49Amsterdam, Netherlands
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My self-summary
I was born in Italy. Now i spend my time either in Amsterdam or Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I traveled a lot, especially in South-East Asia, and I lived for some time in India, Nepal and Thailand.
My fascination for the East originated long ago. I was 18, just got my driving license, when i left for Turkey, with my mom's city car, and the company of a 16 y.o. friend. Via land. At 19 i did all the way from Italy to India, and found myself queuing in a bank in Afghanistan, with people with Kalashinikov guns strapped on their back... INSIDE the bank! :-) Drove all the way back with an old Ford Transit, from Delhi to Verona. A couple of revolutions and a mysterious illness didn't kill me (but i was 51Kg when i got home), so i thought that i was made for that. That was my imprint, a love which is still alive. For the people, for the places, and for the incredible things you can learn. I like travel photography, but i don't have pictures of the most interesting events, cause taking pictures would have spoiled the fullness of the moment. Better live it than being a witness.
I'm quite shy about my "adventures", i like to tell stories but i don't like bragging. I think that what i've been through has an importance just because it's what made me the human being i am. Now.
I guess I could be described as cultured and very curious, communicative, loving, open-minded. Passionate and sincere (maybe too much of both!).
I like free, independent, charming women, who know how to enjoy life and are not afraid to be caught off guard. Open to receiving and open to giving. I am not scared, i don't care about being "in control" or taking care, life is too short. Long ago I felt i was strong enough to allow myself to be weak. I don't always need to have the upper hand. A relationship between a man and a woman is not a fight, nor a game... it's an encounter. No need for a winner, no need for a loser.
I am indipendent, not jealous, not pushy, not clingy.
I am just very passionate, maybe a bit extreme under a few points of view. That's the way (sincere and direct) i express myself. Nothing to fear, i'm a good bad boy (quoted from an ex girlfriend :-) )... but sometimes my codes of communication don't fit well with certain dutch girls :-)
It's such a pity, i love dutchies! :-) On average, i appreciate the way they look and i have a special (well deserved) respect for them, it is just that... some are a little stiff. I hope it has nothing to do with the "italian male" cliche, that would be ridiculous. Specifically, i am VERY un-italian behaviorally (and very much culturally, proudly so).
What else? Well, i'm curious like a cat, i have way too many interests. I love faces, i pay attention to body language, i could stay hours watching the people and wondering what's behind a certain face. All in all, i love humanity and i like enriching myself getting in touch with people who are "different". Either culturally different, or simply because they have some kind of talent, of humanity, of experience, which makes them special.
I value freedom over luxury, and sincerity over posing/acting/pretending. I like to be considered for what i am, and so i do to with the others, without prejudices.
I have been in a rock group, then i worked as disc-jockey, pro still-life photographer, and IT specialist. I've never been a workaholic (but i can stay awake all night to follow my interests), so after a very sad loss i decided to quit everything and start a new life. Now i'm out from the darkness, thirsty for life, and i don't want to waste time anymore.
I may look younger than i am, but biology reclaims its price. If i look at the mirror i see that i'm not the nice looking, popular boy i had the fortune to be. Though i know that in my heart i am always the same, that i feel, think, behave the same way! I'm just more experienced, and less egoistic, less enamored of my own freedom. Now i enjoy, much more than before, the satisfaction to give: pleasure, love, care. In this moment of my life i feel the need for a kind of deep, complete complicity, in such a strong way that it hurts. Almost physically.
It means at the same time intellectual inspiration, closeness of the bodies, connected fantasies, mutual understanding. An encounter between equals, two individuals who find a common ground without renouncing to anything that really matters. Hah, i forgot to say that i'm a dreamer :-) :-)
If you are a little curious about me , it's perfectly ok if you take the first step. No need to follow an old machist cliché :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Looking around, and deciding what's next. Fortunately i can afford it. Sometimes i feel a bit uncomfortable, and ask myself if i deserve such a fortune. Despite the nightmare i've been through, i can still say that i'm fortunate. I want to make good use of it, and do my best to become a better human being.
The next thing i want to do is to write a novel. An old acquaintance wrote a fortunate book, Shantaram. I was there, in Bombay, i knew all the characters of the book. I've been asked a few times to write a book about the funny, weird stories i often tell. Before reading Shantaram i had tried a few times, wrote some stuff, then... i moved to another house, the HD died, that sort of stuff. Nothing is left. This time i want to try more seriously. That book gave me an inspiration... but my sensibility would be different, less guru-ish, more humorous, more about the encounters than about myself, and more crude, true to the facts. I have friends who made movies and wrote books, what i never liked is the tendency to "sanitize" the facts, the true reality behind the creative effort, to appeal to a larger audience.
I’m really good at
Procrastinating. Finding the good side in mostly everything. Feeling at ease in practically any place/condition/position. Staying alive despite everything. Telling (true) stories. Knowing weird things that nobody knows, and very few people are interested in.
On the practical side:
computers, photography, and driving anything with an engine, preferably fast
The first things people usually notice about me
Talkative and very open.
Physically: that i look much younger; my eyes; a dash of white on my beard.
The girls i met via OKC usually say that i look better live than in picture. Not sure if it's a compliment, though :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am voracious and omnivorous. I have to leave out the most part. Just a few examples and/or current favorites.
Food: TRUE italian cuisine, thai and indian food (i love punjabi sweets!)
Writers: P. K. Dick and S. Rushdie
Directors: too many to mention (quick choice: Kubrik and Tarantino)
Music: I dislike soul and jazz (but i enjoy live jazz sometimes!). I like punk, world music, progressive rock - quick choices of the moment: The Clash, Anthony and Tim Buckley... and i must confess, a couple Amy MacDowell's songs which i can't get out of my brain :-)
Six things I could never do without
I like a lot of things, but i guess i could do without all of them. The only one i really need is not physical: it is my imagination
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I really spend a lot of time thinking... but the subjects are always different! There is one thing i ask myself: i don't believe in afterlife, so the only thing i can do is to leave a (good) memory of myself in the hearts of the people i care for
On a typical Friday night I am
I try my best to stay away from "typical"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In this particular moment i am feeling like a 25 y.o. boy.
At the same time i realize i have grown much older than that! WTF, Paolo, you're not a teenager anymore!! :-)
I understand it might sound naive, though i really feel like i had an entire life in front of me.
Going a bit soft core: despite my age i still have the kind of ephebic, teenage-like body some women love, and many probably dislike. I have a strong female side, and probably it shows... but i must confess that my male side is quite "active" and sexually a bit (just a bit! :-) ) "dominant"
You should message me if
Cause i'm special, of course! :-) Sincere, passionate, loving, funny, daring, excessive and sensible :-)
Cause i don't know if i'm still a good lover, but i have always been a very good friend, who gets along very well with women cause i always try to listen and learn. Cause i love the feminine. Cause my ex are among my best friends - there must be a reason for it, isn't it :-)
Cause if the train stops here, and you got a return ticket, there is no reason to let it go just because you don't know the exact destination
Cause if i say that i'm looking for a sexy brain and a passionate body (in strict order of importance), the first thing you think is: that's my portrait!
Cause.... why not?
The two of us