29Gresham, United States
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My self-summary
I am complex and I tend to over think things, with that in mind I'm going to keep this profile thing as simple as possible.
My true nature is very very introverted, but, apparently, my personality is extroverted. Myers Briggs: INFP
I am deep, compassionate, analytical.
I love hiking, having deep conversations, camping, debating (not arguing), reading, listening, pool, chess, Go, Sudoku, archery, snowboarding, yoga, Magic the Gathering, role playing games, mixing flavors (can't technically be called cooking), going to: concerts, comedy clubs, lectures, theaters.
I want to get into fencing, martial arts, gardening.
My dichotomy of the world is introverts/extroverts.
I am looking for something serious.
Political beliefs are compassion based: liberal.
Religious beliefs are science based: agnosticism/ex-agnosticism.

The name comes from a dream I had when I tried to stop this dating thing. I was dirt biking through "Pan's Labyrinth" and there was a satyr picking "Lonlies", a mythical flower that if let go on the breeze will lead you to your love. I hate being a hopeless romantic...
What I’m doing with my life
I am hopping on a plane and moving to the Portland area. No job, no long term place of residence planned, just over confidence and a stubborn determination to be utterly self-reliant. I want to get a job in customer service and do unlicensed uninsured therapist work off of craigslist/fliers/etc. Probably go back to school for some kind of degree that would let me do such work legit.
I’m really good at
Being humble and letting my actions speak for me. (My way of saying I'm not comfortable bragging about my skills)

Ehhh... I should give you something so: classical guitar, driving, mixing flavors, animals, kids, drinking vodka, laughing and allowing others to laugh at the darkness.
The first things people usually notice about me
BY THE GODS!! I HAVE NOOOOOO IDEA!! I know I'm cold and impersonal, but people tell me I'm warm and friendly. I know I'm a selfish know-it-all-blow-hard, but people say I'm a really good listener. What is wrong with people?
Seriously? Most likely people notice that I'm polite, that I actually listen to people, or that I'm smart.
Six things I could never do without
Music: not only has it taught me about emotion, the human condition, and how to get out of my head, it is also a great restorative niche.
Me time: which means doing something I enjoy either by myself or with another introvert.
Love: I mean I can, but it kinda sucks.
Being kind: I become really pissed off when I can't be a gentle teddy bear every once in a while.
Internet: I mean come on, so much information!!!
Continuing my understanding of the world, myself, humanity, the divine, etc.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Probably number one is the nearly inevitable collapse of the social, economic, environmental, and ecological systems on planet Earth, but hey that's kind of a downer so...
That one day I'm going to be a therapist! By the gods!!! You mean I get to sit in a comfy chair, listen, and help heal people?!?!?! All day?!? And get paid for it!?!
Magic the Gathering decks, meh, I broke the game awhile ago...
Friends and their issues.
Oh but there is Exalted third edition, I need to get my hands on that!
Two is not one. 2=-1 2=01
I like to think on nothing, you know like zen meditation... last time I did that I ended up in Vulcan's forge being fused to a dragon...
Rewatching documentaries, lectures, textbooks,
SNAFU, SNAFU my friend...
World War 3. I hope it stays non-nuclear, India would be a good World Leader...
What does the fox say? (FUCK!!!! GET OUT!!!!)
Girl. Does she like me? Do I like her? etc.
If we use electromagnetic magnets just so we can accelerate and decelerate bullet trains...
I hate reality/humanity/the world so much pain, so pointless...
Gahh factory-farm food is so nasty!
America Fuck Yeah (so much irony)
Oh Canada (pride and hope)
Music always always music, and shows, and movies, and books....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh no! I am shameless! But fortunately for you I am not tactless. If you have any particular inquiries, fire away.
You should message me if
In my whole life there have been very few people who are my "loved ones". I noticed that they are all introverts, even if they have extroverted personalities on top like me. They all use logic and science to explain life. They all have some kind of deep pain usually one that they keep hidden to all but their closest friends. I would say that that's a good place to start.
The two of us