ2, Lineage 2, Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online, Age of Conan... and some others. Though, I don't play them much anymore. I do currently play Final Fantasy 14.

I know most of these games are pretty ancient now... but yeah, I always preferred the style that RPG's and other games from the 90's and early 2000's had I guess. I don't like many newer games these days.

As for newer games... I like Rune Factory 3 and 4 and Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky trilogy. Skyrim was okay I guess with some good mods. Yeah.... as I said, I don't like many newer games.
Six things I could never do without
1. My computer and a dependable high speed internet connection
2. My ideas and imagination
3. Good, trustworthy and dependable friends
4. Peace and Quiet (When you've spent most of your life in a near constant fight with your "family"... you come to realize just how priceless a peaceful and quiet environment is.)
5. My stories and writing ability
6. Love

(Not necessarily in that order. )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-My future
-What other people may be thinking
-What my next move should be
-My stories
-How I can improve and better myself
-Daydreams and fantasies
-The state of the world
-The way people are
-Video Games
On a typical Friday night I am
At home working on my projects.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm gay.
You should message me if
-You know how to type more than one sentence when you e-mail me. (Don't be surprised if I become too lazy to respond to one sentence e-mails, I can play the lazy game too lol. I will generally mirror the amount of effort I see you putting out. )

-You do not use netspeak.

-Your greatest skill or ability is NOT the fact that you can make people laugh. I'm so tired of seeing this on people's profiles across every profile website I've ever used in my life. It's so uncreative. I'm looking for potential friends not entertainers. I'm perfectly capable of entertaining myself, I don't need anyone else to do that. I'm also perfectly capable of joking around and I definitely have a healthy sense of humor but I also understand there's a whole lot more to life than that and I'm looking for friends who understand that as well. After all, anyone can joke around and make you laugh,... but it takes a special kind of person to take you seriously and have some respect for you. That's what I'm looking for... and what I have to offer in return, for those who I eventually call "friend".

-You don't regularly use "Hehe" in every other sentence of your e-mails and online conversations. (I tend to see this as a sign of general immaturity.)

-You did not type the words "have fun" more than 18 times in your profile. (Seriously, people need to stop with the: "I like to have fun."/"I'm looking for someone who likes to have fun"/"Message me if you like to have fun". etc. etc. What does that even mean? Is that really the limit of most people's vocabulary and/or imagination?)

-Your existence does not revolve around blue humor. (Look it up on Wikipedia if you don't know what that means.)

-You don't expect me to... "keep up with you". Every time I see someone saying this on their profile it definitely earns an eye brow raise from me and probably a hasty exit from their profile. It's one of the most self absorbed and egotistical things you can say to someone. People that say things like that don't want friends or partners... they want minions.

-You see life as being much more than just a game or a joke.

-You are a Fantasy Writer. (Let's write something together!)

-You enjoy being a part of long-term instant messenger roleplay stories.

-You are not a con-artist.

-You are not really an idiot.

-you can't stand facebook and twitter. (I hate them)

-You know how to take care of yourself.

-We have some common interests.

-You are trustworthy and dependable.

-You care about people.

-You are not a self-centered, narcissistic, god complex, Machiavellist fool. (I've met far, far too many of those.)

-You are not a gold digger. (I'm poor anyway---or maybe I'm not? That's for me to know and you to, possibly, find out... )

-You hate rap.

-You are passionate about, or at least very interested in, classic fantasy, like "Dungeons and Dragons" type stuff. (I love that stuff.)

-You are smart, logical and don't believe everything you hear.

-You see yourself as a wise and open minded individual.

-You are not a Sociopath.

-You don't prefer to be depressed and make everyone else just as depressed as you.

-You are a problem solver.

-You believe love is one of the most powerful and greatest forces in existence.

-See #8 on my "Quick Tips About Me" list at the very top of the profile.

(I may add to this.)
The two of us